Seiko Announces Limited-Edition Presage SRPH78 Watch

The Seiko The Presage series “Cocktail Time” has become a trend in the clothing industry. After almost a decade in the making, it seems to be one of the most recognizable clocks in the world with its reliable timing, dynamic design, and amazingly finished vocals. Some of the most popular lines on the “Cocktail Time” line have come in line with expert bartender Hisashi Kishi, head of the world-famous Star Bar in the beautiful Ginza state of Tokyo. This special edition takes the formula often around one of Kishi’s original dishes, and in its latest release Seiko explores the most well-known Japanese spirits – why. The newer version of the Seiko Presage SRPH78 was promoted by the Houjou supermarket, paying homage to a rice-based drink with an amazing singing that meant waking up bundles of rice.

The Seiko Presage SRPH78 stainless steel veneer suit is equipped with a full “Cocktail Time” line, and a clear clock face. The combination of the gold tone gives it a well-defined blend of straight edges, low-cut straps, and a slightly narrow bezel with high visibility on the graphics, but the overall focus on the design remains consistent with the sound. Like the other brands on the list, Seiko upgrades the Presage SRPH78 with a rear viewer, giving the wearer a complete look at the interior. With that being said, the average rise of 50 meters water resistance unfortunately is also shared by the entire series.

Like Seiko’s many modern offerings, the Seiko Presage SRPH78’s accent is even more impressive in terms of detail and finish. Cord indices, dauphine-shaped hands, and a cocktail stirrer-inspired seconds are all “Cocktail Time” instruments, but the dial surface alone stands out as one of the most iconic images. There are three types, three types of dial curved threads, which according to the color are designed to hold the shape of rice bundles in rural Japan. While this may be one of the most recognizable themes in Seiko’s current series, the result is captivating and dynamic, distinctive and everything else in the pictures.

Seiko empowers the Presage SRPH78 with its 4R35 cabin system. The 4R35 is the best way to upgrade Seiko’s multi-purpose products, which offer reliable and affordable performance plus 41 hours of electricity storage at a fixed rate of 21,600 bph. Although the bridges and plates of the 4R35 are neatly finished with vertical brushing, Seiko adorns the movement with a shiny gold to show off the show. Seiko also enhances the beauty of the Presage SRPH78 belt, which combines a white teak-purple leather with two shades of warm gold.

With the best performance, warmth and the most impressive finish on the line so far, the smaller version of the Seiko Presage SRPH78 is a simpler and clearer version of the sequel and where it started. Seiko reduces the production of Presage SRPH78 to 5,500 units, and the watch will be available through authorized dealers in February 2022 at MSRP of $ 495. For more information, please visit page of this type.

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