FP Travel LineSport Chronograph Monopoussoir Ratrapante

When FP Journe unveiled the LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante at SIHH 2018, it attracted us for a number of reasons. Not only was it the first chronograph for FP Journe in the regular production, but it also came back with an amazingly beautiful price tag, making it one of the best in the world of rare ratrapantes. Dedicated to precious metals and bracelets, the anointing behind the Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante was just one example of FP Journe made The 2017 Vintage Advertisers. Although one or two versions of the Only Watch feature appeared on the 2018 chronograph, its design was modified to include a major day-to-day operation. Let’s take a closer look at this bright red color.


When you ask a watchmaker about FPJourne, you should hear the big names like Resonance Chronometer, Sovereign Vertical Tourbillon or Royal Repetition come to the discussion. However, if you mention the LineSport collection, you may have a questionnaire. Established in 2011, LineSport was represented by brands such as the Centigraphe and Octa S Power Reserve (160 hours) with aluminum and aluminum frames. Another well-known feature of the collection was the use of black rubber protective equipment attached to the crown and the outer brackets of the bracelet. A few-second chronograph entered the LineSport family in 2018 and appeared, for the first time in the group, with precious metal cases. After listening intently to criticism from collectors and journalists, FP Journe decided to remove the rubber bumpers, increase their size by 44mm and stick them to the precious metal.

As mentioned earlier, a few-second chronograph was inspired by the 2017 Only Watch version of the tantalum case. Although it broke the record as The most expensive FP Journe watch on the market (CHF 1.15m), was sung four years later by a FCC Blue Only Watch provided by the 2021 brand for sale CHF 4.5m.

In control of the complexity of the chronograph, the ratrapante or a few seconds chronograph with the king. Designed to fit events that start but do not end together, the beauty of a few seconds and having two chronographs in one clock. Although the sweeping hands start their period in sequence, you can stop one hand to count the middle time, while the second hand (second). second hand or running hand) continues its course. Pushing again on the ratrapante pusher makes the suspended hand ‘catch’ (Connect) and a friend. To review all notes various categories of chronographs, do not miss this article.

Cold gold cover and bracelet

The bright 18k gold dress is 44mm inches and the ideal length is 12.10mm. It is not the size that impresses it – it fits perfectly with modern sports watches – but the beautiful leather finish that covers the bracelet and bracelet. Similar to the wet finish used by Florentine Carolina Bucci jewelry maker in the case of Royal Oak, snowmobile removes an object that can be connected to a large gold sports watch. The polished areas of the case, including a curved bandage, treadmill, crown, bezel and bracelet add a clear touch of light. With three locations – 1 curve, 2 large day preparation and 3 time adjustment – the signature of the Journe garland crown is large enough for easy adjustment.

FP Travel LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante Red Gold

Compared to the Only Viewer type, you will see that its shape is very different. The four-cornered rings on these gold colors are bright, clear and discreet. Although it is called a monopusher, the clock has two options: 2 o’clock to open the center hand of the chronograph (start, stop and return to zero) and 4 o’clock to open the ratrapante hand. Technically, however, it is a monopusher since the “regular” chronograph is operated by only one kicker.

The fact that the watch has no straps emphasizes its width, and its short length adds to its spacious appearance. You could say that the only form borrowed from the trading clock is the font used at the tachymetre scale. With a shiny black ceramic liner, the tachymetre scale uses gold numbers to match the case. Underneath the bezel and behind it, you can see the black rubber bands left on the watch like O rings or gaskets to seal the space between the two layers and prevent the ingress of water or dust.

FP Travel LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante Red Gold

Thanks to its long and clear links, the 18k hammer bracelet can be surprisingly flexible and allows air to flow through the hand. The rubber bumps shown in the old colors were removed and replaced with gold hats protected by precious metals. To reduce the weight of the gold bracelet, the links are empty.

FPJ singing

The silver ring of the ruthenium is a symbol of FP Journe, with a distinctive interiors of a guilloché hobnail as well as details of a refined matte 18k red gold with Arabic numerals. Two white silver counters – which run 9 seconds and 30 minutes at 3 a.m. – are set straight and decorated with a snail inside and a black rail. To distinguish the two arms of the chronograph, one of ivory, and the other of red gold, both with horizontal stripes and tips that illuminate well in the course of the minutes. When you see two hands on a chronograph at 10:10, it looks like a razor. The golden hour and the hands of the moment with the signature of Journe and matte to cover the case. It is also worth noting that there is no amount of lume on the clock.

Aside from the well-refined presence of ratrapante, the clock is clearly visible with its big day at 6 p.m. They are referred to by the brand as’the biggest day‘, its size (5.20 x 2.80mm) makes the reading a breeze, and the numbers placed on the white background correspond to the letters used in Arabic.

FP Travel LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante Red Gold

Figure 1518

The view of caliber 1518 in this chronograph building is very impressive. Encouraged by the 1517 caliber empowerment of the Only Watch 2017 ratrapante, its movement was modified to include a major date function, and the chronograph combination was modified to reduce stuttering. Instead of the horizontal cross-linking found at caliber 1517, Caliber 1518 relies on a round point. Other differences between the two approaches include the layout of the bridges and plates as well as the number of finishes that were described in detail in part by Only Watch.

FP Travel LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante Red Gold

The hand-moving chronograph (x2) chronograph is larger and smaller (33.60 x 6.80mm) and covers the entire section, consisting of 18k red bridges and plates. The move is hitting at 21,600vph, and the main input can save up to 80 hours of energy saving. Although it does not have Caliber 1518 polished glass, its ends are refined by Côtes de Genève on bridges, rounded edges on metal, polished heads with curved edges, pins with polished and straight edges – a combination of stainless steel.

FP Travel LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante Red Gold


Of the three available items, the LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante in red is the best option. The twisting of the case with the bracelet lowers the way the big red game watch works wonderfully. Not only does it look gorgeous, it also sounds gorgeous. A brilliant crafted bracelet, smart push-ups, impressive vocal chords and impressive musical performances add value to a watch that, surprisingly for a ratrapante, has a value of five digits, not six. True, it is still a lot of money, but compared to other top competitors in the ratrapante constituency, approx logical.

Availability and Price

FP Journe LineSport Chronographe Monopoussoir Ratrapante is not the smallest and most commercial type $ 82,200. More on FPJourne.com.


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