The Middle Ages Does Not Happen ‘So’

Do you understand? There is a 50-item TV program on HBO, right now. “And Just Like That,” the resumption of “Sex with the City,” has revived the old group (Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte – removing Samantha) in modern New York City, 17 years after the final ruling was announced. Indeed, it seems that humans – even women-humans – can live beyond 38 years. Amazing!

Or this may seem like AJLT, which shows the world of middle-aged people being miraculously stopped and uncomfortable in everything they experience, from political and social events to their bodies. (Warning: forward attackers.)

“It’s as if his characters have been sleeping for 20 years and waking up with difficulty to face things like black professors, unborn children with passions,” said Joy Castro, 54, a writer and professor of English and ethnicities. studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The character looks like Rip Van Winkle, as he stumbles and blinks in surprise with the most unusual objects. “Oh! Instagram? Podcasts?” surprises Miranda with Carrie’s other recent activities, as if they were new businesses.

Some of the “Van Winkle-iest” episodes include Miranda’s foot ailments as she talks with Nya Wallace, a Black professor in her new law graduation program. Charlotte, too, is showing incredible stupidity as she makes new friendships with the beautiful Lisa Todd Wexley, a rich, handsome Black man she meets through her secret school for her daughters.

“The show is now trying to awaken the poor,” said Cheryl Packwood, 60, a lawyer and retired attorney. “I did not like the show from the beginning; it was very white and shallow. It is not 55 years when you suddenly try to have a black friend.”

But beyond the racial and political reasons, the critics seem less comfortable with their bodies and their age, which they refer to frequently, unnaturally and, often, out loud.

Examples abound:

At the time of the brunch, the discussion of Miranda’s choice of gray hair begins with a change of hair color. For Miranda, Carrie’s obvious signs are obvious because they “appear” – clear, so don’t try to fool anyone. But Charlotte’s preference for natural purple is not in line with Miranda’s standards.

Charlotte is “trying to get away with it” at a young age, says Miranda in protest. “There are more important things in the world than wanting to look younger,” she admits. Women talk about hair and aging, but often do not change salon choices into excuses for omelets.

Waiting in line for the tall women’s room in the theater, Miranda shouted in front of a crowd: “I’m 55 years old and I have to urinate,” before heading to the (empty) men’s room. Advice for her to be free to get out of the line of the women’s room. But there are no middle-class people I know who think and declare their age like this, as if they have just learned their age.

Age-appropriate displays are usually cheap and irreverent. In one bathroom, Charlotte’s husband, Harry, is standing on a commode, urinating for a long time (and loudly). While Charlotte is showing signs of frustration, Harry maintains his urinary health, telling his old age: “Most men my age can’t flush a river like this.” We are also reminded of the age of Harry (and the garbage disposal system) when Charlotte wrote aloud that she texted him – in a cell phone – in a cafe, and mentioned it several times later.

It is true that more than 50 people get colonoscopies, and you can do this as a comedy or a folk drama. But just looking at the name of “colonoscopy” as if it were a punch turns out to be another item on the “middle-aged” scandal.

Continuing the joke, after Carrie underwent pelvic surgery (which gives access to the “old lady” and the comment of “senior citizen”), a major follow-up involves Charlotte traumatizing her and getting out of the hospital toilet and checking Carrie’s urine discharge.

The story comes to a standstill between Miranda and her new love, Che (Carrie podcast boss) about diverticulitis. (Although Che, the hipper is ten years younger than the others, they are not exempt from plumbing problems.)

Instead of highlighting the shape and weight of the middle life, AJLT seems to want to just point the farther away from the incomprehensible, slightly sly ones. And in a show that built its reputation on the immovable discussion of material things, why is there no mention of the global crisis of puberty – or male partner, andropause?

One of the most important issues in the SATC was the characters’ past relationships, their deep relationships and their history. This can give you a lot of recycling, and sometimes it does – just as Miranda comforts grieving Carrie.

But sometimes, the strange “age difference” hinders natural exchanges. When Miranda saw Carrie sitting outside a school in Columbia, for example, she shouted: “I see! You are the only 55-year-old on the steps of a university! ” – a mysterious, time-consuming process of describing your best friend for years. (Also, universities have more senior citizens.)

Harry greets Miranda Steve’s husband Steve with “What’s new?” formerly young and playful, now dull and dumb, he could say: “I have hearing aids. I am old now. ” Miranda then talks helpful with a lot of medical information.

