Increased Uterine Fibroids on Black Women

It is also important to ask for help, ”said Ms. Dixon.

Start by learning to recognize the signs that your mind, along with your body, have been affected by fibroids. Ask yourself: Has your preferences or preferences changed since you first discovered it? Are you sad or depressed, have trouble concentrating or sleeping, or crying, changing your appetite, changing your body, or thinking about suicide?

If so, you may want to talk to a psychologist, Ms. Dixon said.

Finding a doctor changed the life of Tanika Gray Valbrun, a 43-year-old journalist diagnosed with fibroids at the age of 25. Counseling helped alleviate the embarrassment she felt for her fibroids. He realized that medical care was discriminatory in some black communities and recalled that his Jamaican mother was upset by sharing her experience with fibroids.

“I do not blame my mother for teaching me what she was taught,” said Valbrun. “But next time we have to change the subject.”

Having friends, relatives or loved ones who understand and confirm your physical and emotional pain can help you deal with any serious problem, and help you to be cared for and supported. They can also be reached by you and the doctors to take notes and help with the discussion.

“You want that person, so when you come out of the doctor’s office and feel like you’re not going to have children, your girlfriend will be like, ‘Well girl, she didn’t say that, but she said we should do XYZ,’ ‘said Ms. Valbrun.

Dr. Marsh added that it is important for health professionals to explain all available or patient care options, which they sometimes do not. Ask your therapist to guide you through the established guidelines used to create your treatment plan. It can also be helpful to write questions before meeting, or explore the second or third ideas.

Seek out fibroid patients and doctors, from organizations and groups like The Fibroid Foundation or The White Dress Project (to no avail Ms. Valbrun, who was set up shortly before surgery for fibroids), can provide patients with an opportunity to discuss their experiences, connect with caregivers and access events and training programs.

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