Collection of visual equipment from the upcoming version of Subdelta.

Subdelta is new to MONOCHROME and has a Dutch connection and interesting history. The brand started out as a project on a large group of Dutch watches,, and gained a few loyal but faithful followers. In terms of relevance, Subdelta is now bringing in the best of both worlds airplane clock collections with key points. And to show you something fun along the way, it comes back in the Destro genre! Today we will discuss more about the Subdelta Ace MK2 Black and Ace MK2 Blue Destro.

Subdelta has a short but fascinating history of making mechanics inspired by little pilots. The first to come out was the P1lot One, a simple but reliable ETA 6498, set in a grade 5 titanium case with a crown on the left. Designed for, the largest Dutch watch club. What followed was an aerial-led event such as the Subdelta Ace (below, left), with bold singing and a crown on the left. The Subdelta Quattro (below, right) had one hand rotated once every 12 hours, was the last model that came out in front of this Ace MK2 collection and had only 50 pieces. This wristwatch can be worn with the crown on the left or right, and the left or right hand, thus “Quattro” (method 4).

Subdelta has changed its ownership and has been working hard to develop an offering for the Ace Mk2, an aircraft watch with an impressive display. Subdelta uses German U-boat steel in the case, for example, for up to 1,300HV through HARDCOR SHIELD technology. In comparison, this is about 6 times the thickness of the stainless steel used to make clocks.

The case is 42mm in diameter and 12mm in length, which looks great on these watches. The lug bag is on the main side, at 49.5mm. Regardless, the watch did not feel too big on my wrist (about 19cm around). It has a curved crown and is more than 200m wide enough to withstand water.

Subdelta also offers 2 dials of different colors, each available in Destro style as well, with a crown on the left. The name “Destro” comes from the Italian word for right, because most clocks at 9 o’clock are easier for left-handed people, usually wearing a watch on the right hand side. Obviously, this is not mandatory, and you can wear anything with your hands. The beauty of this is that you can choose a style that the crown does not dig into your hands at all, regardless of whether you wear your watch right or left.

The instrument, available in solid black or solid blue, is as clean and clear, as you would expect from a watch made for such a purpose. Outside, there is a momentary trail with straight, wide markings with an increase of about five minutes each. At the top, there are three well-known angles and dots to quickly calculate hand positions under pressure. Inside the rail, two-digit numbers make counting time much easier.

The hour hand has a large, open triple shape, and a strong hand of minutes and seconds like a needle to match. All indices and hands are given a very generous BGW9 Grade X1 Super-LumiNova. As a result, the Subdelta Ace MK2 is clear at night and is not stored in the night storage because it can stay awake. Just looking at the image at the bottom of this article will tell you everything you need to know about “light”.

Inside the Subdelta Ace MK2 downloads a modified version of the Sellita SW 200-1. This standard caliber, instead of the ETA 2824 system, is operated in five locations for maximum accuracy. It travels at a frequency of 28,800vph and provides 38 hours of power saving. In this case, it also gives the hacking seconds for the exact exact time. And since there is no date, there is no phantom date to crown. This movement is protected from being overlooked by a solid back with various labels. In addition, the inner soft metal prevents magnetic displacement up to 1,000 Gauss.

The Subdelta Ace MK2 is worn on the pilot’s running straps, made from buffalo leather, black or brown. Although the cords are slightly stronger once you turn on the clock, they break and get better quickly. The Subdelta Ace MK2 is a gem, at EUR 1,099. Subdelta also offers second-hand cables or cable switches to fit your watch.

Catching these clocks was a lot of fun, because they feel like the most powerful clocks I’ve ever had in a long time. There is a bit of a burden to them, they all sound very strong, they are very clear (day and night). To me, the subdelta Ace MK2 specifications outperform other watches playing in this market segment. If you are looking for a watch that can be hit hard, this is the hardest thing you can think of. And for those who like a little less, the 40mm color is already made.

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