Review of Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium

For some time now, I have been wanting to review “Hossegor” (formerly “Moorea Hossegor”) from a French watchmaker. Pequignet. Last time I also illuminated the Pequignet watch on BlogtoWatch, it was a very different kind of material – the more expensive Royale Titane, which includes in-house management. The Hossegor is a cheap watch that should be used near a high-end watch with its Swiss Made Sellita movement.

Designed with its design, Hossegor is a lightweight sports watch that lives his life. This means that it is a sport watch designed for casual wear every day. What first attracted me to the Hossegor band was the good looks, like the military, the singing and the focus on the design rather than just wanting to look like other similar watches on the market. That said, at heart, this is a diver-shaped 100-meter diver with a water bezel and a circular bezel.

Also interesting is the fact that this is one of the few 43mm watches that wears smaller ones. This is due to the lack of lugs because they consume what, in particular, the final link. This type of Pequignet Hossegor is 4701443S, “Black Titanium Hossegor.” The case is made from titanium with DLC black coating that makes the surface impervious. This type of Hossegor does not come with a matching metal bracelet but instead an interesting black rubber cord that comes with titanium metal links. The concept is a bit similar to what some people remember from the watch team of Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine, who has a link in a rubber band.

With Pequignet, the concept of metal and rubber is taken on further. Not all, but most bracelets are made from a combination of stainless steel parts and rubber components. The concept is a mixed-metal bracelet that is meant to combine the comfort of a rubber belt with the style of a bracelet. I love the whole idea, but I’m not sure having a way to connect a butterfly is the best way to lock the strings. It means you have to cut the rubber to its size, which gives you the edge to adjust the size or share of the watch, especially since the extra cord parts are customizable and can be purchased at Pequignet only.

French military uniforms and swimwear are some of the best in the world, and even here, with a live sports watch, you can see a real look at the smart and bold look. The non-black production is contrasted with the clean hands painted with bright colors and markers. The “0” at “12” clock is a fun choice that reminds me of brands like Bulgari and Chanel, and the rest of it doesn’t fill in the gaps (making a good “tool. The bezel is well-designed in design but can be a bit dull in turning and is obviously close to the last generation.

Inside the Hossegor is a Sellita caliber SW200 autonomous (equivalent to ETA 2824), which operates at 4Hz with approximately 38 hours of power saving. I like that at the time the clock was ticking, Pequignet set the date window not only to cut the hourglass, but also the black disc to match the black dial.

If you are looking for casual watches worn as a European sport that is still unique and can make you look “expert,” Pequignet Hossegor or another watch from a French company is a solid choice. It is not a good watch, but only a few have personality. On the money side, I think there are a lot of attractions here and I see that Hossegor’s collection is one that should be considered by the “next generation” by Pequignet because high-end designs can be built and redesigned for the sake of intense interest. At the time of writing, Pequignet was made very unusual because the brand was not legally sold in the United States, yet (though you can easily find it online in Europe, or elsewhere). Price 4701443S Pequignet Hossegor Black Titanium is 1,400 Euro. Find out more on the Pequignet watches page here.

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