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In the world of mechanical watchmaking, the name “Made in China” is rarely associated with the Haute Horlogerie. Although China produces many of the materials used in the production of Swiss watches, the “Made in China” watch is associated with mass production, intermediate quality and copy design. There is someone who wants to bring down this stigma and make it as beautiful as Imperial in making Chinese watches with the tag “Made in China with Pride”. Instead of mocking its origins, Celadon HH is very proud to announce its Chinese watches. Over the years, Celadon has proven that China and the Haute Horlogerie are inseparable and that some of the most exciting things can happen when you combine skilled watchmakers, hands-on craftsmanship and high-tech Chinese skills. The man in the company is Benjamin Chee, a well-known Singapore watchmaker who has become a businessman. In connection with the release of a new group called Century, we have summarized the history of Celadon HH.


Celadon HH, founded in 2012, is a Chinese branch of Benjamin Chee’s mini watch emporium. The name Celadon refers to a type of ceramic with a soft green glaze that originated in China in the Shang years (1600-1046 BC) and Zhou (1046-256 BC). Although Chee was born in Singapore, her parents were Fujian (a region in southeastern China). His interest in Chinese culture and skills culminated in his law studies at University College London.

Chee’s passion for refined watches has led to the creation of three different models with three very different ideas. Celadon HH, founded in 2012, is China’s three-member Chee delegation. Milléchron, launched in 2018, features a mix of Art Deco-inspired sports watches, and Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie (BCHH), its top brand launched in 2019, is home to models as amazing. BCHH x Andersen Genève Celestial Voyager and the cloisonné enamel dial that was released earlier this year. However, his BCHH is Milléchron The races are based in Switzerland, where Chee has teamed up with top names in watchmaking, including Svend Andersen (AHCI) and Kari Voutilainen. The uniqueness of Celadon watches is that “Made in China with Pride”, and Chee is on a mission to “raise the profile and reputation of Chinese watchmaking”.

Rising Star of Chinese Horology - Introducing Celadon HH

Chinese art

China’s history and legacy of 5,000 years have created technologies, skills that Chee wants to recover and extend Celadon watches. The new Celadon Century collection contains two types with beautiful dial cloisonné enamel and the third with a direct dial. Some of you may have seen Century Cloisonné with Van Gogh’s portrait of “Starry Night” when it was selected in “Petite Aiguille” GPHG 2021. The term used for the Century collection is ‘handmade’, and the names of all the masters involved are mentioned in each part of the universe.

A case that looks like a moon

The moon-shaped contrast of the Century responds to the Chinese concept of yuanman (perfection and fulfillment) that is characterized by a rounded, curved shape. Made of 904L stainless steel, the case is 42mm across, has a thickness of 11.5mm and lug-to-lug with a width of 47.4mm. Based on the design of ancient Chinese architecture, the left side of the case resembles the shape of ancient Chinese bridges, while the right-hand side with a crown raises the circular gates of the Moon. A flat, curved hand-rolled crown consists of a hand-wrought bag with a flexible satin and polished finish. Looking back, you can appreciate the well-polished finish with the polished bevel beads.

Rising Star of Chinese Horology - Introducing Celadon HH

Cloisonné enamel

Two-thirds of the Celadon Century exhibits beautiful handmade cloisonné enamel paintings by Grandmaster Xiong Songtao, a third-generation enamel family member employed by a Chinese royal court. Representing Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” as well as ancient Chinese records known as “Peacock and Peonies”, Chee chose the theme of Songtao’s art in Western and Oriental styles. Used in China for more than 600 years, cloisonné enamelling arrived in China from Persia in the 15th century.th a hundred years. The Songtao method differs from that of the European cloisonné using a thin gold wire (0.04 – 0.07mm thick), which requires more skill and creates a more complex image. Working with a solid silver base, Songatao lays cells of thin gold wire before using enamel, which is fired about 25 times. information.

The hands in the enamel design adopt the ‘eye’ of the male feathers and are made by hand and polished by Master Lin. Hands can also be hot, as shown on “Peacock and Peonies”.

Regulator play

The Century Regulator shares the same shape as the enamel but has a beautiful, minimalist silver tone with a high degree of refinement. The first one was made in the 18th centuryth a century ago for high-end watches to provide the most accurate calculations available, the best known of the clocks was the separation of minutes, hours and seconds. Minutes are best known for dialing, while hours and seconds are converted to smaller dials. Here the points are delivered on a black railway line along the edge and are indicated by the middle hand. Smaller dials with internal locks are available during the day and a minimum of 6 seconds.

Rising Star of Chinese Horology - Introducing Celadon HH

Lin Yong Hua move

Designed as a starting point for future challenges, a hand-held design was developed and developed from bottom to top. AHCI great artist Lin Yong Hua (LYH). A well-known Celadon brand is a three-cornered gold-plated bridge with rounded curves and ruby ​​chats. Instead of the old Côtes de Genève, the bridges are adorned with rounded stripes. The perlage, bevelled countersinks, anglage, chatons and Chinese calligraphy are all executed by hand. Hidden under the mainplate, the wheels of the barrel have a solar flare, and the center wheel of the star has a small LYH signature. Hitting at 18,000vph, its drive provides 45 hours of storage power.


At an additional cost, Celadon can offer you a number of options. Finally, paints of colors (gray, yellow or white gold), vivid prints and even a handmade Breguet accessory can all be asked to change its movement. In addition, the hands can be white gold-plated, blue or adjustable blue, and you can also request the design of the bespoke cloisonné dial.

Rising Star of Chinese Horology - Introducing Celadon HH


Without custom additives, the color of Century Cloisonné enamel is $ 11,900 and Century Regulator USD 10,900. The original color with lacquered dial, not pictured here, starts $ 8,900. Options are also available, such as the Breguet overcoil (USD 2,000), handmade dials (USD 2,000) or the standard dial (USD 2,000).

For more information, please visit celadonhh.com.


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