A Girl Goes Out To Pick Up A Parcel And Sees Her Child Friend As A Ship

A young man dressed as a FedEx donor unexpectedly arrived at the home of his best friend during his childhood. When she came out to sign the “transit,” she was surprised to see him.

Last year a man living in Fort Mill, South Carolina was shocked when he went to pick up supplies at his home. Soultana Kotrides, 16, was told that her grandmother had sent her a package. However, that was not the case.

In the viral video, she approached the door after being confused about why she was being filmed. He accepted the package and thanked the courier.

The girl knelt down after the mother became her best friend | Image: Reddit / r / PublicFreakout

Kotrides then asked if he could open the door immediately. Before she could respond, the biological father removed her face and hat. What the girl did made her say it all. He fell to the ground realizing who was standing in front of him.

Fifteen-year-old Jory Knauf has been a close friend of Kotrides since he was a child. The two lived next door to each other in Rochester, New York. However, the girl moved in 2016.

The girl childhood a friend drove a car from New York to surprise her. The two goals of meeting in 2020 were thwarted by the plague. Kotrides was sad that he could not meet his best friend.

Knauf’s mother, Lynn, helped him create a miracle. Bought him a sender uniform. Kotrides was then instructed to pick up the package from the carrier.

Knauf and his mother texted John, Kotrides’ father, about their trip. She was thrilled to be a part of this amazing adventure with he said:

“I was about to burst into tears and see the power go out [her] legs when Jory removed his mask. “

John called it the best time, and stressed the importance of being close to your friends and family. He said it was not easy to make a miracle. With a busy life, covid restrictions and distance, it takes effort.

Seeing what Kotrides did made it all possible. John showed: “But the 48 seconds represented by the video were a great success – these kids will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.”

The phenomenon also affected social networking sites. One user he wrote:

“This is very encouraging. This is how a real friendship is. It almost frustrated me.”

Someone he replied: “I love this video. This story is so exciting!” Wina he added: “This video is so encouraging to me that it makes me want to go back and find friends who I have lost for years.”

A friendship as Kotrides and Knauf come frequently, and this surprise showed how close their bonds to them even though they were far away.

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