Launch Edition of JN Shapiro Infinity Tantalum Limited (Notes & Price)

Josh Shapiro, the father behind JN Shapiro Watches, is unique in many ways. As mentioned in the young independent questions, is one of the only people in California who is doing the right thing – his place of study is in Inglewood to say exactly. It is an idea to create as much as possible in the house, and thus on US soil, it has recently created a very beautiful group of high-end watches, called the Infinity series. In light of this design, JN Shapiro is now launching the Edition of Infinity Tantalum Limited, featuring the first tantalum version made outside of Switzerland with three (and beautiful) designs.

The development of stand-alone clocks has recently received a surprising amount of attention and this has given impetus to many young and talented watchmakers, and many of them are trying to bring something into their creations. For Josh Shapiro, it is about his work making weapons and making house pieces, both in a traditional and detailed manner. As mentioned earlier, Josh is currently working on expanding his collection and is reaching the end of the house, with a right-hand bar with a monthly tour of the tourbillon. But in the meantime, the goal is to make high-quality, flexible watches.

JN Shapiro Infinity is a masterpiece of Josh’s savoir-faire, with detailed dials with guilloché patterns (even on a meteorite base…), hand-crafted, home-made cases… Ideas and push the clock envelope (literally) to the limit. high-quality, with a high degree of detail. Based on these findings, an independent watchmaker has now released a new watch, the Infinity Tantalum Limited Edition, which features a case made of high-end metal and high-performance composers.

Tantalum is a metal that we often see in the making of watches, although it is beautiful and in shape. Blue-gray iron, which is darker than iron, white gold or platinum, is usually stored for dentistry. It is a sturdy, shiny metal that does not rust. But it is very difficult to make a machine. Josh explains that “tantalum is very gummy, but strong and as thick as 18k gold, which is a funny combination. The result is like platinum – the worst.”It is rarely used in the manufacture of antique watches, with only Journe models (Blue Chronometer), Audemars Piguet (a few other Royal Oak watches) or Omega (and the famous Tri-Metal Seamaster).

Tantalum is now used in 39mm cases, with a polished and polished surface. It is a solid and durable, with a unique, dark blue color that contrasts with the metal or titanium, which gives this watch a unique personality. This was the first case of its kind outside of Switzerland. But its use is not limited to the case, since other tantalum items were also included in the singing, which, according to Josh Shapiro, first.

Ideas for company JN Shapiro Infinity Tantalum Limited

The base of the Infinity Tantalum Limited Edition is made of solid palladium, which features a Shapiro engine flexible engine and custom font – there are three types of vocals. In addition to the well-known barley corn, the basket weave and the ratchet color, Shapiro also created its own design, which appears on the counter in a matter of seconds. Inspired by the book of George Daniels, Making clocks, he made the Infinity weave model, “It’s a basket woven inside a basket – squares inside a square.” he explains.

Ideas for company JN Shapiro Infinity Tantalum Limited

In addition to these hand-crafted systems and open source guides, the second authenticity of Infinity Tantalum Limited Edition is the inclusion of tantalum on the dial – which is applied to the head for an hour and a few seconds. There are three types of singing available. The first is the natural sound of palladium with tantalum rings, a blue enamel ink with blue metal hands. The second is a black ruthenium-based ring featuring tantalum hourly rings, gold hands, second rings and numbers. Finally, Shapiro offers a blue cloud with tantalum rings, blue enamel ink and metal polished hands.

Ideas for company JN Shapiro Infinity Tantalum Limited

At the center of the story is a well-known German-based band, Uwd Caliber 33.1 – created by Uhren-Werke-Dresden, a sister-company of Lang & Heyne. The modern movement of the hand wounds and inches 33mm is known for its sharpness, opened by triangular bridges. Hit at 3Hz and provide 53h of power saving, here it is beautifully decorated with straightforward terrain and polished bevels. Gold armor has been added to make its color unique.

Availability & price

JN Shapiro Infinity Tantalum Limited Edition watches are worn on alligator cables. Only 26 clocks are manufactured (all instrument types are included) and are available directly from Price set USD 33,000.

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