Answer: Jacob & Co. Billionaire Ashoka Watch

At Dubai Watch Week 2021, I was able to meet Jacob Arabo, the founder Jacob & Co., and I saw the new Billionaire Ashoka watch. I’ve always been a fan of Jacobo and admire what his passion for attracting attention has brought to the watchmaking industry from the arts. Its original design of high-end watches is one of the most influential in the world of the last 20 years. A symbol of pop-culture and creative person, Arabo has a picture and a history to follow. And some of them are like a person who develops very opulent status symptoms. One of its most recent features is the new “special piece” (one-color) Billionaire Ashoka watch.

The Jacob & Co. Clocks Billionaire debuted in 2015 when Billionaire’s first watch was first shown on BlogtoWatch here. The first watch cost $ 18,000,000 USD (selling price, then) and one of them is known to have been sold to well-known boxer Floyd Mayweather. Since then, Jacob & Co. have made other Billionaire brands, but the collection has remained popular and with only a few Billionaire watches available worldwide. The most recent billionaire gets his name from the Ashoka cut stones which the Arabs call “cut almonds”. Billionaire Ashoka is defined by the cutting of the stone used to hold it in place, as well as its low cost compared to the original Billionaire watch.

Billionaire Ashoka’s watch contains about 189 carats of diamonds. On this piece, the cut-flower diamond in the crown of commercial photography has been replaced with emerald – along with the color of the handwriting. This is probably because Jacob & Co. was visiting Billionaire Ashoka in Dubai, and Green is the most popular type of watch in the region. The entire watch contains over 300 large diamonds, plus 151 carats of 252 diamonds cut by Ashoka in a single bracelet.

The content of Billionaire Ashoka’s case is 18k white gold, which has a diamond in its hand to create a larger image. The case is 40mm wide and 53mm long. It wears less than the original Billion clock, of course, but this is a very big time. Buyers with the most money to buy Billionaire Ashoka watches get watches designed to fit their hands. Considering that this could significantly reduce or increase the cost of watches, I wonder how something like this could be related to the overall purchase price. My point is that none of these watches are bought without a friendly discussion.

The Billionaire Ashoka is Jacob & Co.’s first watch. Billionaire shares the same route, a special JCAM23 manual-wind skeletonized tourbillon. This move is different from its rectangular shape and bridges made of shells. The self-timer operates at 3Hz with 72 hours of power saving. The traditional tourbillon system is set at 6 o’clock in the morning. The hour markings on the track are set with additional decorative diamonds. Hands are a clear, and surprisingly sporting, at such a watch life.

Jacob & Co. irritates many collectors as much as they enjoy when others do things like this. Some argue that the obvious symptoms such as wealth and lack of respect in relationships. Some appreciate the boldness of these things and appreciate the description of how comfortable it can be to dress. It cannot be said that any lack of “dreaming” comes with the love of high-end watches. Wearing such watches is a real pleasure for me not only because of their sales value but also because of the global shortage of such items. The consequences of such high prices mean that very few people in the world can afford to wear such an expensive item. If you remember from The first article I wrote was about the Billion clock, I said wearing it was like having hundreds of matching supermodel engagements in your hand. Few modern clothing items such as watches can achieve that. Price BL121.30.BD.UD.A30BD Jacob & Co. Billionaire Ashoka watch is $ 7,000,000 USD. Find out more about Jacob & Co.’s website here.

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