Women and girls did not do well in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) before the Covid 19 epidemic. Although she made up half of the college staff, only women in the United States were 29% of employees in science and engineering projects in 2017. In addition, a 2018 report from Microsoft found that girls and girls were less likely than boys to think or act in STEMM.

But now comes the terrible news. New Education of the National Academy of Sciences found that the epidemic could “reverse” the benefits of women in STEMM. Researchers have found that while women may have been successful over the past few years, “this has largely been due to the effects of long-distance labor and the responsibility to care for more people during the epidemic.” A professor quoted in the report stated: “I was on the verge of a breakdown. I have three school-age children who need my attention all day long. . . . I try to get up in front of them and work while they sleep, but this is difficult because they get up at 7am to go to school and do not go to bed early.

At this point, the group Girls Who Wrote predicted that by 2027, this reduction would mean that only 24 percent of girls would still be computer literate. Additionally, report in Journal Nature finds that, “Preliminary research shows that female experts write fewer articles and start fewer research projects than their male counterparts.”

All of this comes as a result of the TV story going on for years that “Science” finds great differences between men and women, especially when it comes to mathematics and science. This myth is like a malady: cut off one head and two others to replace it. Author George Will writes: “There is a growing body of scientific literature that discusses the differences between the perceptions of sexuality. Only hysterics opposes interest in these possible differences. “

And Google engineer James Damore sparked a national uprising in July 2017, posting it online. claim that women’s biology makes them less powerful than men working professionally. Correspondent Ross Douthat of the New York Times found its fascinating scientific facts. Damore said many of the men in the company agreed with his decision. This is not surprising, because the notion that women cannot break free from mathematics and science has been around for centuries. It is said that the lack of “mathematics” for women, their genetics, and the way their brain is made make many women unfit for STEMM activities.

Such a view is absurd, as we have written Rewrite during Google dustup. “We have been researching gender issues with STEMM for over 25 years. We can honestly say that there is no evidence that women’s biology makes them less effective in any STEMM area.” Even so, bias against women in these areas it continues to grow. It is heartbreaking to hear that Covid is another brick wall of feminism in science. Such bias is widespread, especially in the ever-expanding industry of high technology.

Lecturers in Columbia, Northwestern and the University of Chicago, he found that two-thirds of managers selected men looking for jobs, even when men did not get along well with women on mathematical problems that were part of the job application. Ernesto Reuben, assistant professor of management at Columbia Business School, writes, “… our experiments show …”

That’s another big issue Many tech-savvy women believe that if they fail, they will not get a second chance. The fears were unveiled by the Athena Factor project in 2008, sponsored by IBM, Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. Athena found that for women, work was “successful and easily lost.” Simply getting a high-paying job is not enough. you have to keep it. Keeping a high-level job is easier for men than for women; Men’s sins are often forgiven. Not so with women. One mistake, and you can find yourself on skids. As one of the researchers, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, stated, “In the technology industry, the only way to improve the performance is by diving fish: Another system is crashing in Bulgaria, so you fly midnight and fall. Go and go on weekends and fight over fish. routers and come back as heroes. “

But what if you don’t catch it?

“It is difficult for women to do this work because you can jump and not be able to do it. If a person fails, his friends remove him and say, ‘It’s not your fault; try another time. ‘ The woman fails and disappears. “Women play differently – men choose to move on and do things at high risk. That’s because men can leave without being harmed by a fault — women don’t.” So women end up in lost places that they did not see coming.

Our research found the same. As noted in our publication, New Soft War on Women,: ‘Professional leaders often see themselves as the“ good people ”of companies. “Don’t be evil” is Google’s motto. But in the technology industry and early adopters, the prevalence of sexual abuse and its health consequences for women are far higher. In First Round Capital’s 2017 survey of the founding business owners, the HALF of the founders reported on the incident and the harassment. They were also divided on the issue: 70% of female founders reported that sexual harassment in the industry has not yet been reported against 35% of male founders. And men were four times more likely than women to report media coverage (22% vs. 5%).

In some cases, abusive education has been shown to cause problems. A study from the University of Nebraska in Omaha found that while education increases awareness of so-called bullying, it sometimes also impairs work ethic. “What was shocking was that the men who took the course showed their return … they said they did not want to talk about insults compared to the men who did not take part in the course,” he said. Time Magazines. Perhaps the men who took part in the study, became known to the men, circled the wagon, and criticized the women. Studies show that when men focus too much on the progress of women, they tend to do the same.

McKinsey says that during the epidemic women create 39 percent of the world’s jobs but account for 54 percent of all jobs lost. “What makes women more susceptible to HIV is that the virus adds to the burden of unpaid care, which women carry indefinitely. This, for some reason, means that women’s employment is lower than average, even because women and men work in different sectors. ” Also, Global Trends he writes: “Based on what we have seen over the past few months, in terms of gender equality where nothing can be done to address this, we estimate that global GDP growth could drop by $ 1 trillion by 2030 than it would have been if unemployment for women.” in every region. ”

At the same time, smart computers are taking away work from people at an alarming rate. Hod Lipson, director of Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University, says, “Automation and AI will eliminate all of our work… If not in our lives, then in the lives of our grandchildren. This is new in human history, and we are not prepared . ” In 2019, a preliminary study of the results of the Artificial Intelligence for Women and Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that although women are less than half of US workers, they make up almost. 60 percent of employees who are at high risk of being fired by the profession. ”Worse story: this cut will be in the highest paid position, which women use to advance their male-dominated career. Add the plague to this problem and things seem to be worrying.

The chairperson of the committee behind the Academy of Sciences report, Eve Higginbotham, told STAT that the ongoing epidemic could have serious repercussions for women’s work in STEMM in the future: “If organizations don’t address this aggressively, then we will see fewer women being promoted to professors, in leadership positions. It will only look like the 1950s again. That is why I would say that there will be a gender decline that we see in American companies. ”

And the myth that women cannot do science and math may exist for many years to come.

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