Chloë Opens Up About Keeping Her Mental Health

Chloë Bailey puts his mental health first.

The pop celebrity talked about keeping his mental health in a “under the microscope” scene Tha Truth God’s truth with ‘Charlamagne’ Tha God. Bailey, 23, also revealed some of the changes he recently made to put himself at the forefront of the sport.

He says: “I am learning to be satisfied before giving to others. “My opinion is very important. And when you always seem to have to please people and put others in front of you, you start to feel safe. I learn that it is better to put yourself first, and I always keep myself. “

The “Be mercifulThe singer also revealed that he is taking a break from his Twitter account because “is” always commenting in front of you. “

“I have my own burning Twitter that I continue to watch funny movies. I have my TikTok. I go to my videos and I love Instagram. But on Twitter, I was like, ‘Let me just take a break on Twitter.,’ ‘He said.

“I find myself right now and realize what works best for me. I’m just doing it under a microscope. All of you can do it without anyone noticing,” he added, speaking to an audience.

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In an interview with his sister Halle Bailey, Chlöe said to still know how to establish self-care while working, and cited his skin care method as one of the ways he relaxes.

He says: “If I keep my eyes open, I will learn how to spend time alone and take care of myself. “I think we all are, to find the strength to work hard and take care of our mental health.”

Watch the full interview below:

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