Prohibition of Abortion in Texas Putting the Victims at Risk

As a human rights activist in Austin, Texas, I have spent more than a decade advocating for victims of violence, rape and trafficking. I have listened to a number of women and girls as they make difficult decisions to maintain or have an abortion.

Many chose this in the fight against PTSD, depression, alcoholism and constant abuse. My role was not to lead them to the election, but to prove their power in the election.

Recent paragraphs of new Texas abortion ban (SB 8), which makes it illegal for doctors to have an abortion if they find that the heart is working in the fetus, not just against the rules; puts women and girls at risk, especially those who are forced to have children. Parental coercion occurs when a partner uses verbal threats or force to try to block someone else’s decisions. It includes trying to abort an unwanted partner, controlling the effects of the pregnancy, forcing a spouse to have unprotected sex, and interfering with family planning.

According to a recent book by Futures Without Violence, 53% of women who visit family planning clinics experience peer-to-peer violence, and 15% of those who have been sexually abused by their partners report family planning. From forced, unprotected sex to contraception, women have been constantly beaten on their reproductive rights in their homes. Thanks to SB 8, the Texas Government is now making it easier for persecutors to correct those who are being severely abused. For example, abusive friends are known to deliberately inflict pain on victims as a way to get their own way. If the victim carries the pregnancy until its time, the abuser will often use his influence on the child to replenish the mother.

The new law is a form of parental coercion enforced by the State. By creating a financial incentive for everyone to intimidate and harass women who are trying to exercise their legal rights, the Government is acting in the same way as its abusive partners by increasing its power. In addition, just as bullies speak through their actions – What you want does not matter. You have nothing to do and you can’t control what can happen to you, “ – forcing a woman to give birth unwantedly and the violent act, and the reward of secret citizens for prosecuting and torturing those who can help her have an abortion, including doctors and relatives, are compulsory.

But we can’t just talk about abortion without talking about violence against girls. From 15% of all child rapists, the development of a new abortion ban allows people to be held accountable for those who support abused children, many of whom are unaware that they are pregnant until late.

According to A study published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 25% of young women in abusive relationships also reported that their husbands were trying to get them pregnant by destroying family planning methods. Giving a $ 10,000 reward to those who participate in high-profile civil cases against anyone who “supports and supports” a person seeking to have an abortion within six weeks of their term, makes it extremely difficult for abused women and children to access obstetric care. they want it very much. This pattern makes people who are scared start to be scared.

When a woman has no control over her own body, she has no control over her life. Perpetrators know this, which is why they want power over their victims’ choices.

Some anti-abortion advocates argue that there is no need to be separate from rape because of the availability of emergency contraceptives, such as Plan B. But this controversy does not address sexual and reproductive coercion that occurs in sexual violence. smuggling and child abuse. The rapist may not have access to emergency contraception over time, especially if the victim is a child.

But even if a new abortion ban includes rape or incest, it will not be enough. Women and girls should not be abused for abortions, nor should rape victims be forced to endure a second case of sexual assault.

In addition, undocumented women are more likely to be safe when reporting sexual harassment for fear of expulsion, as well as Black women may not feel safe advertising because of our country’s history of electoral discrimination in American police. Native American women, who experience major threats of sexual violence in the US are also marginalized because of racial and governmental disputes and lack of access to reproductive health care in the vicinity of the shelter.

In a country almost One out of every 6 women is raped, we don’t have to prove anything. The prevalence of violence against women is self-evident. Exercising these threats and pressures to deprive all women and girls in Texas of their right to have an abortion and exacerbate that violence. Unwanted pregnant women are four times more likely than women who want to become pregnant. On the whole, the violence of the partners is more than three times the number of women seeking abortion. As a result of the severe restrictions of SB 8, Texas has now become a major threat to those seeking help.

The abuser must not have the power to force a woman or a child to give birth, nor should a democratic government. Through the SB 8 enforcement laws, the Texas government assumes the responsibility of the abuser who believes he has the right to control the bodies of the victims.

About the Author:

Brooke Axtell is a writer, speaker, artist and human rights activist. He is the author of the memoir Beautiful Justice and founder of He is rising. Brooke has spoken about human trafficking and violence at the United Nations, The US Institute for Peace, Stanford University and the 2015 Grammy Awards. His work was featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Rolling Stone and CNN.

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