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With the holidays behind us and the start of the new year to look forward to, it is time to make some decisions. We all know what we think of the new year in terms of good health, spending more time with our families, and all the boring things, but what about those things? really it doesn’t matter? Yes, I’m talking about collecting watches here. This is what the members of the BlogtoWatch group vowed to do in 2022.

Of course, we would also like to hear your selection, so leave it in the comments. We wish you all a very happy new year (* add cork pop *), and until 2022!


According to collectors, the past year has been a lot more fun for small, mature watches than for big teams and big teams. This is especially true in terms of product availability and marketing. As a collector, I try to be very interested in the business that I love the most. I find that working with companies that seem to “want my money” (compared to those that seem oblivious) brings a satisfying and comforting and comfortable experience as a watchmaker. 2020 and, 2021, were represented by other major species that receive a lot of attention on some or all of them. This created a market in which getting the watches was frustrating and expensive for many consumers – and I don’t think many collectors benefited, for that reason.

The problem with dealing with big clocks in the last two years or so is that doing so brings a lot of frustration to the game. Finding watches that you can find and buy is something people should do. When hype or Investor feels the shedding of blood in our environment, I do not see us, as collectors, succeeding. What happens is that people are now being asked to spend a lot of money and energy on buying the same things. I don’t see it as a success for hobbyists. For those of you who are serious about “cost savings,” I ask one simple question: Do you really sell a Rolex that you have just worked hard for “profit?” Probably not. Aside from the joy of wearing the “most important” dress on your hand, is there any better dress for all the jokes? Not really. So, my to resolve in 2022 i just ignore watches that ignore me and do not advertise my business. Buying a watch should be fun, not frustrating or self-defeating. So, if a brand is not as interested in a client as I am, I am determined to find other colors (and there are many) that love me. Doing so only adds to the excitement that comes with buying new watches and I hope it will be good advice for others in the community.


Hmm, this is great. Throughout the year 2021, I have done an excellent job of resisting various temptations to buy things at random – so I have never done anything! I am proud to have been doing this, and this is for two reasons – one boring and the most exciting. Due to exhaustion and the epidemic made me very cautious. The interesting thing is the change in which I realized how much I appreciate watches: For the past year and a half, I have stopped buying junk things that I know I am making fun of for a while. experiences and to the joy of having a long life.

In other words, my to resolve because 2022 is that when I buy a watch (new or existing), it has to be a watch, especially for life. I want to have small clocks that work like tattoos: “timed seals” from other times in my life. It can be cool to have tangible choices, everything represents my taste, the clothes I choose, how I spend my money, and so on, at different times. So, there. Don’t waste time passing, but on the watch you can look at and say, “This was me in 2022.”


Until recently, I obviously had a bad attitude about “small” watches, but I realized I was wrong. Now I find that I am fascinated by the prospect of wearing a 36.5mm dress (not the Grand Seiko we saw above which is 37.3mm) and, for now, I am just thankful that I have just noticed the flaws in my methods. As a result, in 2022, I will not list anything as “very little.” Instead, I want to start playing clocks that are always bigger. I mean, how often do we see a watch in 42mm cases with a 38mm motion? Always, and it is a bad form.

Oh, and so many titanium clocks.


Each year, I be sure having “fewer, better” things, but every year, when December comes, I find myself with more vigilance than on weekdays, and it’s a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. If I were to bind myself under the right election, however, it would have been looking at my ability to concentrate on attracting people and interesting companies, not just fun things – after all, we did not start missing out on the next one in 2021. simple people around the world who do not break the bank, I think my goal has been established.

Company ideas SEAN LORENTZEN

It has been going well for a year in my collections, with newcomers arriving much better than I expected, and at the end of the year, the speed of everything started to take its toll on me. In view of this, my idea for 2022 is “small, but good.” I try not to buy more than two watches a year and limit what I want. As a result, in 2022, I’m looking forward to a few more additions – Cartier Pasha, Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight, and former Heuer Autavia Viceroy.


Having been in this preferences for so long, given the nature of the world, I would not say I have concrete clocks. elections in mind. If so, I have been feeling the same for the last few years – and that is to be sensible and buy what I love. We all need to cut back on extremes.

Company ideas MATT REUDINK

I admit that I often do not approach the collection of watches with anything similar to a blueprint. No. The closest thing to the law I have is to violate the KISS principle, in this case by keeping it small. The rule is a little clever – I hate having things I don’t use – but mostly useful. My watch collection costs are small, so if something goes in, something has to go. The disadvantage of this method is that it led to a slight change over the years. I have no regrets (well, not much) as I have been able to track interesting watches, clean up my hobbies, and not waste a lot of money along the way, especially since I buy more often. However, frequent purchases, especially sales, quickly lose its interest. By 2022, my goal is to add a single, well-thought-out watch to the end of the spectrum. There are strong opponents (and hopefully I can bring one or two to be considered before making a decision), but my goal is to take it slowly, think critically, and avoid buying and cleaning constantly. At least, I’ll try.

cwc sbs dive watch


In 2022, I want to continue my stated practice of wearing a different watch every day. I also try to wear whatever I have, even the amazing things I bought on the unusual eBay ten years ago on dubious conditions. That being said, I think it is time to reduce the herd, at least a little bit. (Is that my wife on my shoulder crying with tears of joy?) Clocks that are very difficult to carry and install have probably gotten this responsibility for some reason, and I think it’s time to find new loving owners for a few of them. And lastly, as I got older, I realized the most important truth in collecting watches: No one cares what is in your hand. One more time for the guys in the back, no one cares! With that in mind, I will try to wear what I like, not considering what is good or what some stupid person would say. It’s fun at the end of the day, and after the last few years, in particular, I think we’re all ready for some fun.

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