Seiko Not Easy Limited-Edition Prospex SLA055 Watch

Polar research has been at the heart of Seiko‘s dive watch watch for almost as long as the brand has made swimmers. From Naomi Uemura’s famous voyage across the Arctic to the Eighth Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1966, Seiko has used polar artifacts as a way to make strong, reliable watches. The process of preparing for winter trips is still going on, as the 63rd trip of the Japan Antarctic Research Expedition to test science here in Antarctica has Seiko clocks. To compliment its long-standing relationship with Japan’s polar experiments, the brand has developed a new dive watch that is looking for work, combining high-tech ” 60s Seiko dive watches with excellent performance and completing the existing Japanese giant here. . Available to the public on the smaller version, the new Seiko Prospex SLA055 is a spectacular display of the dive clock genre, crafted with a clear and distinct feel in the remote Antarctic.

Compared to 42.6mm, the Seiko Prospex SLA055 version follows the 1968 Seiko Diver’s Watch, which has a modern overhaul. The case, bezel, and crown are given to Seiko’s Ever-Brilliant Steel alloys, which are said to be 70 percent stainless steel as stainless steel alloys. The 4-hour-old crown also uses a stand-alone tube that fits neatly into the main cases, allowing for easy repairs and adjustments in case of damage. Seiko also shows off the edge of the unidirectional dive bezel, replacing the old 1968 coin with a chunkier tooth design that should be used extensively when wearing heavy winter gloves. Stunning curly blades and well-polished side pads should be a familiar sight to fans of the brand, however, just as it should be a combination of polished glasses and horizontal brushes. Seiko leaves unnoticed by what he is familiar with with the bezel set, however, showing off the entire blue ice scale that strengthens the Antarctic head in the photos without attracting attention. Surprisingly, Seiko tests the SLA055 for less water than its parent, giving 200 meters of resistance than the original 1968 meters.

Seiko has made its debut on the strength of the finishing touches, and the Prospex SLA055 continues this. The venue of the singers is more immovable and immovable than what is written here, but the midnight blue burst and deep cracking awakens Antarctica’s cold waters intensify in the early scenes. While the surface itself adds character to the design, the color gives a surprising impression to the small elements of the repetition. For example, 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 9 p.m. The wide, sharp-edged hand room also has a hard finish in the photos, with intricately polished middle sections paired with a glossy edge. However, the inconspicuous cut of the 4:30 day window undoubtedly hinders the successful completion, as well as disrupting the entire contract.

Inside the Seiko Prospex SLA055 beats in-house 8L35 operation. 8L35 was designed specifically to supply Seiko’s high-end watches, the 8L35 is hand-assembled in the factory of Shizukuishi Watch Studio only (usually manufactured by Grand Seiko) and designed with minimal operating conditions underwater. Although hidden behind a solid cabin, Seiko completes the 8L35 beautifully with stripes across bridges and rotor, as well as its brightly colored edges. In terms of performance, the 8L35 offers a 50-hour solid space at a rate of 28,800 bph. As is the case with water resistance, however, this is less on paper than the original 1968, which used the Seiko (then) Hi-Beat 36,000 bph method to hit. Seiko is married to the Prospex SLA055 with two cable options, paying homage to not only the same heritage but also the Japanese professional spirit that drives most of the releases. The first of these two is the modern version of the 1968 black “chocolate bar” rubber, leaving a shimmering design in the original to illuminate its high-rise blocks. Seiko also incorporates a NATO blue belt woven into the Japanese traditional Seichu style. The company claims that the woven fabric is extremely strong and durable because of the sun’s heat.

With sturdy architecture, stunning finishes, and a beautiful twist to the polar color history, the small edition of the Seiko Prospex SLA055 is a sturdy and stylish watch that makes one of the world’s most dangerous places. Only 1,300 models of the Seiko Prospex SLA055 will be manufactured, and the watch will be available via Seiko bottles and select the right vendors from January 2022 at MSRP of € 4,600. For more information, please visit page of this type.

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