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Millionaire tests her boyfriend by inviting him to a very old house that was in disrepair and telling him to marry her.

Andrew Hardy spent his childhood in an unhappy home. Her mother married her father for their money, and as soon as Andrew was born, she thought her job was over.

Andrew had seen his father’s pain and knew that he really loved a woman who didn’t care about him and always enjoyed the responsibilities. Andrew determined not to marry the gold miner. His life would be very different.

Andrew thought the old house was the best place to make his ideas | Source:

Andrew went to a university in England and then did his degree in Australia, so when he got home, he had little contact with the local people, except for his father and his grandmother.

As for her mother, she had long since divorced her father and remarried, and had never met her son before. So Andrew was a new guy in town, and no one knew he was the son of Danton Hardy, the sole successor of Hardy Industries, and that’s how he loved it.

“Father,” Andrew told his father. “I was thinking … What if I start working for this company?”

Danton was overjoyed. “I will love it!” she cried. “You can start as a vice president of business …”

Andrew wanted to find a girl who could love himself | Source: Unsplash

But Andrew was shaking his head. “No!” he said. “I want to start from the bottom, do my job, and I do not want people to know that I am the son of a boss. Register me as a student in the marketing department.”

Danton frowned. “Are you sure? The pay is not good!”

Andrew laughs. “That’s fine! I can stay home, right?” Danton laughed and said, of course, he could.

Andrew went out and picked up an old car and some clothes that matched the intern’s pay. He started working for his father’s company and was very fond of it. He made friends with many of his colleagues, especially with his co-workers, a lovely girl named Cynthia, who soon became his close friend.

Andrew got himself an old car | Source: Unsplash

Then one day, Andrew was running and ran past Starbucks. The girl came out and did not see Andrew and ran after him. The inevitable happened and his coffee flew into the air and scattered to Andrew.

“Oh my God,” the girl sighed. “Sorry!”

“That’s fine,” Andrew said, then opened his mouth. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

The girl looked worried. “Are you all right?” he asked.

He got a job as a student at his father’s company | Source: Unsplash

And Andrew just looked up and said, “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, please have a cup of coffee?” The girl named Linda started laughing. He drank coffee with Andrew and soon began dating.

Andrew fell in love with Linda and was convinced that this was Him. She told her grandmother again, but her grandmother frowned. “Sweetheart, a beautiful face does not guarantee a good heart,” he said.

“Grandpa,” Andrew protested. “Linda thinks I’m a student at Hardy Industries, she doesn’t know who I am!”

“Andrew,” the old man said quietly. “You also don’t know who he is!”

Andrew bought Linda a cup of coffee and started dating | Source: Unsplash

Andrew thought about it until he talked to Cynthia about Linda. “I went to Linda’s high school,” Cynthia exclaimed. “She’s beautiful … and very passionate.”

“So do I,” Andrew said sarcastically and Cynthia said nothing more. He felt that Andrew loved Linda but knew his former schoolmate very well. Linda would not have settled on a poor educated man!

The most valuable asset a friend has is kindness and honesty.

Andrew made a plan. He went to buy an amazing five-carat diamond and rented an old dirty house in a poor but respectable area, then called Linda and told her he was surprised.

Andrew took Linda to the old house and went in with her. They lit 100 candles in the dining room and scattered roses on the floor, an ideal setting for a romantic getaway.

Cynthia wants to warn Andrew about Linda | Source: Unsplash

But even as Andrew knelt at her feet Linda kept looking around in disgust. Candles and flower petals could not hide the pride of the chairs …

Then Andrew pulled out his beautiful ring and handed it to Linda. “Linda,” she said, “I love you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you be my wife?”

Linda just stared at Andrew uneasily. “Marry you? Are you serious?”

Andrew was gleaming with love. “Dead serious,” he smiled.

Andrew asked Linda in the old house | Source: Unsplash

Linda laughed. “You think this …” he said with his hand, “in the rat hole is there a girl like me? Be serious! I think you noticed. Congratulations, Andrew, just!

“Listen, Linda,” Andrew said, standing up, “I know you deserve it well …”

“Yes, I do! It’s a ring!” he mocked. “What is that? The biggest zirconia you can find? It’s beautiful, like you! When I get married, it will be for a rich man, you understand?” And he turned and walked out, leaving Andrew broken.

The next few days, Cynthia found out that Andrew had a problem. He no longer smiled at her with a joke, she lost weight and looked heartbroken. “Andrew,” he said kindly. “He’s not fit.”

“I thought you noticed. We were happy, Andrew, that’s all!” | | Source: Unsplash

“What?” Asked Andrew. “What do you mean?”

“Wait,” Cynthia explained. “I would have told you but you were so in love … you see Linda boasted in high school that she would marry a rich man. I knew she was leading you …”

“Be quiet!” Andrew becomes. “I don’t want to hear you. Do you think you’re my friend? You don’t even know me!” Cynthia froze and walked out of the office. As soon as he left, Andrew regretted his anger.

He phoned Cynthia but did not answer. She texted him but he did not reply. The next morning Andrew on his way to work bought some large flowers for Cynthia but when he arrived at the office he was not there.

Andrew was devastated to learn that he had hurt Cynthia | Source: Unsplash

Andrew asked his office manager where Cynthia was, and he told her he had asked to be transferred to another department. The young man was devastated. He hurt a real friend by digging for gold!

Weeks later, Cynthia was sorely missed. She remembered the fun they had together, Cynthia was so kind and kind. He decided to get even with his friend.

He knocked on Cynthia’s door and waited anxiously until she opened it. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Please Cynthia forgive me, be my friend again.”

Andrew apologized to Cynthia | Source: Unsplash

Cynthia shook her head. “No Andrew I can’t, you see as soon as you see Linda I realized I love you ….” But before she could say another word Andrew hugged her and kissed her.

Things worked out as they always did when two good hearts met, and a year later Andrew and Cynthia were married.

Linda was horrified when she saw the title of her morning coffee, “Hardy Industry Heir Marries in Romantic Ceremony,” next to a photo of Andrew and Cynthia kissing. He misses his millionaire shot …

Linda reads about their romantic marriage in the newspapers | Source: Pexels

What do we learn from this?

  • Greed is an unhealthy attitude toward bad counselors. Linda could have married a wealthy man who loved her but her gold mining skills led her to reject him because she thought he was poor.
  • The most valuable asset a friend has is kindness and honesty. Andrew learned to appreciate Cynthia’s kindness and kindness over Linda’s beauty.

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