Amazon Driver Suspends Bringing Grandparents With High Dementia, 92, Home

When a woman in her 90’s got lost, a kind Amazon driver found her and decided to help her. The elderly citizen has Dementia and has not been able to return home.

Alzheimer’s disease causes people to forget, and in many cases, they can live in dangerous conditions – lost and isolated. Gigi, 92, who had the disease, left her home last month.

Without remembering where they lived and where they were going, the elderly woman was constantly harassed or even beaten. Fortunately, a good-hearted man saw him and jumped to his feet.

An Amazon driver unloads an elderly woman with dementia at her home | Image: Youtube / Ring

Captured through a door-to-door camera, Gigi was spotted leaving her home and walking aimlessly through the street. A future image of the same camera shows what happened next. The stranger came down Gigi.

The loving man was accustomed to delivering goods, but he had never done so. As an Amazon driver, they often leave packages at people’s door. However, this time they had very special contributions.

As the woman was walking around Franklin Park, New Jersey, driver Wilmar spotted her and realized she looked lost. He approached her and tried to help her. When he realized that he needed immediate help, he did not hesitate.

Wilmar told the woman he smiled at her as he drove closer to her. He he added:

“She was breathing on me as if something had happened. I saw how she was wearing this right dress. And it had her name and her identity, and who I should contact.”

An elderly woman with dementia is just leaving her home | Image: Youtube / Ring

As a result of Gigi’s medical bracelet, Wilmar spoke with the woman’s daughter, Karen. The woman gave Wilmar her home address, and she was able to drop him off and hand him inside safely. The time to return to Gigi was special.

Although there was no applause or emotional impact, Wilmar’s actions were self-evident and touched the hearts of many. In a shared YouTube episode, the driver carefully helps the elderly mother get out of the delivery car.

Amazon driver throws dementia woman home after straying | Image: YouTube / Ring


The man then walked away holding Gigi’s hand and walking toward the front door. The old man was safe and sound because of the kindness of the stranger. The woman’s daughter he said Wilmar “went ahead.”

Daughter he added

An elderly woman with dementia and her daughter who thanked a kind visitor left her at home | Image: Youtube / Ring

All of Karen’s parents have Dementia, and as a result, they use a variety of technical tools to help her. One of the electronic features is its Ring door camera. This camera allowed Amazon operator actions that need to be documented and shared by the world.

Internet users praised her for her kindness. One user he wrote: “Aaa, how he held her hand.” Wina he said: “The way he gets out of the car is very valuable.” People encouraged others to follow Wilmar’s example to make the world a better place.

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