Questions: Full Story ‘Pulp Fiction’ Watch

How did you choose the watch?

Almost everything related to the clock is provided in the words of Christopher Walken: It was one of the first handmade watches, worn by his grandfather, grandfather, and later his father, who was captured in Vietnam and kept on guard. hidden within his body. On the internet, we could not look at things as you do here. I knew the history of watches – it was not what I learned – but I knew that wristwatches became popular in the late 20’s and before that people were wearing pocket watches. So what I was looking for was a watch that had the same shape as a pocket but could be used as a wristwatch.

I started going to the old shops. I can’t tell you where I bought it. Before online, you just went to your sources and bought. Somewhere along the way, I saw this watch. The main thing that struck me was that when you look at it, yes it is round and as big as a wristwatch, but small pieces on each side to pass through. [wire lugs] they are like welded. It doesn’t happen as cruelly as if someone had done it on their own, apparently by the company. But it is like, “Oh, we have a watch, and we have welded these things so that someone can fasten the belt. That bill was enough, and I bought it and showed it to Quentin.

Seeing this, Bruce Willis asked me to put on a Speidel stretch band. There was only one of them, we usually tried to have two watches, but there was only one clock. It seems obvious, but, because of this, the watch had to be of a size and shape that was reliable for one to keep inside of it for several years.

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