Junghans has also introduced the famous Max Bill Kitchen watch

Names Junghans and Max Bill are almost symbiotic. You cannot name one without considering the other. Together, they are best known for the Max Bill, the only-ever-compact watch designed by Bauhaus. But Junghans’ relationship with Max Bill is back to normal. Five years before Max Bill’s first watch crossed the lines of Junghan’s factory, the two agreed on a wall clock known as Küchenuhr or a kitchen clock. Its design is so amazing that you have probably seen the results without knowing it. And now, in celebration of the 65th anniversary, the Junghans are bringing back the Max Bill Kitchen Clock but with modern twists.

Junghans Max Bill Kitchen’s first clock from the Fifties.

Max Bill Kitchen’s new watch is extremely reliable on the original. Aside from having the same elliptical case shape and dial design, it also has, as far as I can, the same dimensions as the original. It is 25.2mm from head to toe and is 180mm wide in its most difficult position. This is not a big clock, but remember, the original was designed to be a kitchen utensil to be used in preparation for cooking time.

The case is made of ceramic and is made in a beautiful shade of blue with strong vibe of antiquity. The instrument is clean and has a unique style that Max Bill first designed to be the first kitchen watch and later reused on the Junghans Max Bill watch. To make things as simple and uncomplicated as you can, there are no running seconds. Interestingly, sapphires are used to prevent singing.

The thing under the hood is not just singing for seconds. It’s actually a 60-minute calculator. Remember I said this is a kitchen watch? The calculator was designed to be used to measure cooking time or cooking. And when the time comes, Junghans says it sounds like “a beautiful memory commemorative of the 1950s.”

You can find Max Bill Kitchen Clock with two different modes. One type comes with the Junghans J738 quartz movement. For those who stick to precision and timeliness, there is another type with the Junghans J761 radio-operated system. This move is linked to the DCF77 code sender in Germany. With a journey of around 1,200 miles, you will need to stay in Europe to take advantage of its timely connection.

There is no denying that this is a very beautiful watch. I love how they remained faithful to the original design, even though I wish there were more types to choose from. Just imagine how amazing it would look in black. The new watch is part of Junghans’ celebration of his relationship with Max Bill. Earlier this year, it launched Max Bill Edition Established 60, three clocks celebrating the 60th anniversary of the famous Junghans Max Bill watch. It will be available in spring next year with a common type of wood quartz $ 550 and the cost of radio control $ 600. For more information, please visit page of this type.

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