New ’21st Century New Leaders’ Honorees Announced, as the 2021 Event Goes Away

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our 2021 dignitaries, chairs, exhibitors and attendees thanks to the Covid-19 range, News Women’s has decided to stop exercising to bring it to its second consecutive year.

Here is a list of our second most recognizable groups of dignitaries.

Please join us during each celebration on October 19 at our glass festival:

Devika Bulchandani, Ogilvy North America

Devika Bulchandani and the Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy North America and Global Chaiwoman of Advertising. He is responsible for managing all aspects of Ogilvy’s major business in the United States and Canada which includes Marketing, Brand & Content, Public Relations & Influence, Experience, Growth & Innovation, and Health. He also supports Ogilvy’s online marketing worldwide. Ms. Bulchandani is committed to group activities that promote equality, diversity and inclusion. He is a founding member Times Up Advertising, where he has repeatedly encouraged women to be equal in business, especially women of all races. To commemorate International Women’s Day in 2019, Devika convened a group of colleagues to discuss cooperation with NYWICI, AAF and Bloomberg Media with women pioneering on Madison Avenue. In 2017, she was named “Mother of the Year” by She Runs It and also received the AdColor Innovator Award.

Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Nuyorican Productions

Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas is an American filmmaker and President in Goldsmith-Thomas Productions. As one of the few female filmmakers in Hollywood, she has represented celebrities such as Julia Roberts , Jennifer Lopez , Jennifer Connelly , and Susan Sarandon. Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Jennifer Lopez are currently the directors of a film and video production industry. Nuyorican Productions. In June 2021, Netflix announced its first multi-year partnership with Nuyorican Productions to produce motion pictures, television shows, recordings, and recordings, and highlight projects that support various female actors, writers, and filmmakers. Ms. Goldsmith-Thomas Previous video series is as follows: 2002: Manhattan Love Story (Maid in Manhattan); 2003: Mona Lisa’s smile (Mona Lisa Smile); 2004: My Boyfriend’s Old Friends (Little Black Book); 2007: Visiting a Stranger (Perfect Guest); 2008: Kit Kittredge: American Girl; 2009: Bandslam – Get Ready to Shake! (Bandslam); 2018: The Queen of Manhattan (Tuesday); 2019: Hustlers

Sydney Montgomery, S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting

Sydney Montgomery, and CEO of S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting, which works well in supporting first-generation and minority college and law school applicants. At age 27, Ms. Montgomery is one of the only well-known women in the legal school industry. A graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law, Sydney is working to address discrimination in education, pushing counselors and universities to become culturally aware through published articles, interviews, and the College Equity Index. It also empowers women, especially women of faith, to be willing to pursue higher education and a business that benefits people. Ms. Montgomery is a co-founder Company Opinion College Equity First, Inc.., a member of the Board of Advisors at the Institute for Anti-Racist Education, and devotes his time to Law School Transparency. As an active member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, he is the Chair of the Graduate School Committee and a member of the Ethics Committee.

Nahid Shahalimi, Stand For Unity

Nahid Shahalimi is a human rights activist, artist, filmmaker, and international consultant on gender. Now living in Munich, Germany with her two daughters, she was forced to leave Afghanistan in 1985. It was evidence of the destruction of her country under Soviet rule that ignited Nahid’s desire to give his life for peace. , tolerance, respect and acceptance. From 2014-2018 Nahid traveled 19 times through Afghanistan collecting inspirational stories of hope and courage from women in strong commitment, who wrote in her book, ‘Where Courage Lives: We Afghan Women’: Stories about courage. & to promote Afghan women who were published in 2017 and Elisabeth Sandmann Publishing. This is a continuation of the international list of Nahid that began in 2009 with “We are Women”: A series of inspiring stories of brave and courageous women from around the world who were narrated through three pillars of photography, books and video footage. Nahid recently finished work “We Afghan women: silent change, ”An award-winning film. Nahid is also the initiator of a global campaign, “Stand For Unity”Which promotes unity in diversity. The campaign travels around the world and informs people by receiving accolades from celebrities including Holiness Dalai Lama and others.

Lisa Sharkey, HarperCollins Publishers

Lisa Sharkey The SVP Creative Development Director at HarperCollins Publishers, is a master of powerful, effective, and intriguing myths. The more than 50 books they have published have sold well, including those written by women who have done amazing things and changed the world by telling their stories. These include: Khair Khana clothing maker, Writer Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, a former ABC journalist who tells the true story of Kamila Sidiqi and other Afghan women following the Taliban’s fear of taking power; Stolen Innocence and Elissa Wall, effective New York Times the excellent history of a courageous former member of Utah’s well-known FLDS polygamous group whose strong testimony in court helped oust sectarian leader Warren Jeffs in September 2007; and Beautiful Patient, edited by Rene Englen, Ph. D., an award-winning professor of psychology at Northwestern University, who reveals how the emotional and physical state of women is a plague that undermines women’s ability to thrive and live a happy, meaningful life. In addition, Ms. Sharkey advises veterans who are changing to a normal life, most of them women.

Cynthia Richie Terrell, Representing Mothers

Cynthia Richie Terrell is the founder and executive director of Representing Mothers, founding member of the ReflectUS coalition, and advocate for organizational change to promote women’s representation and leadership in the United States. Ms. Terrell and her husband Rob Richie helped find it FairVote – a fair winner in electoral elections that gives voters greater choice, stronger voice, and representative democracy. Terrell has worked on women’s transformation, democracy, and voting in the United States and has worked hard to help members of parliament around the world achieve the UN’s goals of women’s representation and leadership. Terrell also worked in politics as a campaign manager and presiding officer for the US Presidency, US Congress and US Parliament, for ambassadors and government and city-wide campaigns, including a change in equal government rights in Iowa as well as the city campaign. a well-represented vote.

Mary Kim Titla, San Carlos Apache Nation

Mary Kim Titla is a member of San Carlos Apache Nation located in southeastern Arizona. Ms. Titla is an American youth representative, formerly a TV presenter and school superintendent. The 20-year-old former journalist TV News Reporter, (mainly KVOA in Tucson, where in 1987 became the first Native American TV journalist in Arizona, and later KPNX in Phoenix) spent a long time working for affiliated NBC stations in Arizona. In 2007 he was admitted to the Cronkite Hall of Fame at Arizona State University. He is estimated to have told nearly 5,000 stories in his career and has received awards from the Associated Press, Arizona Press Club and the Native American Journalists Association. Currently, he serves as Executive Director United National Indian Tribal Youth (ONE), a non-profit national organization that promotes youth leadership, citizenship and personal development among Native American youth. She also works as a reporter for the new Women’s eNews podcast, ‘Indigenous Women Leaders Speak. ”

For our full list of Honorees and Gala Chairs, please Click here.

The final seven finalists will be announced in the coming weeks!

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