Mothers Secretly Offers Daughter To Raise Them – Men Know And Struggle To Get Her Back

Christopher Emanuel faced the dilemma of having to adopt his daughter after her boyfriend gave her up for adoption without her consent. Did he win? Keep reading to find out.

In 2014, a South Carolina father, Christopher Emanuel, went head-to-head after fighting for the rights of his daughter, Skylar, who was placed in foster care without her consent.

In an interview with ABC News, the man revealed that he feared he would never look after his daughter again, as he entered the courtroom for a long time when his girlfriend handed him over without speaking to him.

Christopher Emanuel and his daughter, Skylar | Photo:

According to for Emanuel, it hurt and confused him because he wanted the presence of his daughter. But, when she heard the news about raising her son, the father he turned in Aiken County Court, where Skylar was born.

Under Southern Carolina law, unmarried men can register on paternity – an online store through the Social Services Department that notifies the government if a father has given birth.

The report revealed that Emanuel added his name to the registry on February 4, 2014. Fifteen days later, the foster parents asked to take Skyler.

However, the South Carolina man was not included in the list as Skyler’s biological father, although he was listed as such in the registry.

At the time, Skyler was already living in San Diego, California, with his adoptive parents, where his name was changed. Emanuel claimed that he had medical records showing that his daughter had another name and had not received her legally.

According to court documents, the man’s father’s rights were violated without permission.

Instead of abandoning his daughter, Emanuel challenged Skyler to adopt him. According to court documents, the man’s father’s rights were violated without permission. Emanuel was willing to do anything to get his daughter back including copying Skyler with the help of his lawyers.

However, her depression lasted less than a year, following the court’s decision to grant her custody of the children. Glad to have her daughter back, Emmanuel revealed that Aiken County made her feel safe and gave her happiness.

The Aiken County Magistrate’s Court brought Skyler to his home. In 2015, Emanuel began “Sky Is The Limit” Foundation to educate men about their parental rights.

Its purpose is to protect the rights of responsible men and to eliminate child trafficking. imitation children in their family, their personality, and their culture.

The foundation also advises parents in the midst of family planning crisis. They also provide nursing classes and provide support for aspiring fathers missing in the form of “men’s dollars.”

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