Kirstie Alley’s Divorce Becomes ‘The Wrong Way’ Although There Was No ‘Infidelity’ in Their Marriage.

Kristie Alley was married to actress Parker Stevenson, but their relationship ended in a tragic divorce. Unfortunately, they are no longer friends but still talk about their children.

Kristie Alley was a woman that every young man yearned for in a relationship, and some had the opportunity to cross paths with a Hollywood artist. Unfortunately, Alley had no interest in relationships because her two marriages ended in divorce.

The actress married Bob Alley in 1970 and had a relationship that lasted just seven years. In 1983, she met her second husband, Parker Stevenson. Here is a picture of the life of an actor by Stevenson.

Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson at the Eighth Annual CableACE Awards on January 20, 1987 at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California. | | Source: Getty Images


Alley and Stevenson met by accident in a Los Angeles restaurant. At the time, Stevenson already had a great reputation for his name, having started his career in 1972, four years before graduating from Princeton and leaving his job as a builder.

Meanwhile, Alley was about to make his debut film “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” It was not long before the two began dating and began dating. According to to Stevenson, “In any case, Kristie illuminates the room.” He he added:

“I love being in a room. Whether it was politics or food or cars or music, we had different ideas about everything.”

Kristie Alley on video by The List. | | Source: YouTube / TheList

It seemed to contradict each other, from the love of food to the music, and even to morals and ethics. However, they both believed that they were perfect, with one another, and because of their differences, they could not be bothered.

Alley has not walked down the aisle since it was first revealed that she would have been married to her “Look Who’s Talkin” partner, John Travolta, if she had not been married at the time.

Stevenson’s friend, Lewis Smith, confirmed the beautiful beginning of the couple’s life together. “They insulted and argued,” he said. On another occasion, he jumped into the pool dressed casually for the occasion.

Kristie Alley on video by The List. | | Source: YouTube / TheList


However, their differences soon came to a head. When the couple married William in 1992, and Lillie in 1994, after a miscarriage, their marriage had already begun to end. They lived happily with their children and spent thousands of dollars on parties and shopping for hours.

However, no money could solve their problems. In 1996, after 14 years of marriage, the couple split up and split up, citing complete differences. According to the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” star, as he tells and Closer Weekly:

“There was no infidelity in my marriage, either side. There was nothing but perhaps different goals in life.”

Kristie Alley on video by The List. | | Source: YouTube / TheList

Stevenson had the same thoughts as before he said, “Kristie and I are very different. [but being opposites] it undermines the very fabric of our marriage. ” Thus, their divorce became a “degrading practice” that left them, in effect, dead.

Negotiations on divorce and child-rearing negotiations and support, among others, took more than a year. Stevenson was hiding in the ground at the time and did not answer his friends’ phones. Smith he recalled:

“He has allowed people to write stupid and wrong things about him on television because they do not see the need to deal with it.”

Although Stevenson was denied $ 75,000 a month he wanted, he was given a share of their property, including their 21 residential properties. Stevenson also said that he and his ex-wife are no longer friends but always talk about children.

In 1997, Stevenson wished Alley well and revealed that his next marriage, if any, would be with someone who shared the same dreams and goals. He he said:

“I want Kristie to be very happy because it is good for the kids […]. If I remarry, I will have someone with the same dreams and ambitions as I do, and so on. “


Alley has not walked down the aisle since it was first revealed that she would have been married to her “Look Who’s Talkin” partner, John Travolta, if she had not been married at the time. They also realized that their marriage would be on the plane.

The two stars spent several months together shooting a movie at the time. Naturally, they came closer. “It’s easy to fall in love with your big man,” she says he agreed. Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991, but the two remained close friends.

Travolta even gave Alley’s daughter Lillie a shoulder to cry on when her boyfriend he died tragically on a motorcycle accident. The star of “Greece” was discovered during an outdoor memorial service under the Church of Scientology.

At 65, Alley became a first grandparents while her son adopted a son, Waylon Tripp Parker. Alley shared this great time with over a million fans along with a photo of William and Waylon.

William married her high school sweetheart is 17 years old with Alley Blessings. The actress was optimistic about the relationship between the two because she was so in love.

There have also been young couples who got married prematurely because of unexpected circumstances. Some of them are Sergio Soto and Isabella Cristobal, who got married after hearing about the boy’s terminal illness.

Soto, now 15 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia and had to make great strides in recovering, but then the cancer returned and her condition worsened. Both of their parents supported the wedding and tried to make the celebration as enjoyable as possible.

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