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A witch doctor is called to the home of an elderly woman to help her sick granddaughter and sees pictures of her as a child hanging on her walls.

Rick Olson had dedicated his life to helping others, but he never imagined that his work would help him unravel the mystery of his life: the death of his mother.

His father, Frank Olson, told Rick that his mother, Blanche, had died in a car accident when he was two years old. Blanche’s car was wrecked on a rainy night, and when help arrived, it was too late.

Rick Olson never thought he would find his family on a rescue phone | Source:

Rick vowed in his heart that he would try to keep the little boy from crawling on his mother’s bed, holding a handkerchief like his mother. He said he would change, and he became a doctor – one of the best.

It was not an easy task. Rick saw people at the most difficult times in their lives, he saw them break down and suffer, but knowing that he was helping them, saving lives, made everything work out.

One evening, Rick and his friend Bob received an emergency call from a courier sending them to a remote address. A young boy called 911 to say that his grandmother had fallen and could not get up.

“Why,” said Bob. “Another slide is a fall. Let’s hope the woman is not seriously injured!”

Rick became a hospitalist in memory of his mother | Source: Unsplash

“Yes,” said Rick. “Imagine a poor child alone and I call 911 …”

Bob turned on the siren and they ran to the address, following the route their GPS had taken. Ten minutes later he was climbing up to the front of a beautiful red brick house with a well-maintained garden.

They stopped the ambulance, got out, and rang the doorbell. Within minutes a small voice on the other side of the door said, “Are you a police officer?

Rick replied, “No, we are paramedics, we have brought an ambulance to help your grandmother.” He paused for a moment, and then there was a loud bang on the door.

A five-year-old boy opened the door. “Please,” she said, “you must help my grandmother!”

Rick was young when his mother died | Source: Pexels

“That’s what we came here for,” said Bob calmly. “What’s your name buddy?”

“I’m Eric. My grandmother’s name is Mrs. Garrow,” he said very deeply. “She’s in the living room. Please help her!”

Bob and Rick followed little Eric through the beautiful house, into the beautiful living room. In the middle of the floor was a woman in her mid-fifties. He was flat on his back and a pale assassin.

Rick knelt beside him immediately. “Mother,” he said. “Can you hear me?” The woman opened her eyes and looked up. He shook his head and tried to speak. Rick started to hit his punch, while Bob quickly tested him.

Rick’s father told him that Blanche had died in a car accident | Source: Unsplash

Rick lit up the woman’s eyes and was relieved to see her children respond so well. “Mrs. Garrow,” Rick said calmly. “Can you tell us what happened?”

Mrs. Garrow shook her head and whispered, “I was standing in a chair … to change the bulb … but I slipped … my leg … I think I broke my leg!”

“Maam,” said Bob. “We’ll pick you up at the gurney and take you to the State Hospital …”

“No!” She became frustrated with Mrs. Garrow. “Please, you need to call my son. Eric can’t be alone here! There’s an address book in the barn, his number at the top right!”

The delivery received a 911 call from a young man | Source: Pexels

Bob got up and went into the house to check Eric’s mother’s number, while Rick prepared Mrs. Garrow for the trip. Then she looked up and saw a picture of a woman with a baby, a picture she knew very well.

It was the last photo he took with his mother, the picture he loved the most! How the picture ended in Garrow’s house! Mrs. Garrow groaned in pain, and Rick knew he had to leave the questions in the future.

Incidentally, people who do not believe in angels often perform miracles.

All the way to the hospital, Rick sat next to Mrs. Garrow holding her hand, looking at her face. She wasn’t like the woman in the picture, was she? The paint was there, and the eyes …

At the hospital, doctors confirmed that Mrs. Garrow had broken her leg in three places and needed surgery, so Rick decided to return in a few days to find out who she was.

Rick noticed that Mrs. Garrow’s leg was broken | Source: Unsplash

Could he be his mother’s cousin or cousin? His father told him that after his mother’s death he left Arkansas and did not associate with the Blanche family.

Three days later, Rick was near Mrs. Garrow’s bed with large flowers. Mrs. Garrow was sitting up in bed and looking very good. He smiled when he saw Rick, and that smile reminded him.

“Hello!” Mrs. Garrow cried. “How wonderful! You bring all the flowers you save?”

Rick was about to offer a simple answer, then he changed his mind. “No,” he said quietly. “The reason I’m here is because I want to ask you about the picture you have in your house. A picture of a little boy and his mother.”

Rick saw a picture he noticed on the wall of Mrs. Garrow | Source: Pexels

Mrs. Garrow sat up straight. “That doesn’t concern you! Secret, please get out of here!”

Rick shook his head. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. See, that’s a picture of me and my mom taking a few days before she dies and I want to know why you have it.”

Mrs. Garrow was very pale. “Your mother?” She whispered. “A picture of your mother?”

“Yes,” said Rick. “I have a right to know who you are and where you came from!”

Rick went to visit Mrs. Garrow at the hospital | Source: Unsplash

Mrs. Garrow was trembling and her eyes were full of tears. “Ricky?” She whispered. “Is it you?”

Rick just felt as if he had been hit with a hammer. “Do you know me? How do you know me?”

“Oh baby it’s me, it’s mom ….” Mrs. Garrow cried and stretched out her arms.

“No,” Rick said returning. “My mother died, she had been dead for 23 years … My father …” Rick then turned his back on Mrs. Garrow and left the hospital.

Rick was shocked to see that his life was a lie | Source: Unsplash

That night he went to visit his father. Frank Olson opened the door and smiled cheerfully. “Hey Rick!” she cried. “This is a wonderful miracle!”

Rick did not have time to talk. “Dad did you tell me how mom died?”

Frank Olson’s mouth opened, and an empty face fell on his face. “Your mother … Your mother is dead!”

“No, Father,” said Rick. “No, I saw him today. He is alive and he recognized me. Why did you tell me he was dead?”

Rick’s father admitted to lying to him and stealing from his mother | Source: Unsplash

Frank sat on the sofa and dropped his head in his hands. “She’s going to leave me, Ricky, she’s going to get you…” She raised her head and her eyes shone cold. “Then I took you first.”

“You left me to cry for my mother, did you allow a two-year-old to believe that her mother had died?” Rick panicked. He saw Frank trying to get up and open his mouth to find excuses but he just turned and walked away.

He drove back to the hospital and stopped near the Blanche Garrow bed. “She told me she was dead,” he said, with tears streaming down her face. “You don’t know how I cry …”

Blanche stretched out his arms, and this time Rick entered his stomach. “I cried for you too,” whispered Blanche. “I did not stop hunting, even though I remarried and lived with your sister, I never forgot you!”

Rick and Blanche found each other again because it was so weird, or maybe it was something else. It might have been a coincidence that what atheists do not believe in miracles.

Blanche finally reunited with her son | Source: Unsplash

What do we learn from this?

  • No matter how long it takes, love will never fade. Rick never forgot his mother, and when he saw the picture on Mrs. Garrow’s wall he was determined to find the truth.
  • Separating a mother from her child is a very cruel act. Frank took Rick to punish Blanche for leaving him.

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