Horoscope for the Week of January 9, 2022, Weekly Horoscope

In a nutshell: Fear not, but the first Mercury Retrograde of the year kicks off on Friday! Let’s get ready, don’t be afraid. Until February 3, this Mercury Retrograde will allow us to rethink our culture and reconnect with our missing friends. This can make for a little drama, so be non-judgmental, limitless, and compassionate.

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Who can you trust, Aries? Mercury will return to your Aquarius-led friendly team from Friday to February 3, encouraging you to think about the winners in 2022. You will want to review all that you contributed to your relationship and honestly discuss what you are doing. I hope with your close BFFs.


Your skill is endowed, Taurus. What about your sermons? Mercury will return to your work area controlled by Aquarius Friday through February 3, encouraging you to reconsider your work relationship and how those relationships change your career. Show off your great social skills and get the best results right away!


Good trip, Gemini! Mercury will be back in your field of travel, vision, and intelligence for Aquarius Friday until February 3. So even if you are not leaving the jet plane, you are going on a different kind of journey. You will be learning new ways of living, feeling, and behavior that promote a new topic of your life history on the other side of relapse.


Let them “see” you, Cancer. Mercury will return to your Aquarius-controlled area Friday through February 3, and you will be encouraged to reveal more about your inner self for friendship. Think about how you can express yourself safely but with difficulty to people you trust to increase your interest in the space between you and your loved ones.


Old Explosions, Leo? Mercury will return to your Aquarius-dominated realm of love Friday through February 3, and you will be encouraged to reconsider your love and past relationships. This is a difficult part, but if you are led with an open heart and healthy boundaries, you will have healing experiences and experiences that can lead to closure.


Get back to your system, Virgo! Mercury goes back to your Aquarius-controlled activities Friday through February 3, encouraging you to do and change your habits. Start small if you have to because you will be amazed at how quickly the little habits change. Gradually, your health will improve, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


What are you no say, Libra? Mercury will be back in your high-powered Aquarius-controlled franchise Friday through February 3, encouraging you to share an essential truth, hope, fear, and / or desire with someone who needs to hear it. When you see insecurity as your strength, you will begin to find some of the best of your life.


What a feeling, Scorpio! Mercury will be back in your home, family, and Aquarius favorites Friday through February 3, and I encourage you to share what you are feeling in real time. Most of the time we all wait and / or speak for ourselves in our conversations, but this review requires you to be curious and to talk about your feelings.


Put “unity” in communication, Sagittarius! Mercury will return to the Aquarius-dominated communication spaces, encouraging you to move from monologue to negotiation. Try asking thoughtful, open-minded questions when talking to someone for magical results.


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Mercury will return to the places where you earn money and security under the guidance of Aquarius Friday through February 3, and you will be looking to slightly lower your favorites. Don’t just focus on money, but on what you value.


The transition continues, Aquarius! Last year was a turning point in life, and when Mercury returns to your sign Friday, you are encouraged to combine and review all you have learned about yourself. Next, you will want to know how to apply the new training in your life so that you can have the lessons honestly.


It may be “real” but not true, Pisces. Mercury will return to your closed area controlled by Aquarius until February 3, help you become who you are and hopefully leave all that hinders you from having your most successful and bright potential. Remember, your fears may seem real, but they are not always true. Try with more faith, hope, and hope!

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