Omega Reveals New Viewer Runner Runner 321 In 18K Canopus Gold

2022 is planning to be a well-known year Omegasports game. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Speedmaster series (along with Seamaster 300 and Railmaster), and the Swiss venue has taken the opportunity to usher in a festive year with a new 1957 original version. Combining the first-ever trusted Speedmaster game with a twist and hidden kill, the new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 new 18K Canopus Gold is the most successful love letter to the chronograph that released the series.

While it may share information similar to the old Speedmaster revivals, the new 18K Canopus Gold version of the new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 is new. Compared to 38.6mm of fine grapes in diameter, this article uses Omega alloys of pure gold, platinum, rhodium, and palladium to make it look and feel shiny in the original images. Both models are followed by early 1957, before the introduction of the Speedmaster “Moonwatch” with features such as vertical curves, straight edges, non-slip piston polishers, and a gold bezel with no label. Although radial brushing and black tachymeter scales make this very similar to some of the 1957 Speedmaster designs, Omega picks up something well-known above and beyond those who led and practiced it. Initially, although the written tachymeter scale contains a signature from early 1957, in addition to the French typical “tachymètre”, this scale also incorporates hidden themes into other early Speedmaster variants in addition to the desired “dot over 90” symbol. The black filling of this scale is another great step forward beyond the killing of Speedmaster, featuring the black ink of Grand Feu enamel which is supposed to produce more light on the hand than similar designs. Omega also leaves hidden information in Speedmaster history all this time. For example, in addition to the Omega high-end brand, the 3-hour crown features a NAIAD brand of water resistance in honor of several ’50s Speedmaster records. The new Caliber 321 has less water resistance than the standard 60-meter dash, but this remains the Achilles heel for the entire series. Omega also adds a sophistication to the sapphire-shaped Speedmaster, which is encrusted with Omega hippocampus designs with a single sapphire blue eye. Continuing to create a hidden image for the wearer to enjoy, this is another guide to the legacy of the Speedmaster line, as the 65-year-old is celebrated as a sapphire blue festival.

As it turned out, the performance of the new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 in 18K Canopus Gold is almost identical to that of the original 1957, but enhances its well-known design and performance. The obvious change comes with the permission of the subdials, which leaves the original shape of the slope and changes the shape of the slope and the most spectacular. Speedmaster’s signature symbols are also clearly modified, beyond those already published to include the four corners of Canopus Gold. Apart from these fine adjustments, the layout is very similar to that of the slow-moving Speedmaster. The stretcher, an instrument, the Omega 12 clock marker, although the large fonts used for the brand symbol are all shared with the original color, but a closer look reveals the beauty of the new model. The last black matte finish has gone here, instead of the deep, glassy look on the photos. To complement the black shape of the piano, Omega manufactures the instrument from onyx polished machine CNC.

Naturally, Omega empowers this new 18K Canopus Gold Speedmaster with its hand-held Caliber 321 hand. electric first, and has been based on Speedmaster’s high-end releases in the past. several years. Even finish with Omega grapefruit, with clear plates and bridges finished with a shiny gold with a shiny gold with a wheel-mounted wheel and gear. With that being said, the Caliber 321 system was also boosted by vines with a slower rate of 18,000 bph. However, this constant flexibility makes its operation surprisingly stable for 55 hours of energy saving. Omega combines the watch and re-branded the Speedmaster “flat link” bracelet in 18K Canopus Gold. With a sharp mix of even polishing and polishing, the design of this bracelet gives the Speedmaster an edge in the game’s original graphics.

Although it seems to be a bit similar to its native 1957 slow, the new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 in 18K Canopus Gold upgrades almost every segment of the design with new high-end equipment and finishes. The final results honor the 65-year history of the chronograph, which could mark the future of the Speedmaster release for years to come. The new Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 in 18K Canopus Gold is available for purchase now through Omega stores. While not just a subset of production, production numbers may be lower than the standard list due to its MSRP $ 81,000. For more information, please visit page of this type.

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