Looking Back At The Great Year Of The Product Of Trilobe Clocks

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It’s been a year Trilobe, a Paris-based independent watchmaker who combines French art with Swiss design and craftsmanship. From pre-selection to the Grand Prix d ‘Horlogerie de Genève at Nuit Fantastique to raise $ 100,000CHF in the charity only Watch Watch, 2021 has seen Trilobe excel at making clocks. As the year draws to a close, what a wonderful time to reflect on and celebrate the year.

For the third year in a row, the Trilobe was selected as the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) – a success, as the young nation has been in existence for only three years. Apparently, the only way to make a French watch is to look good in a world of proud people. This year, it was Trilobe’s Nuit Fantastique that received a nod from GPHG, previously nominated in the Petite Aiguille category.

When creating the Nuit Fantastique, the Trilobe’s idea was to reconsider the traditional clock mechanism – from hand to symmetry – but to do so in a practical and accessible way. It is found in rose gold or stainless steel and is within 38.5mm or 40.5mm, its shape is well-known, but well-cleaned, with carved cords, and a polished midcase that is placed on the polished end of both sides. case. However, the regular form only combines regular singing.

Nuit fantastique singing is limited in its design, but not in its design. Whether it’s black, silver, blue, or just the recently released Havana Edition of Chocolate, the music is finished with a song that gives a unique and beautiful look that is hard to make. However, this is only one of the last three you can get on the singing, with a second wheel with Clous de Paris finishing in the middle, surrounded by a round ring.

As it does at the end of the dial, your eye is immediately drawn to the asymmetry of the piece as well as to the precise timing mechanism. The one-hour ring passes along the ring, which at first glance may be incorrect as a timepiece, but it is immediately apparent that the entire hour ring revolves around the clock, with the clock being shown at 12 o’clock. Minutes are displayed inside the hole which indicates the time on the clock wheel that rotates at the bottom of the instrument. The wheel of seconds, with its high end, then rotates freely under a small hole. Without hands and every wheel spinning straight, Nuit Fantastique challenges our sense of time, but it does so in an astonishing way.

The description of the time at Nuit Fantastique is possible thanks to the X-Centric caliber, which was designed for the Trilobe only. Just as singing affects how we know time, the group opposes our ideas about movement design. A sleek and state-of-the-art, X-Centric drive features a micro-rotor and 48-hour power supply, while hitting at 28.8kbph.

The Trilobe Nuit Fantastique is available in three shades ranging from silver, black, and blue, each of which is found in stainless steel. € 8,300 in cases 38.5mm or 40.5mm, or € 18,300 in a 40.5mm gold box. Trilobe also offers Nuit Fantastique in its own version of Secret Edition. Just tell the nation the date, time, and location of the special event and they will change their preferences with the celestial bodies at this special time. The Nuit Fantastique Secret Edition is available in 38.5mm and 40.5mm stainless steel. € 10,500 or 40.5mm rose of precious gold € 20,500. This year, Trilobe also launched another impressive version of the Nuit Fantastique and Havana Edition. With the same problem and design of the singers, Havana Edition uses chocolate-based music that blends well with rose gold. Like other original models, the Havana Edition is available € 18,300. All prices include VAT.

Although Trilobe is the first and only manufacturer of watches, with the introduction of the 2021 edition of Only Watch, the nation decided to challenge itself by making a special desk clock. For those who don’t know, Only Watch is a two-year sale that raises research costs on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The success of the business has been remarkable, thanks to the interest of Only Watch founder Luc Pettavino and the generosity of companies and advertisers. Views alone are unique: only 1% of the money goes to group and operational costs, while the rest of the money goes to research. Clinical clinical trials have already begun in 2022, a clear demonstration of the agency’s work, giving hope to the thousands of young people suffering from the disease.

In 2021, Trilobe was also honored to participate in Only Watch. This year, the nation decided to create a special pièce in collaboration with the famous sculptor Daniel Buren. The result was La Réciproque (The Reciprocal). Based on the forces that interact with each other, La Réciproque was created as a playful encounter between opposing races, or as the saying goes “Drawing and making clocks are opposed to meeting each other, in repetitive forces.”

Reflecting the philosophy of the three wheels found in its clocks, hours, minutes, and seconds each dances around, circular objects contrasting with the strong black and white stripes, the red heart of blood flowing inside. As the minutes and hours pass, the lines descend to chaos, gaining symmetry and order only during the first meeting between Daniel Buren and Trilobe at 2:13. When La Réciproque hit the airwaves at Only Watch, it exceeded our expectations, and took the best of it. 100,000 CHF.

In the few years that the nation has been active, the Trilobe has clearly captured the hearts and minds of the management team. The nation’s success is not surprising, given its combination of French design, Swiss technical expertise, and love of challenging traditions and upcoming expectations. To learn more about the Trilobe and its commitment to making the best watches, be sure to check back brand page.

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