‘I Love Lucy’ Star Desi Arnaz Almost Released by Her Girl Husband’s Window

During his lifetime, Desi Arnaz had as many scandals as his major events. Among the many arguments he had was having an affair with a married woman, whose husband was about to throw her out of a window.

Aside from being known as a portrait on TV, Desi Arnaz became known for his famous relationship and marriage with Lucille Ball. But before Football joined the photo, Desi was dating another woman.

He wrote an account of his relationship with this woman, called Freckles, in his 1976 book, “A Book.” There, Desi wrote about his relationship with Freckles and an event that would change. Here is a look back on that flight.

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In her book, the star of “I Love Lucy” described Freckles as one of the “most amazing” women she ever met, because she always gave him her place. The two met at a nightclub and continued to see each other later.

Freckles never complained and was content with the basics. He also said he did not criticize his relationship with other women even though he knew it. Desi wrote that Freckles was able to endure his ordeal, and he never suffered.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with their son Desi Arnaz Jr. their home in California in January 1953 | Photo: Getty Images

He also said that he would spend the weekend hanging out with another woman, but Freckles could pretend he didn’t know and just ask him how it went.

Although Desi’s relationship suited him well, there was a problem; Freckles was a married woman. However, she and her husband were separated at that time, and Desi wanted to marry her after their divorce.

Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, take the lead at a press conference in Los Angeles, California, about 1953 | Photo: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons


She wrote about a difficult time when there was a dispute between her and Freckles’ husband. One night during their secret dating, Desi and Freckles were returning home when they saw her husband in the lobby.

A brief conversation took place between the two men, when Desi’s husband insisted he wanted to talk to Desi. She panicked and warned Desi that maybe her husband wanted to kill her because it was not the first time.

The two men came out and when they heard this, Freckles’ wife pushed Desi and started throwing punches. Desi confronted her while insisting she did not want to have a body.

Visual image of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz of “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show.” | | Photo: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Freckle’s husband settled the matter and invited the “Many Girls” player to his home. Desi wrote in his diary that he agreed, but he knew that the man had wrong intentions.

Sitting in the house, Freckles’ husband opened the window and asked Desi to look at the city from an open window. Desi began to doubt and closed the decision.

Desi Arnaz, Richard Keith and Maurice Chevalier from The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour | Photo: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

The story changed again when Freckles’ husband calmed down and asked her to make Desi breakfast. Desi he wrote about the evolution of events in his book:

“His first intention was to push me out the window, but then he cooked me a wonderful breakfast.”

Photo by actress Desi Arnaz, 1970s | Photo: Getty Images

Far from the whole history of her brain, “I love Lucy,” Desi was a Cuban-born artist and singer who grew up struggling as a foreigner. He worked odd jobs for a while before directing his first play as a guitarist.

In the years that followed, Desi became extinct pangani his team. He turned into a play from there and starred in the Broadway Musical “Too Many Girls.” You were in a music movie where she met Lucille Ball.

Visual image of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz of “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show.” | | Photo: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Football has always been on the stage, despite his growing poverty. Her dream would not be thwarted by the famine in her family, and at a young age, Ball’s mother lost money to send him to the John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts.

He didn’t have much of a chance with John Murray’s coaches, so after his training, Ball turned to imitation as a girl artist, and through one of the posters the Hollywood actress recognized the model.

Photo of Ms. Lucille Mpira and her actress Desi Arnaz | Photo: Getty Images

He immediately jumped at the chance and went to the beautiful world of theater. The ball took small stages in several films, and was signed to RKO Studios. From then on she started on “Too Many Girls” and met Desi.

Two players found out married in 1940, and as a result, they became the parents of two children, Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr. They also became a strong family because of their popular TV show, “I Love Lucy.”

Desi Arnaz hugging his wife, Lucille Ball, while watching a soccer match at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California, about 1953 | Photo: Getty Images


It has been many years since Desi and Ball died, but their legacy continues. Their old movie theaters are still going on in Hollywood, and their kids are also taking over their Hollywood heritage as actors.

Their daughter Lucie is in her 70’s and has lived well in Hollywood. Lucie and her brother had just started work and appeared in their mother’s shows, “Lucy Show,” and “Lucy Here.”

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz at Desilu Studios, California | Photo: Getty Images.

After talking about her parents’ skills and those who adopted her skills, Lucie said her natural jokes came from her father. However, she realized that Ball was not a “funny lady,” even though she was able to turn her writing into a comedy.

A 70-year-old boy said his father was FootballIn stark contrast, however, they both shared the story because of the effort and expertise they put into the TV show. Lucie described Desi as a comedian and taught her to be the most important person in any situation.

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