Rich Man Shame In Orphanage Growing Up Visited 20 Years Later

A wealthy man who had gone through hell in his orphanage as a child was returning 20 years later, only to find the culprit there.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, everyone. It is for me that we all had to gather here like this,” said Ashton Clark approaching the microphone and speaking to them at the conference. He was the director of the New Horizons Orphan Home in Atlanta, Georgia, and his audience included the orphans and the staff.

Ashton blinked his eyes and continued, “It is a pity that the last Investor we had, Mr. Steve Charles, decided to go back on the money, but there is no reason to complain. my money to upgrade the orphanage, and I will make sure that the children are well cared for. Also, this year…. “

Steve visited his orphanage 20 years later only to find the culprit there | Photo: Shutterstock

Before he could finish Ashton, he was confused by the words. “Well, Mr. Clark, you won’t have to do that,” she said. “I’m ready to donate money to your orphanage and get a check right now.”

The whole group turned, and Ashton was stunned to see Steve standing there with a smile and a check in his hand.

A few days ago, Steve Charles was summoned to the New Horizons Orphan Home after he sent them a letter stating that he wanted to invest in their orphanage. Steve was 38 years old and the head of a charity that was hosting an annual competition to select orphanages for spending money. Ashton Orphanage had been declared the winner of that year.

However, when Steve’s foundation sent a letter to the orphanage, no one knew it was the same Steve who had spent his childhood, or rather, survived his childhood there.

Tragically, Steve’s parents died in a car accident. After that, the social services placed the boy in an orphanage because he had no other relatives to look after him.

Steve was only 5 years old when it all happened. Her life had already been traumatized by the loss of her parents, and when she moved into an orphanage, things got worse.

Steve had a miserable childhood | Photo: Pexels

Steve had no friends there, and no one liked him. The teachers made fun of her for not wanting to take care of her, and Ashton made sure that Steve did not go astray.

Steve endured ridicule and abuse throughout his childhood, even during his youth. He was always a quiet, quiet child, and he could not bring himself to vent his frustration on his father-in-law.

However, he was always a smart kid who worked hard, so at the age of 18, he received a scholarship to a good university, and that is how he got out of all his adversity and toxic life.

Twenty years later, when Steve found himself back in his hometown, he never stopped. So why not?

He asked his secretary to look after the orphanage and found that, after the death of the former leader, Ashton was the new leader, the same person who had made his life hell. And Steve knew he would not get a good chance to coach Ashton.

Steve saw that orphanage was in trouble | Photo: Pexels

As Steve walked through the porch of the orphanage, he noticed that it was as if he were sitting there.

“We have a loving family culture here! There is no ridicule or abuse! Only peace and love,” read a sign at the door, which has not changed for years. The corridors were dirty, and the bumps in unexpected places were indications that the place was quickly cleaned up, evidently because the lender was visiting them, he reasoned.

A few minutes later, he was accompanied by a representative of the orphanage who led him to the hall where the students greeted him before taking him to the orphanage office.

Steve stood with a big smile on his face as the office door opened to Ashton who was also smiling. But when Ashton saw her, her smile faded, and her face turned gray. He realized that the Investor in his orphanage was none other than the young man who had bullied him as a child.

“Mr. Clark, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Steve said as he stretched out his hand. But instead of shaking hands, Ashton wiped his sweat with a cloth and then pretended to smile, pretending not to notice Steve.

Ashton is shocked to see Steve | Photo: Pexels

“Oh… Mr. Charles… I was… looking…… waiting… looking forward to meeting you,” he said stammering, and finally took Steve’s hand.

“The same thing here, Mr. Clark,” Steve said as he sat down. “So, before I start talking about money, I want to go through every room here. I hope you have no problem.”

“No, that’s fine,” Ashton replied. “Please, help yourself.”

“Thank you Mr. Clark,” Steve said as he left the room to look at the orphanage, leaving his wallet and shirt on.

“I can’t believe Steve is our Investor,” Ashton said one of the orphanage representatives who entered his office after Steve left. “Oh my God, why stutter even now? I would have killed him when he was five years old! I have already decided what to do with the money, but he can give it to another orphanage because he still hates me.”

Steve deliberately leaves the phone in his coat | Photo: Pexels

“But did the boss know you? Based on what you were talking about, he doesn’t seem to notice you,” said the attorney.

“Well, I tried not to let him know, but I was a little nervous when I first saw him, so I pretended not to know him. Let’s wait and see what happens. That idiot must be going all over the place, trying. To identify all the flaws in that old house!”

Suddenly Steve entered the room. “You’re right, Ashton. This idiot sees that this place hasn’t changed for years, as well as the supervisors. Please consider that my finances have been abolished. It would be a sin to enter into an agreement with you.”

Unbeknownst to Ashton, Steve left his cell phone in his coat pocket and kept his recording. So all the while Ashton was yelling at his agent, Steve was listening through his iPods.

“Steve, no, wait,” Ashton pleaded, astonished at the turn of events. “I’ve changed over the years! Trust me!”

“You can sell those lies somewhere, Ashton. I don’t agree.”

Steve withdrew the money after hearing of Ashton’s arrest | Photo: Pexels

Ashton ran after Steve, begging him to reconsider the money, but Steve disobeyed and left. No wonder that when Ashton was giving a talk a few days later, he could not believe his eyes when he returned to the orphanage!

“I didn’t expect you to come back, Charles. I thought the money was gone,” he said.

“Sorry Mr. Clark. I thought so,” Steve said approaching the microphone. “I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyone can leave the hall and resume their daily activities. The meeting ends here. However, I would like to announce that I will be your new Investor, and I will donate money to help the orphans.”

After they all left, Steve turned to Ashton and explained why he had thought about the money.

Steve taught Ashton a lesson. | | Photo: Pexels

“I hear you’re talking to one of your representatives, Ashton, so you don’t have to show me around. I’m giving you money, and you have to accept it because I want a better life for the kids now.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a few days, and fortunately I have found time to come here today. However, I will send a special team here to make sure that the money does not fall into the wrong hands.

“If you refuse, I’m going to use the audio that I have to get rid of. You’ll hear for yourself,” Steve said as he played the recording on his cell phone.

“So Ashton should we consider dating? I’m here to start again because even God teaches us to forgive and forget. Yet not everyone understands this easily especially when they are greedy. So I have to do it this way.”

Ashton was not pleased with Steve’s decision because he knew the money would not be in his hands, and he would have to take care of the “unclean” orphans. But it was better than being useless. So he had to accept Steve’s offer.

Thanks to Steve, the children in the orphanage are now doing very well. They are well fed, their rooms are regularly cleaned, clean and tidy are in good condition, and Ashton is now fulfilling his role as director of an orphanage.

What do we learn from this?

  • Sometimes you have to teach people a hard lesson. Steve devised a plan to teach Ashton a lesson that eventually bore fruit. Not only did he make Ashton realize his guilt, but he also managed to force Ashton to work with him to improve the orphanage.
  • We can learn to be forgiving and forget what is bad. Steve stopped his arguments with Ashton until he made an appointment with her because it was so important to help the orphans in the orphanage.

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