Look: Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire Watch

During a Demonstration Week in Dubai I sat down Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and he finally saw the show that I have enjoyed since then announced on BlogtoWatch in early 2021. This is the Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire, and it is an amazing modern time with high-end decorations that modern clock lovers can enjoy. I also asked Guadalupe interesting things about their use of sapphire crystal and its potential as low-cost watches. In the meantime, while you may not have to spend thousands of dollars to get into it, sapphire watches are inexpensive because of the complexity and time required to make machines made from sapphire crystal pieces. And this Hublot is the first sapphire watch I wore that comes with a matching sapphire bracelet.

“How long is it compared to ceramic, or metal?” I ask Mr. Guadalupe. He has overseen the mass of new products released from the brand including everything from high carbon to their unique combination of gold and ceramic. If anyone knows how the latest visual aids work in the real world – it’s the Hublot executives. Ricardo admits that if you throw a sapphire watch on a solid surface, it can break. This is a common occurrence even though it is not cheap. Keep in mind that Hublot has developed a way to make high-end watches. Components are designed to be modified, so that a broken or damaged component can be replaced. Sapphire is actually stronger than ceramic and both are known for their unique resistance. This means that the tools are very dry, which is why they are torn instead of having a metal-like curve if they are sharp or twisted.

So what does it mean for complete stability? It means that if you do not make the watch shake too much or move it around, things will look new … forever. That’s the final answer to “why not just make it in plastic?” This is the most obvious thing I’ve heard people say why they don’t feel like sapphire crystals are as fun as I am. To such ones the items may be “passing through” as plastic and thus have no effect on the appearance of gold or any other precious substance. However, such reasoning is false. It is true that from a distance the sapphire crystal may look like plastic but the similarity ends there. Sapphire and plastic do not feel the same, and they do not age anymore. Compare plastic with clear or transparent sapphire for months or years down and it will never look the same. The plastic may be yellow in color and may instead be scratchy. On the other hand, sapphire crystal will look better. And the bracelet looks very cool.

I do not try to convince anyone who does not like the high-resolution video that looks good if they do not have it. I think the idea is amazing and I love the spread of bone marrow and singing on all the costumes. The fact is that what you see inside the clock should be interesting to look at which, incidentally, is here with Hublot’s in-house made automatic tourbillon movement. The solid crystal cover creates a beautiful mechanical frame inside with the Hublot Big Bang Integral as a fully functional and beautiful handbag.

BlogtoWatch released the Hublot Big Bang Integral here and the example is the redesign of the Big Bang case designed to have an integrated bracelet (as opposed to a string). Hublot has made a Big Bang hybrid on a number of devices to date, “complete sapphire” being the most recent fragrance. The case here of 455.JX.0120.JX model is 43mm wide and incorporates mainly sapphire crystal finely cut with titanium so that it cannot be made from sapphire. These include items such as straps, crowns, and bits inside the transmission line. This is usually a complete sapphire crystal and is resistant to water up to 30 meters.

That’s one part where I think there have been a lot of new sapphire crystals – water resistance. My guess is that due to the weakness of the sapphire crystal, the watchmaker cannot twist the sides with too much pressure. Iron can withstand extreme stress because it can bend, but sapphire crystals cannot. 30 meters is good to wear every day, and frankly, it may be wise not to think of a sapphire watch as a “sports watch” right now. Dressing is appropriate for a child these little watches.

Inside the clock is a new band from Hublot known as the HUB6035 caliber. This bone marrow transition involves a time with a tourbillon regulation system as well as a micro-rotor automatic winding system. Hublot made a decorative movement and did a good job of “hiding” the obvious circle on top of a large jar under the 12 o’clock clock sign. The only rotor is when the “Hublot” sign is on the dial so it’s nice to see it moving while you are wearing the burner on your hand. The Hublot HUB6035 caliber works at 3Hz with 72 hours of power saving and is made from 243 components.

Legibility for singing is also very good. A few groups around Hublot have a wealth of experience with skeletal dials and how to make them all look good and easy to read. Hublot has been doing this for so long I can remember and complete handwriting with hours, minimal paint, and proper finishing. The result is a clear but melodious singing that gives a complete / visible mask for the eyes to enjoy. Other sapphire crystal pieces are also used in singing as well as parts of the walking bridges to enhance “visual through action.” Is what Hublot wants.

What’s next for sapphire crystal watches? Types. Synthetic sapphire is easier to apply with different shades than ceramic. Hublot and others of her time are already playing with various sapphires. Instead, a special version of this watch with a bright orange sapphire crystal was made to sell the charity watches of the Watch Only 2021. Although different types of sapphire will be on the market soon, I think the purist choice is the purest of sapphires. Not only does it offer a minimalist way to enjoy the look, but also with the most versatile styles. “White” goes with everything, but you can’t always undress yellow, green, orange, blue, etc. eny look at what you are wearing.

In many ways wearing a Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire watch is like having a crystal chandelier on your wrist. It looks good and attracts attention even though it still sounds like a working thing. Hublot does not need diamond-coated watches (they have a full gold with a Big Bang Integral diamond even though), and those are a bit shiny. Sapphire crystal is shiny not because of its physical value, but because of its price on machinery and its performance. It is also very unusual at this time to wear a watch made of the finest sapphire crystal – especially if you admire the parts on the pieces like bracelets and how the story looks. I strongly encourage people to try one of these if they can and I don’t think Hublot would have much trouble selling a small copy of only 30 pieces. Price 455.JX.0120.JX Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire watch with $ 422,000 USD. Find out more on the Hublot page here.

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