Daniel Roth Dial Double Dial Tourbillon C187 To Sell At Loupe This

The development of stand-alone clocks has recently received a surprising amount of attention, with impressive results in the market for rare species. But understanding the origin is the modern state of indie form, one has to look back and search for names like George Daniels, Vianney Halter, Svend Andersen, Philippe Dufour and of course, Daniel Roth. It is often thought to be one of the earliest representatives of the indie scene, with the foundations of its most famous genre in the late 1980s, Roth’s clocks are getting bigger. And today, we have found an example of what might be the drawings of its original models, the Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon, which is now available on the sales platform. Loupe this.

Photo by Fred Merz of FHH Journal

Born in France to a family dedicated to watchmaking, Daniel Roth has left an important mark on modern companies. Not only was he on the foundation of the modern Breguet company, but he was also a pioneer of independent events. Roth worked on a number of projects, including Jaeger-LeCoultre and Audemars Piguet. But one of the most important steps in his career was when he sought the position of an expert watchmaker in Breguet, the color the Chaumet brothers acquired (from a well-known brand of jewelry) and the idea of ​​restoring it to its former glory. – and this was the case before Swatch Group and Mr Hayek. During his 14 years in Breguet and together with François Bodet (Breguet leader), he described the brand in the form of a wristwatch. Following the bankruptcy announcement of Chaumet and Breguet (due to large debts incurred by the Chaumet brothers), Breguet was sold to Investcorp in 1987, a year after Roth resigned, which enabled him to work on his own.

Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon C187 - Loupe This Auction

In 1988, Daniel Roth coined his well-known, independent name – something that, in the old days, was not uncommon in the watchmaking industry, never to recover from the quartz crisis. Roth worked on creating custom-made collections, with complex or temporary models, many of which share similar designs with other designs borrowed from his years in Breguet – just look at guilloché dials, handcuffs or a whole display of unstable shape. Although Roth was able to make a sign with more than a dozen employees in just four years, he struggled with financial problems, which led him to sell his property to Singapore retailer The Hour Glass in 1994. The result was a dramatic rise. in production figures and power, yet from Roth’s original vision, which appears in the late 1990s. In 2000, the brand was sold to Bvlgari.

It took several years for the assembly team to understand the importance of watches manufactured by Daniel Roth (especially watches from 1988 to the mid-1990s). Preserved for a long time, permanent collectors, Roth watches are now popular because other types are in high demand. In particular, the Double Face Tourbillon is a stainless steel type made in 1994 by The Hour Glass.

Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon C187 - Loupe This Auction

Finding such a watch is difficult. And looking at it, you can see why it is so important and important. The polished metal cover has a unique Roth look. Singing, combined with a gray background and silver brushes, also takes the guilloché style with a few patterns to make it stand out – which Roth took years in Breguet. But there is more to it as this is one of Roth’s most complex issues. The Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon was created in 1988 by the Lemania team – 387 ébauche to be accurate, which he co-produced with Lemania while in Breguet. Thank you so much for “its three-handed tourbillon cage with arms of varying lengths that sweep 20 seconds as the tourbillon rotates,”As Eric Ku from Loupe This explains. In addition to the front-facing display of time and a tourbillon regulator, the rear also shows surprises, with a date indicator and a power saving indicator.

Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon C187 - Loupe This Auction

This rare and valuable Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon C187 is now on sale at Loupe This, an online platform recently developed by Eric Ku and Justin Gruenberg. As Ku says, “an impressive part of Daniel Roth’s legacy, as well as an independent watchmaking industry in the 90s, this is an essential watch that is as rare as it is complex, beautiful, and historic.“.

Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon C187 - Loupe This Auction

This well-kept version of the Steel Daniel Roth Double Dial Tourbillon is now available from Loupe This via online marketing, which expires 14 December 2021. The current USD 66,000 (at the time of writing) certainly does not reflect the value of this watch and, no doubt, will change . More can be found here.


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