MUCH WORK IN EQUALITY: SPAIN prime minister swears to end prostitution

“Prostitution,” said the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez in its concluding remarks at the Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) conference in October, “it is a practice that enslaves women.” The crowd stood and roared, clapping in the hands of Mr. Sanchez’s call eliminated one of the world’s oldest forms of systematic oppression.

Spain banned prostitution in 1995 without resorting to its criminal laws. The law says nothing about whether prostitution is a problem or a “job.” Although it prohibits profiting from the prostitution of others — for example, murder — having a place of promiscuity is legal.

By allowing the purchase of prostitution and the proliferation of accommodation as anodyne businesses, Spain created a better way to make explosion of the prostitution, human trafficking, and unrestrained violence.

Why? Because the ideas of each market depend on mathematical dance, necessity, and profit motivation. Advertising sex too.

It did not matter that Spain declared a conspiracy against trade and sex. When the government allows men to engage in prostitution, sex traffickers and other exploiters on the head, online and outside, they will ensure that the demands are met.

Spain is the third largest in the world market of prostitution. The United Nations it is estimated that 39% of men in Spain have engaged in prostitution throughout their lives, compared with about 19% worldwide. As a result of these sex buyers, the Spanish sex industry has skyrocketed 26.5 billion Euros (about US $ 30 billion) companies.

This “business” animal travelers need a limit 90% undocumented foreign women, everyone owes money to real estate agents who take advantage of them.

It is a cruel deception that these women from the poorest parts of Brazil or China, the smallest villages of Nigeria or Thailand, or the most desolate areas of Bulgaria or Hungary, bought expensive airline tickets to unknown destinations, somehow coming to Spain in search of brothels. , blocking roads, and endless lines of men eager to enter their bodies.

These myths — or my disapproval — can harden our resolve to comprehend the horrors and degradation of humanity. They help us to weave mythical myths of authorization by authorized organizations, reasons that allow us to inspire men and their organizations to have the sexual freedom available to them in any way.

“While I was incarcerated in a brothel in Ushuaia, a suburb of the country, I met a Spanish Navy sailor, who paid me every night during his stay. Knowing my desire to leave the place where my life was in danger every second, they offered me a better place in Spain, ”he said. Alika Kinan, the surviving Argentine leader.

“As soon as we arrived in Barcelona, ​​he took every peso I had and brought me to the nearest house, ‘Mr. Dollar’, where things were very dangerous and horrible, since my slave owner was now sleeping next to me.”

Although Prime Minister Sanchez has not made a public statement on how to end prostitution, one key to opening his cause lies in his hands in his party.

Work leaders PSOE is promoting the so-called Abolitionist, Nordic or Equality Model, which prohibits traffickers from prostitution, providing them with assistance, and treats sex offenders as criminals.

Law, based on human rights, international law, and feminism is a tool to prevent sex trafficking. In 2014, a European Parliament urged its members to set an example of Equality, recognizing that prostitution is “a violation of human dignity,” as well as a permanent barrier to gender equality.

In contrast to US Socialist Party, whose senior members do not miss the opportunity to do so hug the sex trade and its appeal prohibition of charges, PSOE published a female manifesto, calls prostitution “one of the most devastating forms of violence against women and one of the worst forms of violence against women.”

Susana ros, a congresswoman in Castelló in eastern Spain and second in command of the PSOE spokesman, stated that “without prostitution, there is no commercialization,” therefore, parliament should end it. Defining a Socialist party as remover, Ros referred to men who engage in prostitution “as disgusting as swindlers, ”and guilty of exploiting women and girls.

Based on these ideas, the Spanish female group, one of the most powerful forces in the world, acknowledges that prostitution, such as domestic violence, rape, or rape, is a form of abuse of power, a manifestation of sexual domination, and male domination.

In 1999, Sweden was the first country legally recognized that prostitution was directly linked to gender-based violence, which the government pledged to address gender-based violence and illicit sex. At the same time, with nearly every penny sold in billions of sexually explicit material worldwide, Sweden has a sexual appeal, which punishes sex trafficking.

Six countries and one piece The United Kingdom has followed suit, including France, which today has a ban on resolving the crisis. France drafted not only its own criminal laws, but also eight other laws, including immigration, education, and health, recognizing the high cost of prostitution and the political will needed to help prostitutes and sex workers rebuild their lives.

In just five years, French lawsuits against pimps and retailers increased by 54% and 8,000 consumers were caught and caught. stupid. Revenue from disasters has reached 60-80 million Euros, 14 million which was given to the budget to pay the victims and provide them with assistance.

France abolished brothels in 1946 after the government declared it “a national disgrace.” For years, French consumers have flocked to Girona, on the Spanish border, known as ” supermarket of sex ”where prostitution is rampant under bridges, in circles, and in brothels. At these Franco-Spanish borders, the purchase of women from Eastern Europe and Global South is often a disgusting ritual for boys.

The Spanish police introduced a campaign informing sex consumers that they are probably eating a sold person. This dissemination must go a long way in educating the public that the pursuit of prostitution and sexuality is not just a matter of imagination, but that the advancement of progressive laws enacted in France and abroad is essential to achieving equality.

The allegation that the law secretly condones prostitution or personal harm is not based on any ground. Prostitution is constantly seen. Sex buyers find it in their hands and children see it on their way to school.

What is most secretly dominated by the unspeakable violence and heartache that prostitution inflicts on people bought in the backseat or in a parked car — violence often remembered by shoppers or profit-holders with a front camera. pornography from all.

Five hundred years ago, Spain, along with other European empires, introduced prostitution. For centuries, he sold black and Brown women and girls to satisfy their sexual orientation and economic growth. Today, the daughters of the forgotten souls are still in line for auction. La Jonquera and thousands of others houses of prostitutes. It is time for Spain to reconcile these truths and enact a law of abolition. The time has come for us to realize that prostitution and murder of women and millions of wounds and must end.

About the Author: Taina Bien-Aimé is the Executive Director of Coalition Against Women Trafficking (CATW)

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