The Best Clocks Introduced by GRAND SEIKO in 2021

Considering that we are still in the midst of a global epidemic, with huge ups and downs and downsides, some nations have decided to delay massive evacuations until just the right time. Some, such as Grand Seiko have been very busy releasing a number of new collections. Japan’s top brands have offered a lot of new ones, and it’s hard to pick 4 or 5 on the “Best of 2021” list. Not to be outdone by these incredible (funny) adventures here are what we think are the best watches set by Grand Seiko in 2021.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SLGH005 “White Birch”

We start the series with one of the best watches released in 2021, time! Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SLGH005 “White Birch”, or “Shirakaba” really impressed us. Dial preparation is very high and had a lot of life. The clock is designed to mimic the growing birch forests of northern Japan, near Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi. The tone of the small metal frame changes color under bright transitions, and has a unique glow. Obviously we also see the unmistakable Zaratsu wiping on the indices with the hands, a detailed and well-designed case and a high-end Caliber 9SA5 to support it all. The move uses dual run, freestanding and high frequencies of 36,000vph for optimal performance and chronometry.

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Quick Facts: 40mm x 11.7mm – stainless steel drill, Zaratsu polished and polished – sapphire crystal with back-sized box – 100m waterproof – pure silver silver – made of white wood veneer – curved hands and indices – Caliber 9SA4, in- house – building only – gemstones 47 – 36,000vph – 80h energy storage – hours, minutes, seconds, day – EUR 9,500

Grand Seiko Elegance 4 Seasons GMT collections

In short, the Grand Seiko Elegance 4 Seasons GMT team is like the Grand Seiko quartet “Best”. It contains all the things we hold in high esteem when it comes to making watches. Detailed care, functionality, excellent finishing standards and a fun way to start. And considering that the collection contains all 4 inspired evidence of natural phenomena connected with the passage of four seasons, each song is simply beautiful. Divided into two groups, the Hi-Beat Automatic Shunbun SBGJ251 & Shosho SBGJ249 represent spring and summer, while the Spring Drive Kanro SBGE271 & Toji SBGE269 are encouraged by the autumn and winter seasons. These four clocks are about shape and color, which Grand Seiko simply wins.

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Grand Seiko Elegance GMT 4 season collection SBGJ251 SBGJ249 SBGE271 SBGE269

Quick Facts: 39.5mm x 14.1mm (SBGJ251 & SBGJ249) or 40.2mm x 14mm (SBGE271 & SBGE269) – stainless steel & bracelet, polished Zaratsu polished – domed sapphire crystal & caseback – 30m water-resistance & SBJ20G2010 SBJ20 -20) resistance (SBGE271 & SBGE269) – green (SBGJ251), light blue (SBGJ249), brown (SBGE271) or silver (SBGE269) dials – Caliber 9S86 Hi-Beat automatic movement (SBGJ251 & SBGJ66) or Cal Drive automatic movement (SBGE271 & SBGE269) – Medium value EUR 6,800 or EUR 7,600

Grand Seiko Elegance European Editions SBGW267 & SBGW269

Inspired by Japanese architecture, the Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW267 and SBGW269 are part of Grand Seiko’s refined but intriguing aspect. An elegant dress with very nice dials looks fantastic. Based on the simple SBGW231 hand wound, the dual can be considered a Japanese Calatrava watch. The use of shade and light is essential within Japanese architecture, and is reflected by these two. The hidden appearance of the dial is enhanced by the shape of the shoji sheet that is used on the front doors. It is used in two very different forms, with amazing results. The melody is twisted and makes it sound a little slower, in a darker color or a brighter silver. The indices used, the handmade matches, are polished by Zaratsu. The power comes from the makers of the Caliber 9S64, which injures manually and provides a 72h power storage.

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Grand Seiko Elegance Collection European Edition SBGW267 SBGW269

Quick Facts: 37.3mm x 11.6mm – stainless steel plate, polished Zaratsu – sapphire crystalline box – sapphire crystal caseback with GS logo – 30m waterproof – curved ‘washi’ curved hot silver or brown – polished by hand welded and used indices – Caliber 9S64, manual – 28,800vph – hours, minutes, seconds (birth) – EUR 4,800

Grand Seiko Mwaluso Spring Drive SBGZ007

We are closing the list with something more powerful than what we saw and represent the peak that Grand Seiko can do. The Grand Seiko Masterpiece Spring Driven SBGZ007 is one of the most spectacular watches we have ever seen on the brand. The expert was also led by Japan itself, with much of the origin and nature of Grand Seiko being created there. The instrument is designed to look like a starry night sky and is extremely beautiful. The platinum dress is adorned with a star-shaped figure of hand-cut grooves, individually polished by hand. And then there’s the icing on the cake, moving to the right of Caliber 9R02 Spring Drive. With the exception of the technical aspects of the material, such as the Torque Return System, the finishing is done by hand using traditional methods. We are talking about the completion of fine hair on bridges, on the wrists, ruby ​​polished bags and ties, handwriting and bellflower logo on the barrel. This is very clever.

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Grand Seiko Technical Collection SBGZ007 Spring Drive 9R02 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Quick Facts: 38.5mm x 9.8mm – 950 platinum plaster, Zaratsu polished and hand-painted – glossy sapphire crystal with sapphire crystal caseback – 30m waterproof – deep blue, star-studded with transparent coating revealing tiny metal particles small droplets indices by hand – Caliber 9R02, indoors – manually injures very thin Spring Drive tracks – 39 gemstones – dual-spring barrel with Torque Return System – 84h power storage – correct within +/- 15 seconds per month – hours, minutes, seconds, energy-saving indicator (back) – limited printing of 50 pieces – EUR 80,000

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