BlogtoWatch Editors’ Choices: Top 2021 Issues

While 2021 was not the “normal return” we expected this time last year, it does not appear that the viewing industry has allowed this to be significantly reduced. On the contrary, as I read all of this year’s issues, I was amazed at how many new or better things were released, not just the major brands. 2021 was the year of independent advertising like Czapek, Parmigiani, and Konstantin Chaykin, whose releases at Geneva Watch Days and Dubai Watch Week became the strongest food of all time from Rolex or Patek. And although Watches & Wonders were still digital, pieces like IWC Pilot’s Watch small in 43mm and Hermès H08 attracted attention and curiosity.

While it is impossible to say much, here are some of our favorite new releases in 2021, as selected by the BlogtoWatch team. And, yes, we want to hear your favorite from this year, so leave it in the comments – and until 2022.


I avoid choosing preferences because doing so only hinders me, but I want to mention something I first found in 2021 that is known in a number of ways. Surprisingly, this is something that came out in 2019 but it was not “big” until 2021 because the film that was arrested did not come out until this year. I’m talking, of course, about Seamaster 300M Omega Type “No Time To Die”.

Omega’s deliberate, and accidental, action makes this drug very effective. From a mythical point of view, the watch is ideal because the film was delayed several times (due to the shape of the earth), and that Omega, in fact, made it to fit James Bond 007’s preferences. player Daniel Craig. In his final role as James Bond, Mr. Craig himself told Omega what he wanted from something he wore for the movie character. Omega then went on to do great work, “making a clock for a purpose.” The watch went on to wear with Daniel Craig in the movie, and is also available for purchase. Not only that, but the watch is not a lesser type.

Limiting the production of watches helps to drive faster sales, as well as leads to other market problems such as watches purchased by people who do not want them. Omega was forced to do the right thing by not having the No Time To Die Seamaster 300M clock too short, so it opened up to be purchased with the right number of consumers learning the trade story in their time. Visually, the Seamaster 300M of titanium is beautiful and very elegant on the wrist. As you can see, there is a lot to appreciate in the design and marketing of this Omega watch, enough that I feel it tells a great story not only Omega but also as a commercial concept that can work well for other brands like. work wisely.


I follow Ariel’s advice when it comes to choosing personal preferences, and I will give you a list instead – a self-declaration here. The most beautiful watch in 2021? Grand Seiko SBGJ249 Shosho. The most interesting and impressive watch in 2021? The Hublot Sang Bleu II Chronograph in ceramic. The best retro-inspired watch? Zenith El Primero A386 of finally get the Striking 10th movement! And the best cheap watch? It’s got to be Timex Giorgio Galli S1 in 38mm. Proof that 2021 has produced the best watches and has done this in a variety of colors, eras, price points, and technical difficulties. The world of security is on fire – let’s not take this lightly.

Company ideas SEAN LORENTZEN

What a year it has been on the chronographs! I’ve had the opportunity to watch some amazing clocks in the last 12 months, but there are two that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The first of these is Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H. By reducing the old design of the chronograph, removing the automatic rotation, and piercing the watch with an American car charm, Hamilton has developed one of the best way to make a hand wound on the market without getting into the high cost of Omega Speedmaster. various. The Intra-Matic Chronograph H enhances the old-fashioned style of game play, without compromising on accuracy or color.

On the growing side of the market, the clear winner for me this year was a small edition TAG Heuer Monaco Titan. Although I was very fond of chronographs, especially the Heuer Caliber 11, the Monaco line always amazed me as its design did not go from the 60s to the modern world – to this day. The Monaco Titan feels like a very modern and sophisticated design, and it also integrates a well-known design with minor modifications. Finishing on all matte titanium metals and sunburst melodies is a great experience, and the use of black “panda” accents and bright red accents makes the monochrome look look sharper. Other than that, if it is enough time to be the nominee for Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen, it would be good to make my list short.

moser swiss alp watch last upload vantablack


I have to mention two here since I could not choose between them. First, in what was to be a new release and a farewell to the divisive tongue-cheek group and H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Final Upgrade. The funny Swiss Alp smartwatch watch is accompanied by a well-finished finish and a move that can make the most dumb jaws hit the ground. In an inspired motion, this “Final Upgrade” has an opening image that works as a second-second chorus that you can see in action if you switch to the gif in hand – in the case of which I am connected. Appropriate farewell to the real magical work of horology.

