Questions: Christophe Musy At Mauron Musy Watches & Brand’s Future Developments

Independent watches are not determined by business ownership but by leadership. The colors that are run are also for watch lovers who are interested in real change in the atmosphere and who love light and collectors. In the end, the interest of collectors in the best-performing or most talented companies translates into well-known consumer perceptions. Today the high-tech watch companies are full of small names whose hearts have big ambitions. Another example is a native of Switzerland Mauron Musy.

The watchmaker says he does not make more than 600 watches a year and follows strict rules “100% Made by Swiss”The standard of the origin of the drug. It has the promise that all parts of the clock and its function will be limited to Switzerland. It is in stark contrast to the well-known “Swiss Made” labels, which leave much to be desired in some countries. In addition, Mauron Musy claims that his clocks are manufactured at least 40 miles from the Broye Valley in Switzerland.

Mauron Musy was set up by a team of small-scale machine engineers who thought of a unique color, who used what they had made and their taste and needs. Mauron Musy’s last moment was the development of a waterproof watch up to 300 meters which limits the need for traditional seals and gaskets. aBlogtoWatch has been covering Mauron Musy since 2016, and today, the nation is at the forefront of producing the most advanced technology and watchmaking technology in 2022 and beyond. His most recent talents are the Skeleton Armure team, which has been reviewed on BlogtoWatch Pano. Fans are encouraged to browse the variety Mauron Musy story published on BlogtoWatch.

Now, let’s hear from co-founder Mauron Musy and Christophe Musy about the Swiss watchmaker, and where the brand is making progress:

aBlogtoWatch: Visitors to the Mauron Musy page are welcomed with the idea that your watches are “100% Swiss Crafted.” What does “Swiss Crafted” mean, and why is it such an important part of this genre?

Christophe Musy: Our watches are, Swiss Made – but many more. Swiss Crafted confirms that the watch was designed, manufactured, assembled and that all parts were 100% made in Switzerland. This is a well-designed “Swiss Made” that ensures that the watch is made 100% in our area.

But most of all, it is a culture that we protect and that ensures your awareness and stability as much as we can. These devices only travel 60km maximum during production. These qualities are important for the founder and the group because they represent a way of thinking, realizing, and, essentially, the purpose of the brand.

aBlogtoWatch: Introducing the color clock in Switzerland is one of the many advantages of living in the last hearts of the traditional watchmaking industry. That said, not all Swiss start the clock. What does it take to start a Swiss watch company today, and what kind of people follow this exciting call, in your experience?

Christophe Musy: At Mauron Musy, we are guided by our curiosity and courage. We do not think about mechanical clocks and make ideas through our expertise and our beliefs.

Our production of watches is given to the episcopate and kept by a customer of discerning collectors. This is why we are so close to these people who often ask us to make them a special piece. Our secret production allows us to do so.

aBlogtoWatch: They say that in the watchmaking industry, every new company or concept developed works better when it introduces new methods. What kind of technology or innovations does the brand Mauron Musy try to bring to market? And trying to solve the decorative problem? Engineering problems? System problems? Or a combination of these things?

Christophe Musy: We have been working for big names in watchmaking for many years, and this has led us to better understand the problems of clocks and to find new solutions to problems. Mauron Musy watches have a solid and well-known design that stems from no-Ring technology, a waterproofing technology up to 300 meters that is the first in the world.

We think of working on each part to make the clock more reliable and durable, and we work as engineers putting technology first. No-Ring technology is one of them.

aBlogtoWatch: The Mauron Musy genus is so named because of its founders, Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy. Help people understand your unique personality and what each of you brings to the watchmaking table.

Christophe Musy: We do not come from the tradition of making watches. We are crazy mechanics and engineers who love to work on new challenges. In short, I would say Eric [Mauron] represents knowledge, while I am on the new side of the race. But we find that we are in the best position, and we want to protect Swiss watchmaking as it was originally designed – with local clock design, customer visibility, special features and features – preferences that watchmaking has long been forgotten.

aBlogtoWatch: Now that Mauron Musy’s company has begun to mature after successfully establishing three major brands, how do you feel that the brand is the highest in the market, and you feel your business is competing with a large group of high-end watches? ?

