In-Shop – Highlights: Advice on Vacation From HODINKEE Insurance

The Holiday tour is here! With many of you (including the HODINKEE insurance team) taking the time to visit the relatives, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to protect your watches while traveling.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 on human hand.

Needless to say, the best way to protect your watch is to register HODINKEE Insurance. It is easy to do so after taking a taxi to the airport. We also strongly encourage you to change or adjust your plan before traveling with your watches or to increase your risk through parties or holiday celebrations.

· Write down the pieces you are carrying.
Use comfortable bags and purses to avoid unnecessary tearing.
· Keep a watch close to you as you walk – keep them on the go; do not enter the control bag.

And if you have HODINKEE Insurance, make sure you have adequate protection against each clock on your plan.

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If you are moving away from home and leaving some clocks behind, an alarm system lasting 24 hours and central station monitoring is always recommended. If you have space, the home-protected TRTL-30 level (flashlight- and non-portable device up to 30 minutes) and alarm-connected is better. Also, consider placing or locking your house securely in your living space, or make sure it weighs 750 pounds, so heavy that one person could not pull it off on his own.

Whether you have HODINKEE Insurance or not, it is a good idea to keep your watch. Before you leave, make a list and take pictures of the items you are carrying and check them regularly. If you have the opportunity to avoid living in your childhood room and are looking into a hotel, ask the front desk about using the hotel’s main security; are much safer than the safes in the room, which can be accessed by any employee.

Rolex Submariner next to iPhone, camera, and other desktop items.

You have many benefits available as a HODINKEE Insurance client, which allows you to relax easily, whether while traveling or entertaining on vacation:

· Protection provides universal security – without deductible – for theft, accidental damage, or total loss. So if you are traveling with other watches in the travel bag and carrying what you carry (do not keep them in a purse), or wearing a valuable family legacy on New Year’s Eve, you can be sure that your watches have insurance. is completely protected.
· With recommended protection, you are protected up to 150 percent of the cost of your watch. This depends on the amount of clocks available.
· If you have purchased a watch while traveling, newly acquired watches are stored for 90 days (up to 25 percent of the set limit) if you have insurance, so do not worry. about adding a new watch to your schedule the day you buy it. For example, if you have $ 100,000 to collect a watch, you get a newly purchased item worth up to $ 25,000, for 90 days.

The HODINKEE insurance team hopes you will have a safe and healthy vacation! We will be outside the office between Christmas and New Year but we are available within each week to answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about HODINKEE Insurance.

Photo by hero, Andy Gottschalk

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