Genre ² Monopusher Chronograph Japan Edition

If you are a regular reader of MONOCHROME, you should be aware that we, as a group, have the material for chronographs, in particular, the chronographs made by two man and woman Richard and Maria Habring. Other than that, this was an anointing in the back Our first subscriber, a salmon-type printing press… Breguet numbers are snail-shaped scales. We’ve already shown it black pattern on MONO and today, it is a silver edition that reaches the magazines. For us, it is often necessary to watch the watch, and perhaps add to what you have collected.

Habring² is a type of watch / watch that we love at MONOCHROME. From the small town of Völkermarkt, Austria (formerly a strange thing), the show is run by two people, a couple Richard and Maria Habring. An independent producer with a lively and interesting life, as well individually, incorporates unconventional style, dedication to the movement to look good, reliable, efficient, easy to carry, and impressive skills. In fact, Richard has been launching a number of notable challenges over the years at IWC, including the production of the DoppelChronograph, a ratepayer component that can be used on the Valjoux 7750.

Unlike high-end independent watchmakers, Habring²’s custom-made (yes, we are talking in-house) watches have to be worn, expensive and durable, due to the ingenious and intelligent design of the complex. are included. These include works such as dead-seconds, foudroyante or dual signature on the chronograph, the well-known right-handed Monopusher, which was updated and updated on 7750.

There have been a number of editions of the Habring² Monopusher Chronograph, from ancient collections to the present, to bold forms such as the recent Chrono Felix with a bright dial… and, yes, Our MdS1 with dial sector. One of the most important, a long-standing watch on Frank and Me’s lists, is the watch you see today, the Japanese Edition for Shellman dealer. This watch is undoubtedly one of the most influential chronographs on the market – well, for us.

The story behind the clock takes us on a tour of Tokyo, Japan, where the island’s most iconic autonomous watchmaker, Shellman, sells it. The watch was made for them on their own, as Habrings salesman. And there is a lot of specialty in this watch to be unique and collected.

First, the practical, non-abrasive material here is offered in a size of 36mm and has a curved bezel instead of a smooth one – to respond to the preferences of Japanese collectors and bring strength. 1940s hear. The case is polished and polished, and separated from its single chronograph pusher at 2 p.m. Another important and unique feature is the singing, which mimics the old 1940s, combined with blue, large, printed Breguet prints and a snail-shaped tachymeter scale. This, combined with the arrangement of the two markers and the telemeter number on the outer part, does not detract from the inspiration and brings about a compelling appearance. Also presented in black, the color provided here by A Collected Man has a silver, straight dial.

Inside is the A08-MONO model, manufactured by Habring² in Austria. Based on the solid ETA Valjoux 7750, its design and design have undergone a major overhaul, enhancing its professionalism and aesthetics. Almost all parts of its operation are made by independent vendors, with nothing to do with ETA. The finish is also on another level, with the bridges finished with rounded edges and bevelled edges, while the starting plate has perlage. Most of the chronograph strips are straight, and the edges are polished and polished.

The existing model went on sale in 2020 and is supplied with its original box, paper, Habring² strap and tang buckle, and other ACM shades. Available here from A Collected Man, at GBP 11,500, and is said to be in good health and still has 25 months left on his three-year warranty.

If you are looking for a brilliant, stylish look made by celebrities, do not look… The Habring² Chronograph Monopusher Japan Edition Shellman is your watch.

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