The Father Suspected That His Wife Was Pregnant And Tested Her DNA After The Baby Was Born

Husbands’ doubts came to the fore as he wondered if his pregnant wife was actually carrying her baby or someone else’s. As soon as the baby was born, she secretly took the baby’s DNA and rushed the specimens to be tested.

The man could no longer expect the birth of a child, not because of a birthright, but because he wanted to have a father test to see if the baby was really his. Two weeks after the baby was born, she expressed her frustration online, saying that she “needed help” after the unmistakable truth became known.

Redditor LifeIsntFairYet He happily married his second wife. Her previous marriage ended in tragedy, and she did all she could to protect her second marriage. Although everything seemed fine, he suspected that his wife was hiding something “from him,” especially when he refused to use his cell phone.

OP wife receives baby | Photo: Shutterstock

Original Design (OP) takes good care of his pregnant wife and makes sure he always stays by her side whenever he wants her. His wife was a doctor, and she often referred to the male nurse with whom she worked.

The OP wife sometimes remembers how the young man in her hospital told amazing stories about her pregnant married women. The OP thought it was nonsense and initially ignored what he was following.

He trusted his wife and did not see the red flags in their relationship until he noticed a dramatic change in his behavior when it came to finding his phone.

OP was a happy man who was soon swept away by doubts about his pregnant wife | Photo: Unsplash

If he had handed over his phone every time the OP asked him to look at Google maps or browse, the situation would have been different.

Unfortunately, the seeds of doubt have already begun in the OP mindset when his wife’s actions on her phone become questionable on a daily basis.

After much thought, the OP decided to get the father tested as soon as the baby was born. OP was restless, and one evening, she secretly collected her son’s cheeks.

OP secretly took DNA samples from his son | Photo: Pexels

He hid the test kits in his backpack and was confident that his wife would never find out. He then sent them as two separate models for grocery shopping and received results online. The OP prayed fervently and hoped that the outcome would prove his point.

The OP decided to change his AOP and doubted whether the male nurse could be the father of the child.

But it was twice proved that the child born to his wife was not his. She was devastated when she re-signed the Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) documents when the baby was born. Disappointed by the shocking truth, he turned to the internet for advice.

The men’s test results dropped a bomb on the life of OP | Photo: Pexels

Several people flooded the OP post with advice and ideas, and among them were users Adventurous_Kiwi1759, who advised:

“You have to see the KING’s lawyer to challenge the man. He is called avowal. Otherwise, you will be on the hook to have a baby for the next 18 years.”

Meanwhile, some users have also suggested that the OP would take the man’s exam to court instead of taking matters into his own hands. However, the OP had reasons for not taking the matter to court.

OP refused to go to court | Photo: Pexels

I had no convincing evidence that he had stolen. Just a feeling in the gut based on instinct and knowledge (my first marriage). I did not want to ruin my marriage for my sake, ”OP said he explained.

He also said he did not want to take a legal approach and force his wife to take a male exam. She fears that her argument will ruin her marriage if the DNA results come back.

The OP decided to change his AOP, suspecting that a male nurse could be the father of the child, but claiming he could be wrong. He did not mention his visit, but he was ashamed that it would be difficult for him to trust his wife, even though he refused to argue with her.

OP could no longer trust his wife | Photo: Pexels

If you were OP, what would you be doing if you found out that your wife lied to you about your child’s fatherhood?

Although the OP knew he was not the father of the child his wife had given birth to, he refused to discuss it with her. In his shoes, could you do the same for your marriage or for your spouse to keep going?

The OP wondered if he should still have to pay child support for 18 years even though he is not his biological father but says his wife refuses to pay maintenance. What are your thoughts?

Some people say that the OP should pay child support if they do not divorce their wife or wait several years to get permission. Some argued that he would still have to pay if he failed to report the father’s dispute in the divorce. OP suspects his wife would not accept any child support payments from him claiming he was an independent. Do you think she would refuse a monthly compensation from her if the divorce continued?

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