Hey Texas Men: It’s Time to Have NIPPed

Like many women of choice, my stomach has become a hot topic lately Texas law abstinence after a ‘heart attack’ is detected — usually at 6 weeks of gestation — a period when most women are unaware that they are pregnant.

Encouraged by two new ones Catholic judges in the Supreme Court (now six of the nine judges are Roman Catholic), the states are enacting laws aimed at overthrowing Roe and Wade. The bold approach to these new laws shows that anti-election leaders believe their time has come.

Texas law is extremely clever in trying to escape past barriers to abortion. Why do you need the problem of the police to regulate abortion when you can empower EVERY citizen to make a decision for EVERYONE who runs the operation in any other way? As the new Texas law states, all citizens have a duty to delay any person affected by abortion after a heart attack – anyone from a local doctor, housekeeper, or bus driver who directs a mother to a stop near a hospital – can be prosecuted.

Successful defendants receive a minimum fine of $ 10.00 and all of their legal fees are paid, while defendants are required to pay their costs, even if they win the case. And if you do not protect yourself from suits (which may be unlimited), you may be found guilty. And, if you are wondering – NO, there is no excuse for incest and incest.

If Roe is shaken (literally, or effectively, as is the case with new Texas laws), life will change dramatically for women of childbearing age. Three generations of women have reached the age of sexual intercourse by having the power to control their bodies and to decide when to have children. This is not a freedom that can be easily changed – it is deeply ingrained in the sexuality of millions of millions of American women.

I would like to offer suggestions on how to address the growing inequalities between men and women in Texas law (and others like them who are supposed to follow), and to help protect and care for all unwanted newborn babies: We are inside. a new era of human history. Science has developed a technique, soon after conception, to make it more accurate and reliable Father of the unborn child, just seven weeks after fertilization. It is time for our abortion talks to reflect this.

The basic principles of initiation in many areas and legal systems are based on the idea that men cannot be guaranteed, so female sexuality should be properly regulated. In the last half or so, the way to determine paternity after births have been made, yet they are complex and often require a woman to respond, through lawyers and courts, as well as to unwanted men.

In the past, everything Abortion took place before the birth of a man, so legal and moral considerations (and financial and physical) fell upon the expectant mother. The good news: Those days are over!

The non-invasive pre-natal paternity test (NIPP) will not be easy: a drop in a woman’s blood a few weeks after conception and a difficult abortion for a father. True, those who want to be fathers have to put up with the q-tip eating slowly in their mouths, but this is not enough to ask as we plan to force mothers to give birth to children they do not raise and do not want. When the fetus reaches seven weeks of gestation – one week after the abortion is now banned – the father can be certified and immediately registered with the state. The NIPP exams can be easily run at the DMV or Post Office and both parents are mentioned at each point. It can be a cheap and easy way (with 99.9% accuracy) to instantly assure the sexual responsibility of all potential parents.

Follow me in the experiment of this idea: What does the world look like when men born immediately have the same responsibilities? each getting pregnant, no matter what time it is, possible, unwanted or gratefully accepted? We can do this now. We have technology. If we are interested in enacting laws on the birth of all newborns, we must simultaneously hold men accountable for all aspects of breastfeeding and life. Science has given us the gift of what can be seen as a great moral guide – let us now know and blame women. and a man who is responsible for all human eggs!

Children can have the assurance of the legal and cultural benefits as a legacy and cultural protection from their fathers. They can know their father’s medical history and be eligible for the future men’s health plan, regardless of their marital status. We can ensure that all children born have a male and female parent who is required to support them as they grow up. Just think of the money the government will save to support single mothers and their children!

There can be no reason to burden the police with coercion – – according to Texas theory, we can empower a volunteer group of affected citizens to (calmly) shake the cheeks of any disobedient man who is thought to have made the unborn child (write me – write me) I want to be a good citizen!). And everyone could blame the future father for helping the children. Or perhaps the easiest way would be to keep a record of the DNA of all newborn males to ensure that they have the same level of responsibility for the life that any pregnant woman might experience in the future. It’s that easy!

If women are required by the state to give birth, then it is a social, cultural, and economic requirement for men to be legally bound in the process from the outset. This has not been possible in human history. And now it is! Isn’t science good ?!

I think most people would reject this idea… on physical infertility testing, massive seizure of government, use of coercive citizens… If all children born after a heart attack have new behaviors, and women should give birth, then all men should be imprisoned the same as the government.

For me, the idea of ​​experimentation illustrates an important point of abortion – that it is the right choice for a mother. Because pregnancy develops in her body (although the husband has the same responsibilities as the caregiver), choosing to have a child is a moral obligation that she must bear, just as choosing a child is her personal gift to her body. For those who are experiencing unwanted or impossible pregnancies, this is a real choice for life or death – a major responsibility that weighs heavily on women in crisis. But until birth, the burden of morals and body belongs only to the woman. If we as human beings are interested in eliminating that responsibility for pregnant women, then why should men not respond equally from pregnancy?

If the government wants women who have sex with a woman to have children, then the government can certainly order men who have sex to shave their cheeks. And that all responsible people are given a job – every six weeks in each pregnancy – to nurture all the embryos until they reach adulthood.

* Notes to the Secretary: At 6 weeks you have no heart – you have an obvious effect on the cells that eventually become the heart.

About the Author: Teresa Stack is a journalist, filmmaker, and former President of Type magazine (1998-2016).

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