Add Viennese Color To Your Desk With The Carl Suchy & Söhne Table Waltz Clock

Appreciation for high horology should not stand in the way. Whether stored on your desk as a timepiece or displayed as a starting point, the desk clock provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate horology in some way. Less than 10 pieces, a well-known watch and watchmaker Carl Suchy & Söhne launch Table Waltz, an Austrian-made watch with a variety of designs by Carl Suchy & Söhne.

Although the Swiss and Germans tend to be similar to the European watchmakers, Austria is often overlooked. However, brands like Carl Suchy & Söhne have a mechanical history that dates back almost 200 years, even before the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Born in 1796, Carl Suchy spent his early years studying mechanics before opening his own mechanical clock in Prague, his hometown. In the years that followed, Suchy turned his successful business into a family, with all four of his sons starting a business. With their help, it was not long before Carl Suchy & Söhne became the most prominent spectators in the whole Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and Carl Suchy was appointed “Superintendent of the Royal Court and the Royal Court” of the Empire.

Suchy’s family soon began crossing the border, Carl Suchy Junior set up a pocket watch factory on the well-known Swiss plains of La Chaux-de-Fonds, while his younger brother Hans opened a new store on the streets with historic cables. old Vienna. The move to Vienna was a major turning point for the brand, as it placed exhibitors in European culture – home to many musicians, from Mozart to Beethoven, artists like Klimt and Wagner, and intellectuals like Sigmund Freud. In short, it was a great place to create creative ideas and creations like Suchys to do well. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and with the outbreak of World War I, such a door closed. It may have been almost a century, but in 2017, Carl Suchy & Söhne was revived, reviving the Viennese creativity and artistry that established the reputation of Carl Suchy & Söhne.

In the production of Table Waltz, Carl Suchy & Söhne’s goal was to acquire the charm and ingenuity of the first clocks made by the nation 150 years ago, many of which still adorn Vienna’s salons. Set in a 25cm long matte black silk box, the painting is powered by the carl of carl Carl Suchy & Söhne CS-T1 – a color that took two years to make. Indeed, the whole piece celebrates the power of collaboration in horology, as Carl Suchy & Söhne worked with award-winning artist Rainier Mutsch and master Watchmaker Therese Wibmer to make Table Waltz a reality.

Table Waltz is a natural addition to the Waltz N ° 1 clock line. Led by the famous Austrian architect Adolf Loos, the clocks combine minimalism with modern technology. Like the Waltz clock N ° 1, the Table Waltz embraces simplicity and purity of functionality. Even synthetic language, such as the bold lines found on the Waltz N ° 1 Day & Night and the Waltz N ° 1 Skeleton are displayed during Table Waltz.

When creating Table Waltz, the group’s goal was to showcase Viennese talent. The glass on the front and back of the clock was handwritten by J&L Lobmeyer, while the whole band was made from Austrian regions. Plates, pivots, and signature Carl Suchy & Söhne gears were all handmade in the Waldviertel area. Even the case, made from solid brass and refined with a special nickel-plated process, is completely Austrian.

Table Waltz is a working skill that will serve as a foundation in any environment. The beauty of the case sculptures helps to illuminate and illuminate the moving CS-T1 movement, the face of the watch has only an hour-long ring. Although the clock is readable at the same time, due to the different colors of the hands and its movement, the eye has no choice but to be attracted to the finely finished elements that make up its movement and do this clearly in Viennese. The beautiful movement of the CS-T1 hides another secret alongside its seven-day barn. Just sing for an hour, Carl Suchy & Söhne will combine a sleek and delicate silver bell to remind you of the times (though, of course, these problems can be solved by the user).

If you are looking for words that shine through the art of the Old World and evoke the cultural excitement of the pre-war Vienna, be sure to take a closer look at Carl Suchy & Söhne Table Waltz. With only 10 pieces, Table Waltz is now available € 27,700 (CHF30,650). To learn more about Carl Suchy & Söhne and the Viennese watch and clock collection, be sure to check back brand page.

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