Four Best YouTube Car Tips to Take You On Vacation

If you are like us, whether we are talking about watches or cars, you know the feeling of self-sacrifice on YouTube. With countless hours of video, and a true proverb for rabbits if you don’t mind. Spending hours and hours watching movies can make some fun things available. With this in mind, as well as the fact that our homeland of the Netherlands has just been sent to another closure, here are a few YouTube tips to help you take a break. Don’t just blame us for any complaints from your friends.

Two Mercedes-Benz W194 300SL 1952 Gullwing Cars – Jay Leno Garage

We start with one of the best ways to get traffic on YouTube; Jay Leno Garage. An impressive collection of cars, presented by the world’s largest automotive, friendly and observant person. What Jay does is not only a car, but also every back with a joke and detail, often including his personal experiences and the type or car in question. And best of all, they do this by allowing corporate executives, reps, and car owners to speak whenever they can.

Just before the Christmas and New Year holidays, Jay Leno owns a royal family of luxury cars and luxury Mercedes-Benz. It features a 1952 Mercedes-Benz W194 300SL Gullwing that ran in the Carrera Panamericanna, following the 1952 Mercedes-Benz W194 300SL model. Both vehicles lead the launch of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing model, which was exhibited at the New York International Auto Show in 1954.

What happened is the only story where the 300Sl off-road find where it came from in a speeding car, the W194 300SL shown in the video. It performed well as a race car in 1952 even though it was less powerful than its competitors. A large 3.0-liter straight-6 engine produced around 175bhp while Ferrari and Jaguar were producing at over 200bhp at a time. Low pull and low weight means that 300SL can be the only one in the endurance race. He became second in 1952 Mille Miglia, and became first and second in the 24-hour Le Mans competition.

There are tons of fun things for these two cars, all of which are described in the video below. Of course, Jay talks about Gullwing doors, as well as cantilevered engines, plaid seats, steering wheel, steering wheels, double-wheel drive in the trunk and much more. And of course, one of them is removed to drive!

Speed ​​type, prototype and Mercedes-Benz 300SL manufacturer side by side

Looking at the picture above, of the 1952 race car along with the 1952 model and the last model sold in 1954, the body changes are very noticeable. They touched on video and you can easily see a very narrow and sleeker profile of the prototype. Its design is made from a high-speed car to a stylish 300SL Gullwing. Mercedes-Benz built 1,400 copies between 1954 and 1957, with 1,858 300SL road operators between 1957 and 1963. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, with Gullwing doors.

For more information on all types of vehicles, visit Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube.

Ma Coachbuilt Rünge Cars – Petrolicious

One of my favorite ways on YouTube about cars is Petrolicious. Along with a well-managed page, this channel offers excellent, almost all-in-one animated animation. The Petrolicious section I want to introduce you to today is “Soul Made”. Through a series of videos, all similar to the other parts produced by Petrolicious, Soul Made covers all items related to old cars. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Rising cars, handmade goods, how the original Nardi design is made, and much more.

The Runge RS010, handmade by Christopher Rünge – Photo courtesy of

The most recent case concerns Christopher Rünge and his teacher who designed cars. The story of how Christopher Rünge finished building cars with his hands can be compared to that of some independent thinkers, such as Dutchman Machiel Hulsman. He started with a start-up weapon, and some other literature to guide him on his way, making his way to his own cars. Inspired by his interest in post-war sportsmanship, Christopher Rünge builds aluminum-grade vehicles that are similar to the original Porsche cars.

As we have shown in the video, they do everything in a traditional way, starting with knowing the time and style of the car, and choosing the chassis. He then builds a wooden plank, as he did in the old days, and rolls it by hand until it has the desired shape. And that’s all from exercise to fire extinguishers and interior panels that are needed to make it strong. Everything happens the way the big coaches builders, including handmade interiors.

The video tells the story of how Christopher Rünge’s career started as a project and turned into a business without losing the reason why he started making cars in the first place. It is similar to some of the most beloved watchmakers we know and can best be described as a quest for perfection. You can check out this section below;

For more information, please visit or go to Pictures of Runge RS010 are valid

Rebuilding 1965 Mini Cooper S 1275 – Hagerty

Some of me always wanted to be alone, to distract myself and work on my own. Although I am 2.01m tall, I know an old Mini with a rear seat works for me. Not easy to get in and out of, but once I am fine. The idea was pushed back in my mind, but writing about the more expensive Specter Mini improved in a certain way. And down, lo, what have I recently stumbled upon in one of my YouTube profiles? Hagerty reconstruction work, Mini’s top!

1965 model Austin Mini Cooper S red –

Hagerty is an online platform with a YouTube channel that I check from time to time. Contains animations for cars, warehouses, old cars, and more. One of the episodes is called Redline Rebuild and this is a breakthrough for a particular car, from start to finish, spread over several videos. Here is the first one, released about three weeks ago;

By the end of last month, Hagerty launched the latest Redline Rebuild, the Mini Cooper mentioned above. With the 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S being a real, very red. The previous owner said he smoked a little, and in the first video, we see clear evidence of this. So far four videos have been released, each detailing a detailed reconstruction. This mainly focuses on the mechanical part, so the engine is pulled, slipped, brushed and stabilized where needed and reconnected before returning to the car.

1965 model Austin Mini Cooper S red –

If this is yours, as if it were mine, you are in for a thrill. The new reconstruction story is promoted once a week or so, and I am curious to see how it can be achieved. Will it be abandoned the original Mini Cooper S, or will it be modified in some other way? Just wait and see! And in the meantime, they’ve just released an hour-and-a-half video about it DeLorean DMC12 and its role in the Back to the future franchise on the way to the Hagerty Drivers Foundation.

“Ford Escort” MST Mk1 – The Late Brake Show

My last thought of the holiday season is one that I found for myself recently but it caught me by surprise. Late Brake Show is hosted by Jonny Smith, a man you probably know well for his work on The Fifth Gear motoring show on TV. Once again we have mixed heads, on old and new cars.

The most recent video for The Late Brake Show is about MST Mk1, a recent Ford Escort MK1 that can no longer be called a Ford Escort MK1. It is the second project vehicle to be featured on the channel and is well-established. The car was developed by MST-Cars, a UK-based company that specializes in building Ford Escort MK1 and MK2’s into a fast-moving, non-functional machine. Finish off with newly built shells, engines, bespoke insides and everything.

As we have seen with other restomods, the chances are endless because you start with an empty canvas. MST cars have offered four different components, well, really crazy. They are called Fast Road & Touring, Fast Road & Track, Group-4 Rally and Ultimate Rally and each shows how much MST Cars are up. A small humble escort turns into a criminal fit to use the road, meetings or rail. If you want, you can have a 330bhp car engine that weighs less than 1,000 kilograms. Again, such services are not as cheap as the 4 MST MK1 component starting from GBP 125,000.

The MST MK2, based on the Ford Escort Mk2.

Companies of this type, such as Singer or Specter, import love cars and analogs from the 21st century to the present day. Instead, all the kinks are repaired and the work is greatly expanded. I can appreciate such projects because they keep the entertainment alive despite the dramatic changes in EV these days. Enjoy the MST MK1 video, and later I encourage you to watch the video again on MST Mk2.

For more information see or

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