An Underwater Mechanic Heart Line: Ianos Mihanikos Dive Watch

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Ianos continues to pay homage to the history of the Greek bath sponges by watering the abyss in the form of a microbrand with his newly developed Mihanikos watch. A Avyssos swim-shaped watch illuminated Kanpanelopetra’s diving system with the complexities associated with the natural harvest of “underwater gardens.” Mihanikos explores in the dark as well as the stoic ethos of the well-known sponge from Kalymnos.

Like many cultures, the Greeks also use music and dance to remember moments and to tell stories. The song, “O Mηχανικός” (“The Mechanic”) – a term correctly applied to scaphandre-donning sponge swimmers working on motor-powered boats with a mechanical press – is the centerpiece of the clock. Music and dance mimic a swimmer who tries to dance but cannot move the water, making his movements as rigid and mechanical as possible. As the song progresses, the beat-up dancer is liberated by the emotional power of the song and is miraculously able to dance again.

The vision of the Ianos Company is to share the stories of his Greek ancestors by combining his clocks with the natural, historical, and artistic clocks from the 1950s to the 1970s.

When the Greek sponge swimmers embarked on their long voyage of 6-7 months at sea, the minutes were interrupted by the hours, and the hours and days. Mihanikos’ singing emphasizes the passing of time by clearly displaying the 12-day window. The installation of the date window is a nod to the swimmers counting the days until they return home.

There were many new machines and factories on the ships, including a scaphandre diving suit that could change the permanent jump, although the results were devastating for the health of various people and the mind. In stark contrast to the few minutes that swimmers were able to run on the skin about 40 feet deep, the suit allowed them to reach depths of 175 feet for several hours at a time.

The Mihanikos bezel showcases the shape of a scaphandre diving helmet by enlarging the width of the bezel and keeping the sapphire sapphires immovable. The sleek and sleek design taken from the scaphandre cap is connected by a soft and curved incline like a sponge to the bezel and an eagle when viewed from the side.

The uni-directional 120-click bezel adorns the bag and is unique in that it has no small letters. A 12-minute dot imitates one of the straps on the edge of a scaphandre diving helmet. The work of the bezel is to measure hours underwater, as Greek sponges are pushed to jump faster, longer, and deeper than the scaphandre suit was designed. The tragic consequences of this commercial swim practice put the cost of a suit above the cost of swimmers, forcing sponge swimmers to always risk their lives.

Singing notes are just one of three items made from the Avyssos watch. It mimics the rocket-propelled grenades that were used to scurry beneath the surface of the ocean. Unfortunately, the practice killed many swimmers on the skin, as the way to run on the ground was incorrect by jumping into a scaphandre suit. Prolonged exposure to underwater and slow breathing without proper compression also led to major curvature cases.

To align with the head of the Mihanikos, the small-second signal rotates and mimics the movement of the flywheels that drive the air pumps on the surface of the ship. A drop on the flywheel gives you the opportunity to track seconds when you connect and set your watch.

The second painting element carried from Avyssos is hand-stitched, which is bold enough to enhance the clarity and enhance the contrast of the deep blue, almost black, matte dial.

Mihanikos is 43mm wide and waterproof to 300m. It uses a stainless steel 316L stainless steel to power the Sellita 360 with a 42-hour power supply. Its length is measured from a string of cords to the top of the sapphire crystal and by a depth of 12.25mm! This is possible thanks to a third product made from Avyssos.

The 20mm wider cable system is the most amazing and exciting in Ianos’ DNA production. It keeps the length of the clock continuous no matter how you connect it to your wetsuit. This is possible by combining a path in the middle of a courtroom, allowing the clock to pass rather than being behind the case. The system also has a sapphire surface to allow monitoring of its movement while the NATO cable is removed. The watch has two straps to match what you need to check: a high-quality NATO rubber with a well-known blue dial dial and a black leather leather belt with black denim stainless steel armor. .

The two verses of the song “The Mechanic” include Kalymnian’s “stoic mantra”: “Η Μηχανικός θα γίνω ή στον άμμο θ ‘απομείνω” (“I will still be a mechanic or” I will always be “or” I will be “sand or” sand “). do not bury me in the sand to bury me ”(“ When I die, do not weep for me, I will bury you in the sand ”).

Mihanikos is an icon of Greek culture honoring its history of swimming. Ianos’ goal was to create a clock that would enhance the design of an instrument clock that would be both inspiring, resistant, and useful for various ancient sponges. Ianos Mihankos has only 300 pieces and is expected to ship in the spring of 2022. 1350 CHF, will be available on December 10 as a one-month subscription, after which the price of the watch will go up 1550 CHF. learn more Pano.

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