Christophe Musy: The watch by Mauron Musy is a reflection of the work of visual engineers who want to market their unique pieces with beautiful finishes and driven by unlimited passion. Our MU05 bone marrow was sold in a couple of weeks and responded to a customer who wanted to look better, more. The unique design and functionality combined with the expertise of no-Ring, Swiss Crafted, dedication to our collections, as well as all the best finishes are the things we can offer through our creative designs.

aBlogtoWatch: When modern watchmakers want to find a new business idea, there are a number of ways to reduce it, from adopting regular preferences to creating new designs or using new tools. What drives design in Mauron Musy, and what motivates you to come up with new ideas and kill?

Christophe Musy: Mauron Musy is a mind lab. We are inspired by future technologies that allow us to move forward in design and thinking. This has enabled us to produce an 18k “Hard Gold” watch, whose gold is similar to titanium, as well as our fully customized laser laser GMT.

aBlogtoWatch: The most famous of all Mauron Musy’s modern watches is the scene, which is impressive from the looks and art. Help explain how Mauron Musy’s watches are made and manufactured, as well as how they are designed to work in real life.

Christophe Musy: The no-Ring technology works without rubber seal and provides water resistance of 300 meters. We might compare this to a car whose tires never change. We call these waterproofing machines.

Not only the accuracy and slope of the affected area, but also the way the clock is locked, allow this. Due to the high technology, the clocks do not need to be repaired. In addition, the watch is extremely durable and can be worn on a regular basis without fear of damage.

aBlogtoWatch: What unexpected ways can it be difficult to bring sales at the price you want to make a Swiss Crafted product? Consumers often understand that low-cost watchmakers have to pay more for each item than watchmakers with larger industries. But there is probably a lot of hidden money coming from making clocks in Switzerland. Talk about some of them and keep trying to make the best of your situation while giving value to your customers.

Christophe Musy: One of the difficulties of Mauron Musy is that, making all the equipment within 60km radius to make our workshops. This requires great care and transparency between the manufacturers and these co-contractors.

Other than that, you are right, the cost in Switzerland is very high, but the results of this approach allow us to have better things without interruption. These clocks are hard to identify, there are many jobs and activities that require special equipment and tools, which makes the delivery time longer. We need to keep on waiting for these things to happen.

The value of Mauron Musy is provided by its design, its complexity, and its finish. It is important to understand that the philosophy of the founders is to bring a unique value.

aBlogtoWatch: Mauron Musy oversees all of the metal-and-mortar workmanship. What are you doing to Mauron Musy so well that it brings out the best in him?

Christophe Musy: We are always looking for the best way to get the best out of our knowledge and technology. We’ve created a number of unique approaches, and Mauron Musy is a demonstration of the power driven by a team driven by the never-ending quest for perfection.

aBlogtoWatch: Currently, Mauron Musy works as a watchmaker with a range of sound equipment while searching for high-end Swiss Made machines. Talk a little bit about the implications of choosing the right way for your products and how you give that life life and a more resilient look.

Christophe Musy: We can paint and design indoors and do all the watches. Our close partnership with Manufacturer La Joux-Perret has allowed us to create unique MM01 designs based on our expertise and beauty. Our closeness with this partner has allowed us to not only make 100% Swiss movement but also strong enough to have a good 55-hour storage capacity that meets our expectations.

In the meantime, we are working on a new project to be released in 2023, created in collaboration with the great artist Frédérique Jouvenot.

aBlogtoWatch: Users are very familiar with today’s internet, but training them takes time. What types of collectors represented some of Mauron Musy’s early clients, and in the recent past, what kind of people do you find to be attracted to your business and your reputation? What are the following information about the brand Mauron Musy and the things you would like to share with watchmakers?

Christophe Musy: Collectors are, above all, looking to live on their own and prefer to differentiate themselves with the knowledge of making clocks, rather than relying on a connected culture and a well-known brand. But these people are still hard to reach, even in the digital world.

With the opening of our global sales center, we have realized that watches sell well when you touch them. Our experiments are now focused on opening up the retail space and creating events. Digital brings answers but the truth is that if people can’t try, it’s hard to copy them. And when they do, they are often amazed by the quality and the quality of the watch, as well as the size and comfort it can provide. Mauron Musy still has a lot to reveal – 41mm with the design of 2023, and 2022 will have some amazing surprises with a few inscriptions and new bones in particular – they are still small and unique.

Learn more about Mauron Musy check out the website here.

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