Old friends do not greet each other like this. And while middle-aged men often feel uncomfortable, they are more likely to ignore the idea before saying “hello” or express themselves with a physical ailment.

Overall, such interactions provide a reflection of middle-aged art, which pushes into old age (as well as unconventional ideas). “The exhibition shows 50 people as if they were already older, not middle-aged,” said Jamy Buchanan Madeja, 60, a law professor and assistant professor at Northeastern University School of Law.

These articles seek to address the many challenges of old age: loss, death, marital breakdown, changing sexual desires, and dissatisfaction with new moral values. This aspect of AJLT can be well known: “I know what you want from a long-term relationship,” said Jennifer Brinkman, Lincoln’s chief of staff, Neb. divorce at age 50. ”

And, he added: “I’ve been through a lot, like Miranda and Charlotte, which reveals how I do not speak the language that my children and co-workers are involved in and how our team is changing gender and sexuality. But I want to!”

However, much could be accomplished with this group of dear old friends and their beloved community. “Sex with the City” delighted the audience because, despite its flaws, they appreciated and found a commitment to the feminine spirit — whether it be content with love and sexuality, friendship, fashion and beauty, or the real joy of New York City. . AJLT can easily find the equivalent of these years for the group to enjoy.

There are some real benefits to this stage of life: increased self-esteem; knowing your thoughts; Healthy communication and, of course, the sound of laughter and laughter found in relationships (with friends, loved ones, relatives) that are deeply rooted with time. Midlife can also be years of professional success and excellence.

But in the first few episodes, AJLT shows a few of these features, instead focusing on narrative narratives, confusion and cultural misunderstandings. And it seems that the group’s work is almost over.

Plus, with all the growth physically in the past, exhibitors are often less mature. Many observers have been puzzled, for example, by Carrie’s reaction when she realized that Big had fallen, but she still knew it, after suffering a heart attack. Instead of calling a doctor or taking medication, Carrie falls to the floor, hitting Big with her hair.

As Mrs. Castro put it: “If a man finds his wife unconscious and is still alive, does he not immediately call 911? Carrie’s conduct shocked me. ” Amazing, as well as good looking and functional – almost like a baby. Charlotte, too, appears to be younger than the older one, crying loudly in the stadiums as she helps prepare Big for the funeral that Carrie sends her home in a taxi.

“It remains to be seen, even on television, that the influential women will have a greater role to play in their social life. I can’t imagine the same standing for men, “said Hollis Robbins, 58, dean of arts and humanities at Sonoma State University.

And why does Miranda choose to establish her new relationship with Che – to exercise over her lungs – in Carrie’s kitchen, with Carrie in another room? Isn’t sex loud, senseless in the ears of others what his son Brady has done wrong? (What about Miranda’s anti-adultery history, long ago when Steve’s husband was guilty?) It all sounds like a teenager.

Getting up late is the biggest problem in AJLT. Carrie is so distraught that she can’t stay in her empty house after Big’s death, she enters her old house, which she leaves the next morning wearing something she may have dug up in her old room: white tulle on the floor. SATC volunteers will find this iconic skirt – very similar to the one Carrie wore in the first SATC games, when Big followed her to Paris to dedicate himself to her.

A big, shiny white tutu is against a widow’s weed. It seems resituates our heroine back in her glorious days. (She wore a short white t-shirt in the original show.) We understand why Carrie would want to wear it now, as a sartorial antidote to Big Death. However, at the same time, the tutu looks a little “off” on her – inappropriate for the age and out of fashion. We see people staring at the street.

Sounds like the show’s creators are still struggling to find ways to make old characters in reliable and fun ways – “dressing them up” according to their time and place. And so, like Carrie in her back throw tutu, she can remind us all of the depths of the passing of time, in unison, without kilter.

Considering that the last images we have of this terrorist group began in 2004, finding them again after 17 years would have brought terrible suffering. It is only natural to feel a sense of surprise or embarrassment when meeting a friend you have not seen in years.

But it is not uncommon for you to feel this way or to feel uncomfortable about yourself, the environment, and the people you see every day – and just feel it over and over again. Because there is nothing surprising about being over 50, or being of any real age, since man has already passed through all the previous generations. Aging is another word for “life,” after all – and we all do it slowly, every day. If the characters in AJLT were given the same opportunity.

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