References: Understanding Rolex Submariner

1) With less than 1,200 British troops deployed, there are several alternatives. The only exceptions would be a private buyer’s watch: Commercial cruise ships to serve the NAAFI (Commissary) troops for personal use. Although the British MOD (Ministry of Defense) has never provided Tudor Submariners, it is possible to find both Tudor and Rolex Submariners, purchased by soldiers and sailors who record their battleships, and wear them during their working hours. “Secret purchase” A submarine, with a fun start, can be very profitable!

2) The British MilSub entry threshold should be “low” 5513: a watch that has lost its sword (and has Mercedes hands), fitted with a 15-minute bezel, possibly. has been fitted with a bracelet, crossed the case with a watch or a polished wristwatch. Prices for an item like this will be under $ 20,000. But buying this watch with the intention of elevating it with illicit wealth: the actual hands of a Rolex sword are worth $ 30,000 +, a 60-minute bezel and $ 30,000 +; and many – if not all – of these “extras” on the market are now false or post-market.

3) There are several descriptions of MilSubs, including A / 6538 (1950s), minor 5512s (late 1950s-1960s early), several categories of 5513s, “double reference” 5513 / 5517s, and 55197s (0s). For me, the real story of 5517 (of the Army “W-10” or Royal Navy “0552”, illustrated by ancient inscriptions) is the sacred path of the Armed Forces. It is a unique Rolex manual with a British military-only watch (similar to COMEX 5514), with about 150 watches manufactured in all.

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