Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya’s Relationship Timeline

Michelle Young’s journey to finding love was a success! The lead lady wrapped it up the last 18 seasons The Bachelorette Tuesday after choosing between the last two: Brandon Jones and Nayte Olukoya. Followers were divided on who was really up front, especially since Michelle was In “true love” with both of them, but in the end he met his best friend in Nayte!

Michelle and Nayte have had some spectacular moments on the show — and some that sparked a love affair for the Bach Nation boy — so naturally this means that a deep jump and rejuvenation of their growing love is essential. Since the love story of Michelle and Nayte has been going on in a crowded crowd (known as a popular TV show on the main network) this is the time for their ‘boat’ to be primarily with their moments from the show. So build TF, and plan to rekindle all their love in chronological order * based on the dates on which the show was aired.

December 21, 2021: Michelle and Nayte date after winning The Bachelorette!

That’s right: Michelle has chosen Nayte to be # 1! He proposed to her at a show and she agreed, and tied it up as the hottest new Bachelor Nation family.

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“I love it every day,” Michelle said in an interview after the show People. “I had the opportunity to grow up in a family with a good family and I thought, I will not give up until I have it. He is my man. And I did not know that I could love at this level.”

“It’s natural for us to be together,” Nayte said. “I’ve never felt the way I feel before. I’m in!

December 14, 2021: Michelle and Nayte had a great day of fantasy

Although Nayte was the last of the three men to date Bachelorette, she never worried about it. Like, not at all. His time with Michelle was one of boating, taking the driver’s wheel, and soaking up the sun in a net. In the interview, Michelle said, “When I was with Nayte, I could feel the feeling of being with a close friend, of being with someone you love very much,” she added. “I want the day to end.”

Later, Nayte finally He openly told her how she felt. “It is easy for me to close my eyes and see how real life is with you. I know I trust myself, I trust you. I hope I really love you. ”

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Nayte and Michelle “vibed out” and “pushed” into the fantasy suite their date ended with them waking up in perfect bliss, eating continental breakfast and listening to live mariachi group at the hotel room balcony while snuggling. Awww.

December 7, 2021: My hometown of Michelle and Nayte was …

The actual day at home went very well, Nayte taking Michelle paddle boarding and telling her she was “crazy” about her. Later, things started to go well for Michelle when she met Nayte’s mother and stepfather. To be honest, this meeting was a great success for Nayte as she and her stepfather exchanged love for the first time, which you often see. However, for Michelle, she did not find the same evidence — her stepfather Nayte told her that she did not think Nathaniel was ready for marriage and that this caused her considerable concern.

November 16, 2021: Their first day together was a success

It took a while for Michelle and Nayte to spend time apart, but they found themselves in Michelle’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. On their day, Michelle and Nayte hit the insane waters of Lake Minnetonka – two of Michelle’s closest friends entered, and set fire to Nayte. In the end, Nayte passed the tests with flying colors and Michelle’s friends ended up loving her! The pair completed this part of the day with a lil dip in the water.

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By the time she ate dinner, things had changed thanks to Chris S., who appeared (literally on a long day !!!) to talk to Michelle about her feelings. Truly, this was all real! single! viewers! what happens:

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Needless to say, Chris’ frustration with lil didn’t stop Nayte and Michelle from finishing their night hard with a self-adhesive sesh and fire extinguisher.

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October 19, 2021: Michelle gives Nayte what she admits ~ the first appearance took off ~

After the limo meeting, the next connection we see between Nayte and Michelle is at a party where she opens up about her family. She says that her experience has been very different from her and her family, especially since she comes from a divorced family compared to Michelle seeing her 30-year-old family members together. Michelle was so impressed with her ability to be at risk that she gave him her first impression, and share the first kiss of the season!

The bachelorette

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The bachelorette

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October 19, 2021: The first time Michelle and Nayte met was a good one

Michelle meets Nayte for the first time when she is the first to get out of a limo. After a brief exchange, he is * determined * to close the meeting with a cheesy line, saying, “It’s better Nayte than ever.” Aaa, important points!

and bachelorette   "1801"   Michelle Young's love affair began with a tremendous 30 men arriving, hoping to impress michelle with their beauty, intelligence and beauty, but before men could try to seduce her, they had to go through the receptionist and mentor kaitlyn bristowe and tayshia.  adam at first it may be overnight, but rivals quickly realize that it will take more than a good limo door to win the heart of this bachelorette in the first game of the season "bachelorette," release Tuesday, oct 19 800 1001 pm edt, on abc abccraig sjodinnayte, michelle young

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