My second choice is new Lange 1 Eternal Calendar, which seems to be the only white calendar based on a list of such genres. It is a complete complete set of Lange 1 cases but there are some obvious ones (that really it should be special to stop here) as part of a dual moon-disc that doubles as a day / night sign.


Mu a Year which seems like most of what we saw was re-released from 2020, there were a lot of releases that we can’t list in 2021. Year what I was thrilled to put in my hard earned money – The beautiful gold-plated Laventure Marine II sounded like gold looked like the first watch I had ever “backed up” or called and hoped I would never see it again. on my hand for months. Then, there were the most famous Aquaracer Professional 300 – which may not be strange in itself, but for me, it means END a long wait for TAG Heuer to resume his switches. Yes, that’s fine. And my third release clock in 2021 in which I put the hard earned money, is the stuff of my “outgoing clock” dream, but since I haven’t given it yet, it ‘s better not to mess up the status quo. bring out what it is. Expect to read about this in my article “Watch You Wore Most in 2022” in 12 months.


This is my favorite watch Year and Grand Seiko SBGY007. At first glance, it looks very good. The white song is actually the signature of Grand Seiko, then there is a blued second hand that moves very smoothly thanks to the movement of Spring Drive. This, I think, is a combination that fans love the most. It’s a hand wound, too. Another reason I love it is that it has a new Grand Seiko dress that fits perfectly – 38.5mm-wide and 10.2mm-thick. And lastly, I appreciate how Grand Seiko has decided to make this a part of regular production for fans of this genre to enjoy.

Company ideas MATT REUDINK

Easy – my favorite watch this year is the Grand Seiko SBGM247. It has a 41mm automatic GMT with a stainless steel bezel, clear sunlight, and GMT bright hand. There have been some really good releases, even from Grand Seiko, but no one has impressed me as much as SBGM247. Obviously, it has a very well-known new version of 2021, and sure, you can argue that it’s not dangerous, just like Rolex Explorer II, but that’s not why I like it. I like it because it shows that Grand Seiko is finally listening and giving the clock lovers what they want. How many people have looked at 9F quartz GMT SBGN00X models and said, “I love it, but I just wish it had just happened by itself.”

Grand Seiko gave in but did so with an unexpected green song that really excites me. Now, could this translate to some of the newer, slightly less Spring Drive Divers? Who knows, but in combination with the establishment of the Grand Seiko for the caliber 9R01 Spring Drive system that puts a power reserve behind it, I have no choice but to assume that the zaratsu masters are listening to the watch team. Make no mistake about it, more than anything else, I would like to see Grand Seiko continue to do what he does best, quietly making beautiful watches that attract their special attention. That said, it is good to get exactly what we have been crying about from time to time.


My top pick from this year should be Tudor Pelagos FXD, but with a few caves. First of all, the good: Tudor made another Pelagos, and speaking to one of my favorite watches from a tribe that you did not like, they are often left out in favor of the more attractive Tudor Black Bay group that now has more history. Also, Tudor did the whole thing by connecting the new Tudor to the alliance of the old Tudor with the French Navy (Marine Nationale). And while I do not believe in Santa Claus and understand that much of this is smoke and glass for commercial purposes, the fact that Tudor found that such a type should be considered, especially to me, is astonishing.

However, not all news is good. I think the most popular market, including me, is expecting a little something with the new Pelagos. At a diameter of 42mm, especially on the larger Pelagos pole, it is the largest of many clocks today. Although, in Tudor’s defense, the new FXD is much smaller than its predecessor, which is another step forward. Like any other little note, I’m not sure the fixed bags were moving. It’s cool, well, because MN swimmers need to velcro vel belt when doing underwater things, right? Well, and Tudor velcro is a standard, but many will not combine high-end experience with velcro, and the bracelet on the Pelagos is one of the best of the watchdog family, and one of the best underwater bracelets on the market. my opinion. However, I am very attracted to FXD. It wasn’t all I wanted it to be, but it’s an exciting sign of what’s to come from Tudor next year.

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