Best Clocks Introduced by PATEK PHILIPPE in 2021

As the year draws to a close, we decided to take a look at some of the best models introduced by the world’s largest manufacturers in 2021. Not all colors were the same this year, and many of them are playing catch-up, perhaps by releasing existing versions. collections or new types / weapons, perhaps by producing very few watches. This was not the case Patek Philippe, as the nation was able to make a buzz (Yes, Tiffany singer… and so on), as well as marvel at creating new colors or mastering technical skills. Plague and tragedy… These are not words found in the Patek dictionary and the genre has been very successful this year. And here, according to MONOCHROME, the 5 most important types offered by the 2021 brand.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A-014 Green Dial

The first… and perhaps the most well-known example that Patek Philippe gave in 2021. Sure, there are other genres that are important in the band (and some that need to be very careful) but the Nautilus aura is so strong that it is a new song. the nation simply caused an uproar. As announced by the nation’s president, Mr Stern, reference 5711, high-tech daily watch, will be updated in 2022 but before it came out of the group, the illustration was given in a farewell copy of an unprecedented green olive dial, made for only one year and the dreamer’s dream collection. With the exception of this new version – and the more beautiful ones – and only a few minor tweaks, the model is still similar to other Nautilus 5711 models. was released in 2006. And now, everyone is wondering what the future holds for Nautilus, with a new race expected in mid-2022.

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Quick notes: 40mm x 8.3mm – stainless steel, 120m waterproof – polished with olive green – caliber 26-330 SC – indoor, automatic with central rotor, daily – integrated stainless steel bracelet – ref. 5711 / 1A-014 – EUR 30,400

Patek Philippe Online Endless Calendar 5236P

This watch was successful our selection of the best everlasting calendars for 2021, and for good reason. In appearance, the In-line Perpetual Calendar 5236P is a beautiful, modern display of Patek’s old-fashioned beauty, featuring a thin and closed platinum cap, paired with a clear and vibrant blue accent with a straightforward shape. The whole look is different, refined and smart … whatever you want in the intricate Patek Philippe. Basically, it comes back with a number of well-known features, starting with its first show inspired by the past. Made up of 4 disks, continuous calendar symbols (weekday, day number two and month) are displayed in line, creating a steady stream and amazing calendar readings. It is also powered by super automatic movement based Ref. 5235 Calendar Regulator. Apparently one of the great things of the 2021 brand.

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Patek Philippe Online Endless Calendar 5236P

Quick notes: 41.3mm x 11.07mm – 950 platinum case – Dark blue veneer, satin finish – Caliber 31-260 PS QL, indoor, automatic, 38h-48h power storage, QP line by day, day, and month, round for a leap year with a sign of day / night, part of the moon – a shiny navy blue leather belt – ref. 5236P-001 – EUR 113,200

Patek Philippe Calatrava Clous de Paris 6119 Injured Man

He was born in the early 1930’s, Calatrava is one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic models. And the combination of the three-dimensional shape of the Clou de Paris on the bezel has been well-known to the brand, but has not been seen for several years (since references 3919 and 5119 have been removed). By 2021, the brand brings back what was a bit of a classic look in a sleek and modern style, with the Calatrava 6119. Available in rose or white gold, this new watch is stunning. Well-refined and elegant, it produces a sleek and stylish bezel-shaped look of the Clou de Paris. Enlarged, the case has a new hand-held system, the Caliber 30-255 PS, with two barrels and a solid 65-hour stand. A clock that is, for us, especially Patek.

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Quick notes: 39mm x 8.1mm – 18k rose or white gold Calatrava case with model Clou de Paris on bezel – silvery grained or Charcoal gray dial – Caliber 30-255 PS, hand wound, 65-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, zazing see seconds – Alligator leather straps – ref. 6119R-001 and 6119G-001 – EUR 25,800

Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar 5905 / 1A

Combination of annual calendar and chronograph it is not uncommon for Patek Philippe. As well as the highly recommended watch to make such a move, Figure 5905. What is unusual, however, is that I find its difficult operation stored in a stainless steel box. We have already seen the 5960 / 1A a little more amazing, with the same starting motion and playable interface as well as a smaller cable. But not in the most modern 5905 with 42mm, which has already existed in rose gold and dial dial or in blue or black platinum. And in 2021, this watch now comes in a metallic, elegant, metallic bracelet and, surprisingly, olive green. The results remain very satisfying, with an interesting mix of complex, functional and easy-to-use, which makes a person great on a daily basis. And as we mentioned earlier, the annual calendar can be very closely linked between the simplest calendar and the fragile QP.

More information on the Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar 5905 / 1A is in our article Here..

Quick notes: 42mm × 14.13mm – stainless steel, polished – olive green sunray-brushed singing – Caliber CH 28-520 QA 24H, indoors, Integrated automatic flyback chronograph with column-wheel and annual calendar – 3-brass polished stainless steel metal bracelet – ref. 5905 / 1A-001 – EUR 51,500

Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater

Finally, Patek Philippe closed the year with an impressive, highly professional watch and part of his acclaimed collection of Advanced Research, 5750 Minute Repeater. A new technical project that seeks to amplify the words of the repetition moment, this new, minimalist model uses traditional techniques and new tools to make the sound of the repetition sound louder, clearer and more musical. They use a variety of techniques to increase noise, such as an oscillating sapphire and a hammer lever with a hammer – and thus, its movement is still visible through the back. And there are many answers involved in this watch. His form, on the other hand, is very contrasting, with this open singing. Obviously the killing is good but the result may not be what everyone would like. However, Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater is the best solution for 2021.

Details of the Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater are in this article.

Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater

Quick notes: 40mm x 11.1mm – 950 platinum case – singing in white gold, black nickel-coated snail shell, openworked ray motif – Caliber R 27 PS, indoor, automatic minute repeater and micro-rotor, Patented fortissimo “ff” system for word amplification – Hand-painted orange skin – ref. 5750P with 15 pieces – CHF 590,000

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