Introducing Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 38.6mm (Price)

About 3 years ago, Omega gave Speedmaster fans one of the best gifts possible, the re-establishment of the Caliber 321 history, the group that first organized Speedy from 1957 to the late 1960s. This will be followed by another important beginning, of Speedmaster Moonwatch Caliber 321, a watch that we also highlighted it and called it the Ultimate Speedmaster. Today, Omega kicks off the year with a new Speedmaster – as it did in 2021 and the new Moonwatch – not a simple brand or physical evolution, but with the new Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold, a watch that is both comfortable and authentic for the first Speedmaster, CK2915-1 of 1957 – inside and out.

In 1957, as part of a three-dimensional clock, Omega launched Speedmaster, his vision for racing chronograph. Alongside the clock were two other types of technology, the Seamaster 300 and the Railmaster. But Speedmaster always has a place of choice, as it later became the first watch to be worn on the Moon. But in the meantime, let us remember the early days of this watch, especially the design of the CK2915-1. The main feature of this model was that, for the first time, the tachymeter scale was printed on an external bezel, not on the dial. What makes 2915 unique is the combination of standard cases with straight cords, the Caliber 321 running inside, a Broad-Arrow hand-operated metal bezel.

Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold new and history CK2915-1

All of these items have now been faithfully returned, but the package is much higher than ever, with the new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold. In contrast to the 60-year printing, which was a virtual draw for CK2915-1, at least visually, the Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus is more open-minded in terms of devices, but retweeting is a repeat of the historical process.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

Demonstrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Speedmaster, as well as the adoption of the Caliber 321 watch, this new model is different from the metal in many respects. First, his case is made of 18k Canopus Gold, a white Omega alloy – known for its lightness and durability. The case here is made up of about 2915, 38.6mm inches and about 14mm long. It also accentuates the shape and finish, including polished and polished surface, gold round bezel, straight cords and minimal shape. The outer scale of the tachymeter here was obtained due to the large black enamel and has a multi-dimensional display consisting of more than ninety (DON) and an indentation drop of up to seventy.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

The Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold contains sapphire crystal, a modern design but designed to mimic the high-quality Hesalite. It is equipped with a pump and a NAIAD logo on the clock’s wrist, and the water resistance is up to 60 meters.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

The thing that really sets this genre apart from history or anything that is made in the Speedmaster band is singing. In fact, the Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus features a black Onyx set, which makes for a high-gloss, glossy and black contrast. It features hand-held, wide-open, gold-plated indexes with the help of Canopus Gold PVD and three high-speed Speedmaster subdials including a small second-minute display, a 30-minute recording and a 12-hour recording. The previous ode, comes with a pre-Ω logo with an oval O on the Omega logo – something special for CK2915. Everything is filled with bright, white objects to make it look modern.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

Sapphire caseback also comes with a few special features. It is engraved with an ancient Seahorse and its eye is made from polished blue sapphire, a gemstone that is often celebrated for 65 years. This move, which is assembled by hand in a dedicated atelier, not only reflects the exact shape and finish, but also resembles a machine, with only minor modifications. The shift still travels at 18,000 vibrations / hour but now has a 55-hour reservoir.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

Finally, to match history, the new Speedmaster Caliber 321 is worn on a 19mm Canopus Gold bracelet, which is polished and polished with a twist with safety buttons and a flexible switch.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold 311.

Availability & Price

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Canopus Gold (ref. 311. is supplied in a special, large wooden box. It is not a small seal but its production will be confidential, due to the hand-made movement, high quality materials and cost. Talking about this will be necessary EUR 80,000 (plus 20% VAT) or CHF 75,000 (excluding taxes).

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