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Buying a watch that has a past life is something that most of us can do at some point during our collection journey. Sometimes it is the only way to get the most important watch, an old model that is not redesigned, or more often, to save money on what the watch sells. When a cheap watch is sold in a later market we can call it an infinite number of words, but for the sake of simplicity let’s focus on two categories: pre-owned and used. An existing watch is a watch from a reputable dealer with open and sophisticated systems that the clock goes through before it is resold. Used watches are sold as they sell from vendors on forums, e-Bay, or any other platform where the design and condition of the watch is unknown. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to buy what is already there and what has been used and what the benefits can be.

A well-trained checklist to ensure that the watch is genuine


The biggest worry when buying a watch somewhere other than from reputable dealers is whether the watch you are buying is genuine or not. Hypocrites have found good enough to deceive almost everyone at first glance. Notable It is the Son sold for a lie Patek Philippe with its gemstones recently, is the most popular YouTube channel House of Horology he had to close the shop when it was discovered that he had sold a fake Rolex to the customer. The fear of passing a fake clock to a customer leads to reliable sellers like Crown and Caliber and Hodinkee set up several lighting components to make sure each watch is accurate. He or she will run the serial number to ensure that the clock is not stolen and to ensure that each part of the clock complies with the quality standards. If there is any doubt about a watchmaker, it goes to the watchmaker who will turn on the watch and check its operation. These are not things that an individual seller can do. It is possible that even with the best of intentions a salesman could sell a fake watch without knowing it. When a company with a chance to make watches that can be properly monitored would catch a fake before it reaches the buyer.

Supervisor to ensure that the movement is accurate and proper

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A senior trader with a history would test each watch to see the accuracy of its time, the distance of the flight, and whether it would pass the pressure test. After the test, the clock will be ready for a new home. If not, the watch will be issued to ensure that the new owner will receive a working watch in preparation for the end and tear of everyday life. When buying a used watch they usually do not have any tests. One would expect the clock to be immersed in water or to run for a few seconds a day, but there are no guarantees.

Being able to serve a watch under warranty is a benefit and a private seller cannot afford it


When it comes to guarantees, buying a watch you already have comes with a guarantee. Today the corporate rate has increased to two years after purchase. One of the biggest challenges you can face is spending time and energy searching for the watch you want, finding it, and wasting your money on making the clock stop working six months later. Buying from a person in the yard means that if this happens, it is up to you to spend hundreds or thousands of more to repair the watch, and once you buy what you already have, you have peace of mind knowing that something is going well. wrong, warranty will cover it. Every watch will eventually need support, but the new buyer will not need to worry about this while the new watch is still fresh in his mind.

Steam bracelet

The case

The final benefit of buying a watch that they already have on the watch is the use of the bracelet or belt. Used watches are sold as is, with stains, dots, leather jackets and accessories in all their glory. This can have a different charm as the old clock does, these items are seen as patina or shape rather than torn. A good existing salesman will make sure that the watch you are buying is as close to the new one as you can. This means that regardless of the age or shape of the clock, it finds a spa day to eliminate all that has been going on in its small space. If the watch is not in the vintage area it will also get a quick wipe to remove small surface bumps and even laser welding to remove large hoofs. If the operation is successful, it will be impossible to say that the clock is already worn.

So why would anyone buy a used watch for a fake, damaged, or stamped watch? It’s cheap, that’s why. What you already have is a value proposition. It takes time and money to verify, ship, and clean the watch and verify your purchase. The peace of mind that comes with this added value is very important. Yes, the choice is yours, but always remember that you get what you pay for.

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