Mother Moves Grandpa to Tears to Hand Him a Pillow Made on a Late Christmas Shirt

Some say that love is temporary, but to an older woman, she does not always leave her best friend. Knowing how much he loved his wife, his granddaughter was amazed.

Ilse Webb’s husband Bobby died of pancreatic cancer in 2008 on his 70th birthday, and even though he passed away, his late wife still carried him in her heart. Her granddaughter Monique Gibbons he said:

“Their love story was so beautiful! She is definitely the most powerful woman I have ever met. ”

Ilse Webb enters the Christmas bag [left]; Ilse Webb takes a pillow from his Christmas bag [right]. │ Source:

As Christmas approached in 2020, the granddaughter noticed that Webb was very sad and missed her late husband. So, she decided to give a gift to her grandparents who always reminded her of her beloved Bobby.

Late Bobby. │ Source:


The whole family was touched by the gift, sewing a pillow from one of her ex-husband’s Webb clothes. Granddaughter enlargement:

“I decided to make her a special gift from her shirt and included a bottle of her cologne.”

Christmas Day came when the old woman opened her wonderful gift. A video about the heart of this momentous season was shared online.

Monique Gibbons and Ilse Webb.│ Source:

The video showed Grandpa pulling a pillow out of a bag. At first she did not touch him but said that her late husband had a shirt that looked like a pillow. Suddenly he realized that, to explain:

“This is the shirt! O my God.”

When crying in his eyes, he raised the gift for all to see. Releasing the cologne, Webb wiped it off, recalling how much Bobby loved his scent.

The love stories that exist “until death do us part” have been missing for years. However, another elderly widow showed that it still exists. She also missed her late husband, receiving a pillow made of her late husband’s coat.

Her daughter made a dress for her at Christmas 2015, while her granddaughter shared the moment on Facebook. He is said to have received about 5 million views at the time.

The widow was devastated emotion as he placed his head in his hand. The beloved comforted her, and tenderly kissed her.

It’s hard to see these old ladies in grief. However, their sorrow gives hope that a lifelong love is possible if we are willing to risk the grief that may result.

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