ADHD: Often Misdiagnosed in Women

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects to compare 8.4% of children, making it one of the majority ordinary childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. Often found in childhood, ADHD can progress, worsen, or show symptoms differently in adulthood.

There are also significant differences between boys and girls with ADHD. While 12.9% of boys are has been found with the disease, only 5.6% are girls. The reason for this difference is not because ADHD is more common in boys but. as research begins to show, and difficult girls. For example, many education look at how ADHD manifests itself in boys, but it can manifest itself in contrast in girls. For example, Kyrie Speer did not develop ADHD until she was 20 years old, when her brother was diagnosed with childhood. “My brother was clearly ADHD, very interesting,” says Speer. “For myself, I was able to do my homework, I was not as strong as my brother, and I had great self-control. In my parents’ eyes, that meant I had no ADHD. For many years I did not think so. ” Girls tend to develop ADHD later in life, usually in their twenties, Although a girl can (or learn to) hide their ADHD symptoms in childhood, her appearance and what she knows is removed, making it difficult to maintain. that mask.

In addition, girls are kept in other groups standards that no boys. Since girls are often expected to be clean and friendly, these expectations may cause a girl with ADHD to try to compensate for her differences (also known as “masking”) Or can make ADHD symptoms easier to get rid of. For example, being “chatty” or talking too much, which is also a common symptom of ADHD, can be overlooked by adults as much as it is to a young girl, but it is portrayed as normal for a boy. This was the case for Anjoulie Woodhead who was not diagnosed with ADHD until she was 16, but always showed symptoms. Woodhead states: “I felt as though I had fallen off a cliff. “Because I am a woman, I think that in elementary school and elementary school, people just thought I was ‘lawless’ and probably came from a family where education was not important.” Woodhead recalls that he did well in school and was often scolded by his teachers for his excessive speech, but he could not control his temper. At a parent-teacher conference in 10th In her classroom, Woodhead’s instructor told her mother, “You need to get a brain scan, because something must be wrong.” Woodhead describes the comments as “terrible” but that it was the cause [her] for ADHD testing. “In fact, in the past I had always felt inferior, and I was, in fact, stupid.” Woodhead recalls. “It wasn’t until the middle of the 10th grade [after the ADHD diagnosis] I have come to realize that I have a natural ability to do things that anyone else can do. ”

In addition, people see a mental disorder that is often linked to ADHD (such as depression and anxiety) that affects women. This means that although a girl may have bipolar disorder and ADHD respectively, a girl may be diagnosed with a mental illness. Julianna Frisoli, who was diagnosed with ADHD combined earlier this year, experienced this. “ADHD and anxiety are often linked, and I feel like the way my ADHD affects my emotions is sometimes removed because I’m a woman, so people just think I’m more affected when they find out I have ADHD. “It’s more of a disease than a genetic disorder,” said Frisoli. Soon research has begun to show that girls with ADHD suffer from depression more often than boys with ADHD, but this may be due to the difficulty of following social norms when experiencing symptoms of ADHD.

Chronic ADHD is more likely to be undiagnosed and untreated, to a greater extent dangerous is affected. Often referred to as “Lost Girls”, Women who have not received ADHD treatment are left to deal with their symptoms without help, awareness, or support. As mentioned earlier, women with ADHD tend to hide, which can be exhausting and tedious over time. This can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even physical symptoms such as stomach and headaches. This is a supplement health issues It can also lead to high health care costs for women with untreated ADHD, which can disrupt a woman’s life, lead to problems in personal relationships, fail to meet educational and employment goals, and can lead to low self-esteem.

It is also important to understand that each person’s brain has its own strengths and weaknesses. One person can do a lot of math without being able to draw numbers. Someone can be an amazing leader but not tech savvy. ADHD only reflects the difference in the wire of the human brain. Those with ADHD may also be more likely creating or to find solutions or better ways of doing things than people with a brain disorder. Frisoli, for example, sold his desk job to start his own business to adapt to the way his brain works. Some people with ADHD suffer from desk work because of the repetition they provide and love work that greatly contributes to their stable and stable brain. “No one living with ADHD can be considered the next person with ADHD,” says Speer. “When I learned this, everyone began to appreciate me. In the end, I was not alone in seeking help. ”

About the Author: Cheyenne Leonard is a friend The Loreen Arbus Access is a Essential Program, opening associations designed to train disabled women to become professional journalists so that they can write, research and report on major issues affecting people with disabilities.

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