Horon Launched The Ocean Hunter, Dive Watch Built To Explore

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Although designed for diving, waterproof watches are the most popular of any sport, as they are powerful, clear, and immersed in the water when unexpectedly encountering in the water. Then it is not surprising that respect decided to start with a water-based watch design by making a watch designed for display. Likewise at home on the mountains or under the water, Horon Ocean Hunter is a solid and impressive watch with unique adjustments and spectacular colors that differentiate it from the competitive market.

Designed to be durable and durable, yet comfortable and hand-stitched, the 316-L stainless steel Horon Ocean Hunter measures 42mm and 49mm and is waterproof. with 300m water resistance. Combined with carefully twisted straps that hold the hand, its size and shape of the Ocean Hunter make it perfect for a variety of hand sizes. The cover and edges are finished with a high-quality fabric that allows the watch to shift from the outside to the comfortable food. In other words, the watch is designed to be as flexible as you are.

A closer look at the case reveals that Horon is sweating profusely. The curved bezel is smooth and ergonomic, yet easy to hold and turn. In the meantime, instead of just installing a single-color bezel, Horon uses a choice of two ceramic shades, each designed to match the sound of the piece. Making a two-dimensional bezel is not an easy task, because heating and cooling should be well controlled and molded, it takes more time and more accuracy than traditional installation. This is part of Horon’s training – taking additional steps to ensure that the watch meets the required standards.

When choosing Ocean Hunter models, Horon has created a watch for any preference. Whether you are looking for a watch that is slimmer and brighter or stronger and stronger, each brand has a story to tell. Leviathan blue blue raises the depths of blue in the ocean, while Naga yellow and blue shout like a game – ideal for summer events. Lastly, the dusky gray Hydra color is ideal for the explorer looking for a lesser beauty. That said, there is no such thing as a simple color scheme. Larger hands and pencils filled with a combination of bright blue (BGW9) and green (C3) Super-LumiNova ensure good visibility, day or night, especially when paired with bright markers. However, the observation shows an unexpected twist – the dual finish of a song created through a unique way in which a geometric pattern is drawn in a dial, adding to the shape and visual appeal. And, with a two-dimensional clay sapphire crystal coated with several layers of anti-reflective coating on the floor, you are assured that you will not be disturbed.

If you look at the original, it is difficult to beat the Kraken, with a song made from the Muonionalusta meteorite that split the atmosphere in northern Scandinavia about a million years ago. Discovered near a remote Finnish village in 1906, the Octahedrite meteorite is ideal for viewing watches, as it features a geometric Widmanstätten shape made of nickel-iron. The most beautiful but the most glamorous in the right light, the shape is, in fact, foreign. Plus, it’s hard not to enjoy having a steel chunk of planetoid in your hand.

A three-dimensional stainless steel bracelet completes the entire package. With fast-release bars, the bracelet can be adjusted quickly and easily and avoids the bruises that are usually caused by the spring plaster. With a 22mm lug width, this is a watch that needs to be tested on a variety of cords and will no doubt look great on a rubber band or NATO fabric belt.

Powering the Ocean Hunter is the only Swiss Made Selitta SW200-1 test. Hitting at 28.8kbph and having a 38-hour power storage, as well as sliding and manual operation, the Selitta SW200-1 was chosen primarily because it looks at the entire watch: solid and reliable, but professionally designed. Horon also ensures that its movement, along with its stable rotor, is clearly visible behind the photo display.

Horon Ocean Hunter will be available at Kickstarter for the second quarter of 2022, with the first bird trees from $ 499 USD. To learn more about Horon Watches and order your Ocean Hunter, be sure to check back brand page.

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