SevenFriday Launch T2 / 04 T-ART Watch

Much of the power of the line can be relied upon to produce well-known and useful DNA. Creating a “family resemblance” between each color in a book can make a color recognizable immediately from any room, but it can also disrupt design skills. Seventh has made a name for itself in finding the balance between DNA type and technology, and has made a wide variety of variations on its central circular head-square over the years. The brand’s recent release is one of its most beautiful interpretations to date, combining its signature silhouette with beautiful geometric lines and hot metal colors of the original Art Deco designs. The new SevenFriday T2 / 04 T-ART brings a whole new look to the brand’s signatures, with a design inspiration outside of its regular form of sci-fi futurism.

SevenFriday T2 / 04 T-ART’s 45mm and 45.6mm-wide case should be well known to color lovers by now. Made of stainless steel and gray PVD coats, the rounded edges of the cases are clear and modern, but SevenFriday adds a sleek personality to the bezel-friendly images. The use of stainless steel PVD gold here makes its design extremely well-refined, and all over the painting is filled with a bright blue gloss of Berlac lacquer. This combination of gold and blue reminds us of ancient Egyptian ornaments and Art Deco statues on statues, which were based on ancient architecture. The parallel treatment of the crown helps to unite the forms of these two types. Like many records on the SevenFriday series, T2 / 04 T-ART’s solidback is equipped with an NFC device, which allows the watch to connect to mobile devices via the SevenFriday app for easy recording and authentication. Outside of the above technology, however, the back is very unusual, with only 30 meters of water resistance. Similarly, the use of salt glasses on a flat crystal is not uncommon on these trees.

Like most SevenFriday designs, the T2 / 04 T-ART rendering takes on a complex form, but here the genre uses a unique mishmash of past and future. The dark black front face is adorned with round Art Deco sculptures, while the gold PVD ring with gold on the inside uses blue blue numbers that can’t be seen in the “Great Gatsby.” Inside the ring, there is a PVD ring made of a very clear rifle. The use of ton-on-tone gray at the minute scale makes the design look more modern, and cutouts with beveled instead of hour indices lend a more sophisticated and deeper and complex layout. Similarly, the hyper-stylized hand connector takes the path forward in photographs, especially with a short, almost round hand. It is the middle part of the blue glass that appears here, however, especially with the geometric PVD latticework under the Art Deco-esque geometric shape. This hard shell helps to hide the minimalist finish of the movement below in the pictures, and immediately separate it from the stain of the type slowly. Depending on the amount of its components, this distinct mix of styles and visual elements should not work, but in practice all the musical forms give a wonderful visual imagery.

SevenFriday powers the T2 / 04 T-ART with the Seiko NH70 system. Basically a ubiquitous version of the NH35, the NH70 offers low-cost and reliable operating systems with a 40-hour power supply at a speed of 21,600 bph. Although bone healing can see a smooth wheel through clear singing, its finish is original with a mixture of brushes and matte. To complete the package, SevenFriday puts a T2 / 04 T-ART on a light brown coconut leather belt. This masculine inclusion helps to reinforce the old-fashioned themes of the design, and should provide a flexible look.

With a temporary mix of future designs with Art Deco and a flexible, multi-layered design, the new SevenFriday T2 / 04 T-ART delivers challenging and dramatic left-handed headlights of the genre that make SevenFriday DNA alive. SevenFriday T2 / 04 T-ART is now available through MSRP-approved vendors $ 975. For more information, please visit page of this type.

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